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where does/did your cosleeping babe nap?

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I have a 8 month old who cosleeps with us. She isnt every good at napping, which got me thinking. Where do most people have there cosleeping babe nap? We put her in the crib in her room and she will nap for 20-30 min at a time and that is a big improvement! If she naps in the family bed she will sleep around a hr. So where did your babies nap and why?
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Family bed for both kids (aside from the occasional carseat or stroller). We had a cradle for DS's first few months, but he didn't sleep there much or for very long. I lie with kids until they are asleep, then get up. They typically nap 1 hour at 22 months and 4.75, sometimes longer.
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At 8 months my son usually napped on me, in the sling or carrier. We did try other arrangements but the baby wearing worked out best for him at that age. At 13 months I transitioned him to napping on our bed with me.
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DD1 - in bed or in the carrier
DD2 - in bed or in the carrier and I've just discovered that, if she falls asleep in the car, I can transfer her to the pram and she'll stay asleep. So, sometimes the pram.

The reasons are practicality and because we don't have a cot.
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In the sling, in my bed (I get him down for a nap and then sneak away) or on the couch.

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Family bed and then I hang out nearby or sometimes nap too!
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Usually in the family bed. Or the stroller.

By 8 months he wouldn't fall asleep in a carrier unless he was way too overtired.

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One liked to sleep on a blanket on the floor near me, so I'd take that as an opportunity to read a book.

The other liked to sleep in bed, and I hooked up a baby monitor so I'd hear if she woke up, and then I'd run in before she started crawling around.
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Family bed, I can sneak away for the first hour or so, then he wakes and I go lie down with him. He is now two and I have to lie down with him everyday. While I usually need a nap myself, I don't like having to and wish I had not gotten into this habit. So hard to break!
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My DS needed to be held and nursed in order to nap for many months. After that I moved him to napping in our bed and nursing. I really didn't feel safe walking away though. I transitioned him to napping in his crib. He also starts his night in the crib and then comes to bed with me when I am ready to call it a night. It was a challenge getting him to sleep in his crib at all but it was so worth it. I actually pulled the mattress out of the crib and put it on the floor. We played and snuggled and nursed on it. He napped a few times on it while I laid next to him. It was the only thing that helped him feel better in the crib. I also had a flannel blanket that he slept on top of in our bed that I would put him on in the crib the next day. I know it isn't advised but I was careful and checked on him often. Hope that helps.
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