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What would you do? (tmi)

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Hi everyone,

Sorry that this is so embarrassing but - what would you do?

I didn't have enough time this morning - and just wasn't able to have a bowel movement at home before work.

Now I'm at work and I'm desperate! blush.gif

But... I really can't face trying to go in a cubicle!

I know it's silly - but I need my privacy! People are going to be able to hear me 'trying' to poo!

Hopefully I can hold on until I get home - but it's ages!

What would you do?


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You need to poo. Not healthy for you or baby to hold it. Plus its hard enough to poo when you have to when your pregnant much less once youve let it go away
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Frankly, I'm happy if I can poo anywhere at all.  I think this is where you have to start to let go of your bodily insecurities (and I say that in the gentlest manner possible).  The one thing that my first birth taught me is a much reduced sense of modesty.  lol.gif

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Thanks everyone.


The problem is - the bathroom has five cubicles, and there is *always* at least one other person in there.


I tighten up and can't go.

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I'm like you- modest and with a shy bladder (can't give a sample- never have in my life) and can't 'go' when others might be present. I would take whatever break I'm entitled to and walk to my nearest Starbucks, where the loo is always single-user, with a heavy door, and often down a hall from other patrons. Good luck

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Can't say I've ever been in this scenario (not a shy bowels person), but I think I would hold it until my lunch break, then go off to a restaurant or store with public restrooms.

At least then you won't be heard by people you may know, and that might help.

Eta: I just realized this is from 5 days ago. Hope you're not still holding it!! smile.gif
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