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tiphat.gifHi Ladies!

This is my 11th pregnancy and hopefully 7th child!joy.gif This baby will be DH's second bio child, we have a 2 year old DD together. Two of my children have special needs (ADHD, autism spectrum, dyslexia, speech language, sensory). I live in the southeastern USA. I am a geologist earth.gif and work full time. DH is a SAHD during the week and works part time some weekends as a paramedic. I'm 35 years old (36 in July!). My children range from almost 16 to 2 years old. I have to travel for work and have trips scheduled every month until November irked.gif. I am a little worried about miscarriage since I have had issues in the past but I am just taking it one day at a time and that seems to be working great to preserve my sanity om.gif.  Not sure where we rate on the Crunch O' Metertomato.gif. We eat organic if it's available (and sometimes my kids get McDonald's LOL). We co-sleepfamilybed1.gif our 2 yr old, but I want her out of my bed when baby comes. My youngest three children were born at homehomebirth.jpg with a midwife in attendance, two were waterbirth.jpg. We both cloth and disposable diaper. We do vaccinate but on a delayed scheduledelayedvax.gif. I breastfeed as long as I can since I only have six weeks maternity leavegreensad.gif. I was able to exclusively BF DS2 for 18 months but DD3 only got it for 6 months. I nursed her for a year but she also got some formula. 1pump.gifPumping and traveling for work is hard!


Oh and I like stupid little icons!

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Originally Posted by jaxz View Post

mama sarah - I taught myself how to knit using the Lion Brand website (www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/pg.cgi?page=learningCenter.html) and the book Stitch 'N Bitch.  

Stitch 'N Bitch HAHAHAHAHA I LOVE THIS.  I think I may have to knit more (at all?) just to justify purchasing this...  Hehehe.  Ok. I'm done.

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Ha, I have the Stitch N'Bitch books! I can barely knit but the projects look awesome!

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Hi everyone! 


I'm new to the forums so please forgive me.  I must look up the acronym dictionary!  :)  Here's a few basics about me:


  • 28 years old
  • First baby, due 2/2013
  • Married for 7 months to my BFF!
  • Live in Houston
  • Crunchy girl for sure
  • Non-processed, whole foods diet, paleo/WAPF
  • I love learning about pregnancy and babies but I'm clueless!
  • We will be having our baby at a birth center with a midwife.  My non-crunchy fam thinks I'm crazy.
  • love the outdoors!
  • praying for this pregnancy and baby every day!  Still so nervous!


Thanks!  Looking forward to learning with you all. 

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Hello everyone!


I am a 35 year old professor (my degree is in math, but my research these days is in education instead).  I have a 2 yr and 5mo old daugher who is still breastfeeding sporadically.  Her birth was unmedicated in a birth center inside a hospital with a midwife, and I have mixed feelings about that experience, so I'm not sure exactly what I will do next time - I would love to do the birth center again, but I had to fight like crazy not to be "risked out" because of hospital policy, and I found that stress (of both worrying about where I would be and of having to fight off a bunch of tests) a bit much.  I'm not sure that I have good alternatives, though - I definitely don't want to go into the hospital itself, and I'm really not sure about a home birth (since I tend towards the paranoid, I would feel better being next to a hospital :)).  I'm also not sure if I will go with the same midwife practice this time - they are larger and you are not guaranteed any one midwife, and my very favorite one moved away, so I may start thinking about other practices.  


We live in New York City, but right now we are actually abroad for the summer, so I will have my first appointment with a German obgyn (I had the same experience with my daughter the last time around - I think I saw 4 different providers in 3 different countries - it gives you an interesting perspective on how attitudes about pregnancy can differ across cultures...).  


My daughter is potty trained, although we still use cloth diapers at night as a backup (with all the travel, she has also "untrained" herself a bit during sleep).  


I'm officially only 3w5d at this point, so I am very nervous (I didn't test this early with the last pregnancy - I promised myself only to test after 18 high temps to avoid making myself crazy - but this time around I was just having so many symptoms that I couldn't resist finding out).  I think I had a chemical pregnancy last month at exactly 4w, so I'm trying to just relax but be cautiously optimistic.  I had a ton of cramping and lower back pain around implantation time this month, and I'm still having lots of odd heavy/tugging/pinching/burning feelings in my uterus area which I did not have the last time I was pregnant until more like 6w along, so I am really trying to be cautious but also not to overthink things and to worry unnecessarily.  I keep grabbing my breasts to reassure myself that they are still sore (I even caught myself doing it in public at the playground this morning! Luckily there was no one around except my daughter...). :)


I'm a big planner, too, so I find myself all of a sudden wanting to arrange everything: testing decisions, birth plan, leave/childcare for after the birth, etc - but I also have the emotional impulse that I shouldn't do anything just yet because it's too soon to get invested!  


Looking forward to getting to know all of you!  

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Hullo! This will be my third, due 2/15, and I just realized each will be the same space of 6 years plus 2 months apart--whoa!  With such big spacings pregnancy feels new each time, I totally have forgotten what it was like, but anyway I'm thrilled!  I'm rather crunchy, new age, stay at home rural mama of dd 11 and ds 5 who fills my days with raising chickens and mini-goats, relaxed homeschooling (I'm an unschooler at heart but older dd likes the structure of Oak Meadow curriculum), repurposing/upcycling type home improvement projects, and usually researching the topic of the minute (a homeschooling thing for dd, lately a fertility thing for myself...). We all like to be online...living in the semi-wilderness its a wonderful fast connection to the larger world...My daughter treats newmoongirls.com like her own mothering.com--so cute!  I haven't posted as much in the past few years as I grew into myself as a more experienced mother and slowly made a greater amount of irl mothering friends. However, with my first 2 I missed out on the DDC and am SO excited to get in on it at the very beginning this time!!!


Anyone else have a tween daughter or 5-6 year old son? When/how are you going to tell your kids the news?! 

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Hi Wildflower, I have DD 16, DS 13, DD 10, DS 6, and DD 2 so I have most ages covered :) I am not telling the kids until 13 weeks. Although they may figure it out before then!

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ash wow what a coincidence! Yeahhhh two nights ago when DH and I were up twice during the night to clean up puppy vom I definitely thought to myself -- wow, better get used to this kind of thing! Turns out he somehow inexplicably managed to ingest a plastic bag?!?! We have zero idea how or when -- we think it might have been over the weekend bc our housekeeper was watching him but alas he seems no worse for the wear. 


I've also been surprised how much I've loved just seeing DH be paternal toward something and getting a small glimpse into what kind of dad he'll be :)

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Hi, I am 34 years old, married for a year and a half (together for 4 years), and I live in Austin, TX. This will be our first baby, EDD 2/23. We've just been through several grueling months of infertility diagnoses and treatment (due to male factor issues) and this pregnancy is the result of our third IUI. I am more excited and happy than I can possibly say and really refused to believe that I was pregnant until the nausea hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday. Oh, I believe now...


Like a few others on here (wow) I am a social worker and work in adult mental health. I am "medium" crunchy, I suppose. I love real/whole/unprocessed foods and belong to a raw milk coop. My RE is currently providing care but I am hoping to transfer prenatal care to our local midwife-run freestanding birthing center.


Looking forward to sharing the ride with everyone!

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Hello ladies!  I read most of the introductions and will get to the rest in a bit :)


This is my 6th pregnancy.  I'm due around Feb 20th.  That's a guess because I'm still bfing my 18 month old daughter and never got my period back after having her!  My husband and I have been married for almost 15 years (he is my high school sweetheart).  We have 4 boys - 15, 9, 5.5, 3.5 - and one daughter as I mentioned.  I homeschool, cloth diaper, babywear, co-sleep, exclusively breastfeed, don't vaccinate, practice baby led weaning, and cook about 90% of our food from scratch.  I don't see myself as "crunchy" per say.  I just really love this lifestyle I've created :)


Looking forward to chatting more with you all!



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Hello to all of you beautiful mamas! 


I'm a fairly new member to mothering.com but have been stalking the boards off/on for about seven years LOL. Some of the abbreviations still really confuse me...


Anyway, I really enjoyed reading about everyone. I don't know how much time I'll have to be on here, but it's nice to know there's a soft place to land for us crunchy/natural mamas. 


I'm a 36 yo SAHM/homeschooling mom to DS 7yo, DD1 3.5 yo, DD2 19mths. This is our 4th (and probably final) baby. This came as a surprise - but I had a hunch when the clerk at TJs (who I talk to almost every week) stopped me in my tracks and said I was prego 2 weeks in a row ... then a few days later I had a positive test. Weird! She also said it's a girl ... but I'm thinking boy this time. (I always think boy ... and so far only right 1/3 of the time LOL)


I've been married to the most patient man for 8 years. ;) We live in AZ. We eat paleo/WAPF and I cook from scratch about 90% of the time. We cloth diaper, non-vax, babywear, etc ... and as badly as I want to co-sleep, it just doesn't work for us. Might try again this time around. 


My oldest was a planned birthcenter birth, but after 2.5 hours of pushing w/ no progress, off to the hospital we went...and all I could think was c-section. After some pit, a change of CNM, 2.5 MORE hours of pushing my DS finally emerged. Phew! Both my DDs were home/waterbirths with the same midwife. I think 6 & 11 min 2nd stage each. Still undecided about where/who to use for birth this time around. The midwife laws are changing by 2014 here and my current midwife may not be able to practice because of it. Ugh. Prayers appreciated as I make this decision ... being in the hospital unexpectedly the first time was tough. I felt like we had to fight tooth & nail for everything. I don't need that [added] stress in my life! 


That's enough about me...


BTW enzo917 - I feel somewhat of a kindred spirit in you. Similar ages (I'm almost 37) and similar kids' ages, homeschooling, etc. 

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Hi! This will be my third. I had a loss a few months ago but my gut tells me this one will stick. Hope I'm right! My girls were conceived with the help of clomid (and IUI for my first) so we were pretty surprised to learn that I started ovulating on my own! Yeah! Lots of changes in the works for my family- with a possible move out of Alaska. Still a lot unknown on that front.

I am a SAHM. We loosely homeschool (oldest only 4), and are very much AP parents. Cosleeping, babywearing, extended breastfeeding. The baby is 20 months and still bfeeding. I imagine I will be nursing her through the pregnancy and tandem nursing once the baby arrives as this is what I did with her sister.


I have found a lot of support on MDC over the years. Still in touch with the members of my other DDC's! Looking forward to sharing this journey with you all!


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Hello ladies,

I just found out we're expecting our 4th child.  thumb.gif  It was a bit of a surprise but we are getting used to the idea.  We weren't trying, but I just knew I was pregnant before I missed my period because I started having round ligament pain.  It seems that the symptoms are hitting very early this time.  I feel short of breath and tired already. 


We just bought a house a year and a half ago and we are trying to figure out how we are going to fit another kid in our place.  We have 3 bedrooms and 2 girls, 1 boy right now.  If this is a boy, it would share with my son (eventually) who will be 8 by the time this baby is born.  If it is a girl, it would be in with the other 2 girls.  DH wants to look into buying a bigger house, but I really don't want to move again.  We've moved around a lot, and we decided we were done when we moved here.   We'll see.  At the very least, there will be some bunk beds purchased.


I'm almost 37 and my other 3 kids are 7, 5, and 2.5 .  I've had one hospital birth and 2 homebirths thus far.  Not sure which route we'll take this time.



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Hi everyone, 


I'm 'due' Feb 28th, so I may wander over to the March DDC when they make one. I have four children and only one was early. 


So I'm Tabitha, this is my fifth baby. We're homeschooling homebirthers! The whole family is excited to have a new baby. My youngest will be 5 soon, so this is a big gap for me (having had the others all 2 years apart). The one thing I know for sure is unique about this pregnancy is that even though I just found out and am only 4/5 weeks pregnant, I have been sick/tired/symptomatic since 12dpo. I am so so so tired and also lots of crampy feelings. I have always had pretty severe morning sickness but never so soon, always after 8 or 9 weeks. So, interesting start!


Nice to meet you all!

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Hi! I'm due 2/15 with #3. I work out of the home 4-5 nights a week right now. I have 2 girls. One is 7 and one is turning 3 in Aug. DH works full-time! Can't wait to start a new dipe stash as we have nada!

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Hi everyone!
My name is Jenny I am 30 years old from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area! I have a beautiful almost 3 yet old daughter. She was my only previous pregnancy and it was a pretty uneventful one. I did not get he natural birth I had hoped for but I did not have a bad experience and look back in the day very fondly. Aside from my daughter I am surrounded by an incredible support system spear headed by my amazing husband and spanning through both of our families and circles of friends.

This pregnancy was planned and a but unexpected at the same time. Since having my DD I have been diagnosed with Graves Disease, I was expecting conception to take a while as many doctors warned me about but that turned out not to be the case with me. This baby was conceived on our first try! We are ecstatic and also nervous and a bit more cautiously optimistic this time around. I have been incredibly sick and barely functioning since about 3 weeks along so this first tri is a huge test of my strength and the strength of my family. I cannot wait to enter my 2nd tri and hopefully regain some strength and be able to eat! And enjoy my daughter and playing again!

I am also working part time with middle schoolers

Looking forward to following this group and having woman to chat with Along this journey! This LO is expected 2/4!
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Hi Ladies!


My name is Skyla- I live in Southern California with my amazing husband Shaun we're both wedding photographers and have been looking very forward to starting our family for a while now!


After our first month of stopping birth control we quickly found out that we are pregnant with our first little one!! My EDD is Feb 15, so I will be 7 weeks tomorrow.


I've always been extremely passionate about birth and was planning to start my training as a doula in December before we got pregnant. We are planning a home birth with two INCREDIBLE midwives, and doing pretty much all the "crunchy" things (which to me, are just natural things)


We live on a mini homestead in the mountains where we have chickens, dogs, bees, and grow a good portion of our own food. But we're pretty normal, we love to host dinner parties, hike, and spend time as a couple. :)


Since this is our first and we are on the younger side, we don't have tons of other parents in our community. I would love to connect with some of you mamas who have the same values, and especially if you live in Southern California! 


Glad to be joining you all and congratulations to all of you on your pregnancies!!


All the best,


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hi everyone,


my partner and i are expecting our first child around february 22, after almost four years of trying to have a baby.  i have had a few chemical pregnancies and one early miscarriage two years ago. so, right now we are very hopeful and excited, and also extremely nervous.  at this point, even though it's still really early (5w3d), it makes me worry that i feel good rather than symptomatic...i'm obscenely wishing for nausea!


we live in a lovely little house two hours south of portland in oregon.  my partner is an illustrator and art teacher, and i'm finishing up a graduate program in social justice education.  i spend a lot of time reading, and am happy to see a book thread in this ddc.  


i am mourning my morning coffee, especially now that the summer session at the university has begun.  


next week i'll be having an early ultrasound, and i'm hoping to see evidence that everything is progressing well.  last time i was pregnant, i miscarried right before this same ultrasound, so it will be a relief to get through this coming week.


i'm looking forward to getting to know you all.  

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Hi everyone,


I recently found out I am pregnant with #2, and am thrilled.  I'm 33 and live in Michigan with my husband (who is in law school) and our 17 month old son.  I just found out yesterday that the new baby's due date is the same as my son's was.  That totally blew my mind.  My son was a week early, so I'm wondering if #2 is going to be similar, it'll be interesting to compare pregnancy symptoms etc. on a similar timetable. 


My son was born in Athens GA in a hospital, unmedicated, with some amazing CNM's and a Doula.  I hope I can have a similar experience this time around.  I have a lot of respect for home birth and love that so many families choose this route, unfortunately I think my anxiety would overwhelm me and not make it an enjoyable experience for me, I know for some the hospital does that very thing.  Everybody's different and I love that.  Breastfeeding was difficult for me the first go round and I managed to stick with it for about 8 months, I hope to try again, and hope to have a better experience. 

I eat a mostly whole food vegan diet, as does the rest of my family.  I have been drinking a bit more soda lately (ginger ale) to curb the morning sickness (it's just starting ugh).  My symptoms thus far are fairly mild though.  I'm looking forward to sharing my experience with everyone.   

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Hi everyone! Just wanted to join this group as I am expecting baby number 2 in February. I think late in the month, around the 24th. I have a 21 month old son who is still breastfeeding, of which I am now weaning:// I am a nurse practitioner by background. I am aspiring to crunchiness, as I find myself becoming more and more informed as a mom. I live in a walkable neighborhood outside of Philly. We love being involved in our neighborhood and community activities and my favorite nights are the ones walking down to our local park, run by our neighborhood friends' group.
Looking forward to sharing this mama journey with you all and I'm excited to share experiences and info smile.gif
joy.gif Carrie
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