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Hi. I'm a 35-year-old working mother of two daughters (4, almost 5, and 2) and one baby in heaven. I have had one c-section, one homebirth VBAC, and one miscarriage, and I am expecting again, somewhere in the vicinity of February 25, 2014.

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Hi Ladies, I'm 35 and I am expecting my first child (a baby boy). I live in South Florida (the state with the highest c-section rate in the country) I have been married for 12 years and we purposely wanted to wait to get pregnant because we married very young. Thankfully it only took 3 months :)


I work from home (full-time) which has helped tremendously with morning sickness (I am still dealing with that ugh). 

Because I have been so sick, I'm  just starting to "educate myself" about my options when it comes to giving birth, and I have chosen a natural birth, however, my options are limited in South Florida, as the hospitals here seem to be more concerned about treating deliveries as medical procedures instead of a natural process, and all I do not know a lot of people in the area (new to south florida) so no luck. Regardless, I am going with natural birth and I am hoping to be ready by the time my baby boy arrives.


I am so trilled I found this forum I can't even begin to tell you....


Best luck to all of you with the rest of your pregnancy!

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Hey Lady!

On having a home birth and explaining to to people just tell them that Mary had Jesus in a barn...at least you will have your baby inside.  lol  Good luck be brave and don't listen to negative feed back I think it is awesome what you are doing :)

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Hi Everyone,

I am expecting our first!  We are having a boy and that is a load off me because my husband is the last in his family line so good from the start.  We own a small coffee shop in NC and he is a chemist by day home beer brewer at night so we are always on the go. Having a baby is out next big adventure and I'm happy to have you girls along for the ride!



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Hi all! I've been lurking a bit off and on here for a few months - time for a proper hello! I'm 35 and 20 weeks pregnant with #2. We also have an almost 4-year old son. We recently relocated to the lower Hudson Valley from Virginia. Had a great homebirth the first time around and are aiming for the same this time. It does look like we'll be moving again during the pregnancy - not happy to be leaving our wonderful midwife, but I'm trying to remind myself I'm hardly the first person who's been in this situation. Anyone else here go through a move during pregnancy?

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My name is Joy and I am a wife, mother, and brand new acupuncturist and herbalist. My son is 2.5 years and I am due like the rest of you in Feb.! Very excited!!! I love Mothering.com, so I am happy to find this thread. The plan is to have baby number 2 (which looks like a boy) with a midwife in the hospital. They have a labor tub which I am pretty happy about as I already know water really soothes me and helps with pain relief. How many of you with baby 2 are planning on taking some birthing classes? I did a little hypno birthing with my son and my beautiful sister was my doula. I am envisioning a happy, peaceful birth for myself and all of you. I was induced with my first son due to slight pre ecclampsia/ high blood pressure and he was very small. BUT super healthy!!! And I was still able to have a vaginal birth with my midwife.

Been eating well, just desire to do LOTS more yoga in the next 5 months. I want to feel stronger. Love to you all.



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Hey everyone! I'm 20 years old and my partner and I are expecting our first, a girl, Feb 23rd. We're both originally from CA but live on the east coast in what you could consider a southern state. We're pretty crunchy for our area (and pretty crunchy considering my partner is in the medical field!) and plan on delayed vaccines, gentle parenting, baby wearing, EBF, cloth diapering, etc. I'm having a home water birth and plan on encapsulating my placenta. I plan on being a stay at home mom for at least a year, and hopefully I'll take some online classes come this fall. I'm excited to join this group!

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Hello everyone! I just wanted to introduce myself a little more than the roll call post. This will be my first child. Im 23 and from the mid-west. Due on Feb 26th. We tried to find out gender but baby had little legs in the way. So we decided to to just wait for the big gender surprise until birth.  :) We are planning a drug free birth in the hospital attended by midwives. The babes grandma on dads side is a midwife but isn't our primary care, but she will be there to help me stick to my guns on my wants within the hospital birth setting. So thankful to have her to help me with all of this.


Im working up until my due date which is getting harder and harder each day. I love what i do but having this big ol' belly is making it difficult. I do everything in a spa/salon setting; Massage, skin care, hair, and nails. My boyfriend of nearly 6 years is going to school full time and working part time. So we are a pretty busy couple. Hmm when it comes to my crunchy factor…Im probably lightly crunchy. I eat organically when i can afford it and work at a holistic wellness center which really has influnced by curiosity in more "crunchy" things. :)  Im planning to breast feed, baby wear, and cloth diaper. 

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hi my name is jennifer and i live on Oahu.  im a first time mommy and my due date is feb.23rd. im soooo excited to see my baby BOY, Ryan :bgbounce im making pretty good progress apparently, tomorrow ill be 37 weeks and 6 days ( pretty much 38 weeks) and im already 3.5 cm dilated, 80% effaced and at -1 station, and babys head is down and engaged already. my mom thinks ill be giving birth by this weekend! who knowsss

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your the same age as me basically, ill be 23 this year :) congrats on baby #1

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