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Need advice fast

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My daughter is 36 weeks along with twin girls. One of them is head down at -2 station, she is dialated (or was a couple of days ago) to 2cm and is 70% effaced.
She has told her doctor all along that she wanted a natural birth, and he was cooperative with her last child (natural, mother led, no mom/baby seperation, early release etc). He is now telling her (at this late stage) that he won't deliver the second one unless she is head down (she's transverse right now) vaginally. Not only that but he wants her to have a spinal tap in place 'just in case' and to top it all off, the have to move to an operating room for the actual delivery! She has prepped her son to be present for the birth, and now she feels like all her plans are going out the window. We live in Portland OR. Can anyone help us with the legalities, what she has the right to demand, or if she is left only with the radical options of changing doctors, delivering in the ER at the last minute, or staying home and being unattended.
Thank you in advance.
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Get a second opinion. Even at this late of stage there may be someone out there near her that would be willing to discuss her options. She needs to understand what is happening and to definetly be the one making the decisions with her body, her baby, and her birth experience. Communication is the key.

Good luck to your daughter.
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That's awful! I wish I could help in some way but I really don't know. Hopefully you'll getsome good answers here. Maybe post in the Midwife and Doula section as well?
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I will post in the other thread too. Thanks for the help.
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Its never too late to switch! She might be hard pressed to find a doctor in Portland that will give her a better deal. Good chance that the baby will go head down when the other baby is out. Midwives in Oregon can attend homebirths of twins at home, PM me if you want some names of midwives to talk to. She can always refuse the c-section, the spinal and all other interventions. Sounds like her doctor is panicking

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I agree. I"m a midwife in Salem and I'd run from that situation in a heart beat! I've heard of hospitals requiring this before, even requiring women to deliver in the OR "just in case".

There are midwives in Portland that do twins. If you want more information, feel free to email me at pamela@midwifemama.com

She deserves a better experience than what she's been given.
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They are requiring her to deliver in the OR. And she is worried that her son won't be able to be in there, much less me, who is helping with the doula-ing.
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Of the twin moms I have met, all "had" to deliver in the OR. Most ended up with c-births.

However, I have a friend that had twins recently and ended up w/a footling breech presenting in labor. Her OB said she would have been able to go vaginal with a regular breech presenting, just not footling breech. And she also said 2nd babe could be in ANY position, they can and will attempt to turn if need be after first babe is born. This was in St. Vincent's hospital, just outside Portland. I was surprised, as I hadn't heard very good things as far as natural birth goes at that hospital, but who knows, I guess it varies by doctor. If she is only comfortable in a hospital, have you tried the teaching hospital, OHSU? I have heard ok things about them for twins.

And I highly second finding a midwife. We are blessed with many wonderful midwives in the Portland area, I am sure Pam would be a great help if you spoke with her. I wouldn't step foot in a hospital with twins, unless it was an emergency, but that's me!

Hope it works out for your daughter, keep us posted!
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Thanks for all the good wishes, and good advice. We are natural birthers all the way, and two of my 4 were born at home. I'm keeping her posted on the advice I'm getting here... Keep it coming if there is more to add!
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I've heard that most twin momma's have to deliver in the OR nowadays. I know one woman who had a successful vaginal birth, even though it was in the OR.
I wonder if they would let you guys in the OR during the delivery. Then they could at least kick you out if there was a complication. It wouldn't hurt to ask.

But most importantly, I'd get another doctor. There are plenty of midwives and doctors that would attempt a vaginal birth with twins. A baby can turn itself right before birth, so you just never know.
I just wanted to wish you good luck and tell you congratulations! Have a safe and happy delivery!
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Where I work we don't deliver twins in the OR. And if the first twin is head down then its surely a vaginal birth and see what happens for #2. (We do have the OR staff around just in case). The doctors strongly suggest epidurals, but sometimes I have just stalled and know of many moms who have delivered twins without them. It can be done. If there is a problem with#2 they will have to use a general anesthetic on her to get it out.
Don't let theose doctors boss you around. My friend delivered in the high risk hospital without even an IV!
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UPDATE: My daughter and her DH did some checking, and they found out that it is not state law, or hospital policy to require delivering in the OR. She is waiting for a call back from her doctor right now, and will inform him that they will be delivering in the birthing room (at least for baby A) and will wait to see if baby B turns herself, or can be turned manually, and will only consent to be moved to the OR if there is fetal distress or some other serious complication. If he does not agree, they will be switching doctors. Thanks for all your great support and I will keep updating you all if you like.
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Is she planning on going in as soon as labor hits or laboring at home as long as possible? If she labors at home for a while she may get there ready to go and there won't be time for them to try to force an epidural or anything on her. I've read on MDC plenty of times of dh's who have learned how to properly check for dialation and such.
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She is going to labor at home for as long as possible. Luckily we both have a lot of reading and experience under our belts re: natural, mommy led childbirth. I can't imagine her DH checking for dialation, but I did apprentice as a midwife briefly and could do it if she wanted me to. The hospital is very close, and we are in no hurry to be there!
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T Mismagic: will you adopt me?
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Sure Victorian! The more the merrier!
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