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Late allergic development to milk casein?

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My 9-month old son has been on Gentlease formula since about 2 months of age.  A couple of months ago, his skin became covered with tiny little bumps (not a rash, but flesh-colored).  THey don't seem to bother him, but nevertheless it indicates to me that he might be allergic to the milk in his formula.  


At the same time that these bumps appeared (late March)  he also began wearing a helmet to correct his skull shape.  He still wears the helmet.


My question is if it is likely that the skin bumps are a late-developing allergy to milk, or perhaps the helmet.  (I should also note that he has some serious health issues, and has Down Syndrome.  I know that individuals with DS tend to have sensitive skin, and also tend to have allergies.)


He is entirely g-tube fed with a feeding pump, so he may have to take formula for a while yet.  Thanks.

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Has he had any solid foods?

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He takes very little by mouth, just a few spoonfuls here and there.  But yes, he's tried apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, bananas, brown rice cereal, & hemp milk, all organic.  He tries a few bites, then refuses more.  His feeding set is some sort of synthetic bag & tubing, which concerns me as well.

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Doesn't strike me as related to dairy, and I especially don't think it's an allergy.  Dairy intolerances and allergies make themselves well-known in other ways, namely GI distress, and allergies are likely to come with redness and/or hives on contact around the mouth and anus.  There are other ingredients in formula-- namely corn and soy-- that are potential allergens, but again, if the only symptom is skin bumps and not even redness, my first thought does not go to allergies.  That said, allergies can develop at that age--it's not "late" at all.


Does he happen to have cradle cap, perhaps exacerbated by the helmet?  But usually bumps on the body from cradle cap come with varying degrees of redness, plus in my experience an oiliness to the skin.  Small, flesh-colored bumps might be a sensitivity issue, when the skin is not an effective barrier, and those often aren't irritating.  

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Most rashes associated with helmets are do to heat, and are usually red and only on the scalp.  I agree with the PP that most dairy allergies manifest in GI symptoms, hives, and red itchy rashes.  I would get it checked out by your ped.  If it is just on the upper arms, it might be keratosis pilaris, which is harmless.


You mentioned your child is g-tube fed (so is my youngest), we blend real foods and give that to her via her g-button.  She has never had formula, we went from breastfeeding (then a g-tube at 4 mos), to EBM, then transitioned to a blenderized diet.  I pumped until she was 2.  PM me and I can tell you more.  Obviously BD is not for everyone, but there are a lot of parents out there who are never told it is even an option.  PM me if you want more info about it.

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anj_rn, I pm'd you but haven't heard back. A MSG said your id wasn't valid (?). I'd love to learn about what you did in place of formula. I prefer a whole foods approach for sure. Thanks!
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OP that is weird, I just PM'ed you.

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