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Hi everyone! Just wanted to join this group as I am expecting baby number 2 in February. I think late in the month, around the 24th. I have a 21 month old son who is still breastfeeding, of which I am now weaning:// I am a nurse practitioner by background. I am aspiring to crunchiness, as I find myself becoming more and more informed as a mom. I live in a walkable neighborhood outside of Philly. We love being involved in our neighborhood and community activities and my favorite nights are the ones walking down to our local park, run by our neighborhood friends' group.
Looking forward to sharing this mama journey with you all and I'm excited to share experiences and info smile.gif
joy.gif Carrie
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Congratulations everyone!!  I'm Libby, and feeling like I need a little extra support this time around.  I have 2 older children DS 9 DD 6.  I thought I would never get pregnant again, 7th time around; and I'm enjoying my wonderful surprise as long as it lasts.  

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Hi everyone. I am a momma to a soon to be 20 month old and can't wait to add another to our little nomad family. The second my son was born everything changed and everything I thought was important paled in comparison to him! He is my rainbow baby in more ways than one!
I would not call myself crunchy (more like a wanna be non commital type) but open minded and a lover of nature, all things healthy and yummy. I am grateful for finding out about this website as I sometimes feel alone or crazy for still breastfeeding and cosleeping (cosleeping which is one thing I never really planned to do). My husband is so very supportive but to have a community of women's support is important.
We are from Canada and have both worked overseas together and apart and in the North. I am a nurse and love it but we are fortunate enough to make it work so I can be a SAHM... it is challenging but I love watching and contributing to his learning. I wonder about losing my skills and passion for my profession but I will cross that bridge when I get to it.
We are away from family and friends a lot so it gets hard which is where you all come in. We moved 3 soon to be 4 times in one year! Next stop is the U.S. for a year which should be cool... He is a resilient little fellow, thank goodness. Looking forward to sharing more of this adventure with you all.
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Momma Michael, my son just turned 20 months and we moved 3 times in the last year, too! We've been living in our current place since September, but it's been hard to make friends. We connected with one family so far, but otherwise we are an island unto ourselves, which, franky, can be a strain on any relationship. I worry that after the nugget is born, we'll be even more isolated. So I'm hoping this DDC with give me a little bit of a social connection, even if its online. All this to say, I'll get your back if you get mine!

Good luck on your upcoming move!
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I don't have much time to write a full lenght story but here are the basics.

I'm 29 stay at home from Québec.

I have an 8 months old boy who particularly likes 2 things: practice walking and be in mommy's arms. Now pregnant with baby number 2, sooner than expected. Still very happy but scared!

My life is far from perfect. Seems like people around keep crushing our dreams because they are different than the mainstream ones. 

It's been hard. My husband and I lived in BC for the last 3 years and came back to give the chance to my parents to be close to their first grand-child. Big mistake. I think there were much more likely minded people in BC than there is here.

I basically have no support, nobody to talk to. Of course parents and in-laws are here but they just want us to follow like sheeps.

We moved in a different region less than 2 months ago but still haven't found somewhere to live so presently we stay with my in-laws. Not so fun. Lots of pressure.

Although my husband is a nice man, he does not do anything around the house or to help me with our son. I feel so isolated and some time very tired and I wish it was different. I'm desperately wishing to find at least one person to connect with.

I loved being pregnant the first time. Everything went perfectly and I did not see any doctor for the first 7 and a half months of it. We had planned for an unassisted home birth but ended up at the hospital because my mom kept telling me I was going to die and that was pretty stressful. We were lucky, it was a very nice small hospital and we were out of there within 24 hours.

Anyway. I wish we will be able to find a comfortable place to live soon so I have time to organize and focus on my babies.


I wish you all the best.



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Hi! Well, I just found out I'm pregnant, and I'm due the LAST day of February, so here I am! Anyway, I am Jen, and I'm excited... but a little scared.... I was unexpectedly pregnant a few months ago, and had a miscarriage. DP wasn't too excited about that pregnancy. Now, being pregnant again, he and I are both again surprised, but we are both on board this time... so it feels nice! This will be my 4th, his 3rd, and our 6th combined. lol. So our dinner table is already busy, and will get a little busier. Pretty excited though! Hope everyone is feeling well :)

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I am a 31 year old SAHM of two boys (DS1-6/25/00 and DS2-3/16/12), and although we were not planning for baby number 3 yet, we are still excited! I had hospital births with my first two, but am planning a home birth with a midwife this time around. I am very excited about that was well! I plan to keep nursing DS2 as long as I can and hopefully tandem nurse when baby number 3 comes ;)

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Hi, Mamas!

I'm an Alaskan at home mom of two little girls, 4.5 and 2 years.  They are sweet and sometimes sassy and adore each other.  They also mother each other, all dolls and stuffed animals, and everyone else's babies to pieces. :)  This is going to be fun.

I've been on a personal quest recently to health and peace.  I have Hashimotos hypothyroidism which thankfully doesn't mess with my fertility, but leaves me dragging most days.  I try hard to supplement appropriately, eat well, and exercise (HA! I hate to exercise as it wipes out all my energy and makes me useless for the rest of the day), but I often feel like I'm drowning in my to do list.  I've decided that I need to minimize and simplify as much as I can.  So, slowly (as I do everything), I'm on a quest to purge and simplify our home.  Mostly what I crave is time to do things, craft with the girls or go out and visit things, without feeling like I am trailing chaos.  At the same time, I'm trying to let go of perfectionism and my perceived expectations of others to do the best that I can.  Perfectionism steals my joy and makes me feel that the little I do isn't good enough.

I also had decided to go on GAPS intro diet to help clear up some food sensitivities and get to a healthier place as a family as well as get on top of some re-occurring yeast infections.  I had bought six huge butternut squashes and filled my refrigerator with bone broth and cauliflower.  I did one whole day of GAPS intro and then took a pregnancy test. Uh-huh. :)  I didn't expect to be pregnant, but I wanted to know for sure before taking strong anti-fungals.  GAPS intro isn't recommended for pregnancy because it can cause a lot of toxins to be released and a lot of die off.  So now I am just doing gluten and sugar free, staying away from most starches, and trying to stay low fruit and low honey while I manage my yeast issues and try to have a healthy blood sugar.  I'm nervous about weight gain and the swelling I usually get at the end of pregnancy, but hopefully if I just focus on avoiding gluten and sugar a lot of the temptation will be avoided.

So, I'm excited.  I'd hoped to do some home updating and health updating before getting pregnant again, but God knew best.  Maybe the motivation to eat well and nesting will be my friends. :)  My husband and I are excited about this baby.  We've wanted several kids, even though we have no idea what we are going to replace our Subaru with. :)  It does feel scary to step out of the safe realm of a family of four, but it is exciting too.  I've heard it said that it just gets easier after three.

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Hey aLaura24! I am definitely in your corner! So doing the math, you did you three moves in just a few months last summer if you moved into this place last September... now that is insanity;) Finding a support system of friends can be hard for many reasons but I find it hard to start new connections when I know and they know I am leaving. I think when I get to the U.S. (Boston) I will join momma groups of hopefully like-minded people and find some connections that way. Not sure what type of resources your community offers but maybe there are some cool people you just have not met yet. I laughed because you used "nugget" and my husband always says that;)
Joelle2: Welcome and I hope you find an appropriate place to live for your ever growing family. I am from Quebec too but have not been living there for some years now. My thoughts are with you so you can enjoy this new journey as much as possible!
Got to go, I am feeling super nauseous and reading and writing are not helping. Thankfully my husband came home this weekend to help with our son because momma was not very able nor motivated to entertain our little discoverer!
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Wow, so fun to read all of these stories!  Makes me feel like everythings gonna be all right...


I am 37, have a 2 year old daughter, 4 year old son, and about a month ago we got a BIG surprise that number 3 is on the way.  The grand, universal picture is hallelujah- we love being parents and are overjoyed and blessed that the universe would bring another child into my womb.  


The timing has been really bad.  My husband and I are both educators, and I have been mostly staying home or working part time as a teacher since my son was born 4 years ago.  Just 5 weeks ago, one week before we found out, I started a new job as the director of a Summer Camp.  Our family plan is that I will work intensely full time during the summers and my husband will be the caretaker of the children, and then I will be able to be home with them during the school year while he is working.  So for the past four weeks I have been working 12-13 hour days running a summer camp with a staff of 45, coming home to be there for my two children, and enduring the nausea and exhaustion of the first trimester.  I have a lot of supportive people in my life- my husband, parents and nieces have been wonderful, and I also have an amazingly understanding staff at my camp.  I am just yearning for time to be with my womb and focus my energy on the new life that is developing.  I know that in another 4 weeks my camp will be over and I can return to my life as a mother and focus on my growing baby.  Right now, those four weeks seem like an eternity.


My first two births happened naturally, in a hospital.  I would like to consider having a home birth this time.  Our home is two hours from the nearest hospital, and I dont feel comfortable giving birth that far away from a hospital if for some reason we would need medical attention.  Many of my neighbors have given birth at home, and I know it is possible, but I am going with my own gut feeling on this and know that we will need to find an alternate location for a home birth for me to really relax into it.  


Finally, as this is my first experience with the online community- will someone please tell me what all these acronyms are??? It's like a whole new language!

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It's so exciting to have so many knitters on this thread :) I'm a compulsive knitter, made worse by the fact that I've got a part-time job at a local yarn store. The rest of the time I'm a freelance web developer, working from home.


I'm 28 and expecting my second child on February 28th, though I'm not positive on the date of my LMP so I figure I'll go by the date they give me at the 8 week ultrasound. I also have a daughter who is 14 months old.


Guys, I have a confession: I'm not really very crunchy at all. But I find the MDC message boards to have a lot better grammar and spelling that most, and fewer "OMG U GIZE IM PRGNANT HOW IZ BABBY FORMED????"


I mean, don't get me wrong, we participate in our local veggie CSA and I've got my stash of unbleached cloth diapers ready for baby #2, but we switched to disposables around 6 months when my first started eating solids (eew) and man do I hate yoga. 


JelloPanda - I recognize you from some of the threads I stalked on the TTC boards, good to see you here!

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^^^I'm with you there. I prefer the MDC boards to places like Baby Center or anywhere that a lot of the conversation seems to be "Yeah, my doctor said x so I guess we'll do y" and "I couldn't wait to get my epidural" and whatever. I want a birth where I understand what is going on and am aware of the process rather than just believing that the hospital staff will steer me through it. (No lie, one of my Facebook friends was expecting and posted something about how to figure out what she needed to know about birth, and someone else posted something along the lines of "You don't need to know much, just go to the hospital, get your epidural, and push when they say to push.") MDC skews the opposite direction but I find that easier to tune out. 


I hated yoga too... man, was it a snooze-fest. 

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KM I don't often laugh out loud at posts on message boards but you're "OMG GIZE I'M PREGNANT" got me. Just popping in to say I second what you said and although MDC users do lilt a certain way I've definitely encountered enough non-crunchy or only moderately crunchy ones to know that I'm in good company. And in any case I really do appreciate what appears to be a higher base level of understanding about biological processes and a higher level of awareness on the whole at MDC. It always frustrated me when I'd read posts from women on those other boards looking for advice and the lion's share of answers would be things like "just listen to your doctor, he won't steer you wrong" or "trust your doctor, he'll tell you when to be worried." Encouraging such a lack of agency in women when it comes to their own bodies is what's seriously wrong with the baby-medical industrial complex. But I digress...
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yes yes! I totally agree!! I so appreciate the level of understanding and self awareness that is communicated on this website! I too am only moderately crunchy... but I definely don't blindly trust western medicine and mind sets.
life is so big and there's so many wonderful options...
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JosieAK- I think you were in my Feb 09 DDC! :)

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Yep, AKIslandGirl! I am excited to see you here! smile.gif Are you still in AK?
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Hi, I'm Lindsey a 31yo SAHM to DS-5yo and DD-3yo living near Cleveland,OH.  Took longer than expected to get pregnant this time, but EDD is Feb 5 and  I couldn't be more excited!  I can't wait to participate in the DDC and get to know you ladies better! I am an avid knitter and crocheter,  anyone up for a group project?  ;-)  Always looking to bring others over to the dark side of fiber lovin'. I'm looking forward to cloth diapering #3 as I think I have finally convinced DH of the merits (ie saving $ LOL).  That's about it for now.  I'm sure I'll share more when the kidlets let me have time.

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I love to knit... haven't been doing as much because I've been feeling so crappy, but now I'm starting to feel better. I want to make an owl sweater for the baby. I love those cute lil' owl cables. I made 2 sweaters for DD, one of which is fairly gender neutral and one is girly. So the new baby could wear at least one if not both of them, but I'd like him/her to have something that is just his/hers. 


I like cloth diapering. I just know if I were doing disposables I'd be stewing about the ongoing cost of DD not having learned to use the potty yet, another $10 a week down the drain for diapers, grumble grumble... as it is, all we have to do is another load of wash. 

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Hey Lindsey, my family will be moving to the Cleveland/Akron area in the next month, so we'll be sorta-neighbors! Perhaps, if any other Ohioans in this DDC are interested, we can arrange a meetup!
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Hello everyone! I'm 33y/o and having my first baby due around 2/26. I'm a licensed massage therapist with my own practice and also work two days a week as a gardener with a little mom and pop gardeing business to help pay the bills. I'm originally from upstate NY (north of I-90 upstate!) and my BF is originally from the north woods of Maine, so NH seemed a good middle point for us. My mom is a fraternal twin, and I have an identical twin sister, so we are crossing our fingers that I'll have twins, too. Nice to meet you all!

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