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KaliHecate; that must be a huge relief getting away from all those animals. That's a lot of cats! And congratulations on the motorhome, how exciting!


Tillymonster; it sounds like you're in the same sort of position as me with your DD. Mine is 4 and she's suddenly discovered the art of pushing boundaries and doing naughty things for attention. She has always been so laid back and a nice child, so this is all new to me. To be honest I think her problem is the baby. She'll be worried and confused about the prospect, and no doubt scared that we won't love her as much or give her attention anymore once he's here. What I really need is patience, but that doesn't exist for me during pregnancy!

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On other news we fished house sitting (did that for a month as a favor, not too much fun b/c she has SEVENTEEN cats and 3 dogs and the house was full of cat hair, strange animals/insects they dragged in, and pieces of dog biscuits. So happy that's over.

Kali, just reading that gives me the heebie jeebies!

The motor home sounds wonderful! In another life time I imagine that could've been me, living a traveling lifestyle, not being tethered to one place... Enjoy it!



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I really need to go to bed, Father's Day planning awaits. What are you ladies planning? I decoupaged a photo mug. It looks holly-hobby but it's the thought that counts right?

Since this is our first and DH didn't do/plan/give me anything for mother's day I'm not bothering with father's day for him. Maybe a bit passive aggressive, you could argue that it's a technicality at this point... We did send some great locally made salsa to his father and we already heard that one of the jars broke in the mail greensad.gif. I thought I stuffed enough padding in there...


On that topic: just want to hear your opinions, ladies. My friend says once you're a parent yourself you don't have to give your own parents anything anymore for mother's and father's day. How do you feel about that?

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Tilly- I didn't figure it out. But, I am chalking it up to gas pain. I think it was so bad because my ribs and back are already so tender. It hasn't happened again. And I really hope it doesn't! As far as Father's Day goes, I made my dh a little 4x6 frame with an adorable pic of our dd to put on his desk at work and got him a card. He's been in Guam for the past 2 weeks but is due home this afternoon (yay!). He really wants a weight lifting belt but I can't get that without him here, so I plan to drag him to a sports store later this week once he isn't crazy jet lagged. And Dakipode I've never heard of that. We, as in my siblings and I, always pitch in to get our parents something for Mother's and Father's Day. They are still my parents and even though we are all parents now, well minus my brother, we still appreciate everything they do for us. In fact, becoming a parent made me appreciate my own parents even more.
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dakipode - I'm a bad daughter, because once I turned 18, I gave mom and dad a phone call on Mother's/Father's day and called it a day....maybe I took them to lunch or dinner if I was feeling particularly flush with cash one year, but to me, Mother's Day and Father's Day aren't gift holidays.  Gift holidays in our family are limited to Winter Solstice, birthdays, and maybe a major accomplishment once or twice a year.  Other than that, you're on your own!  I'm making DH mow the lawn on Father's Day.  I made big breakfast on Mother's Day, so it's not a big deal.  I just want a hug from the kids and maybe an hour to myself.


KaliHekate - That sounds stellar about the RV!!  I think that's a fun idea, even with a baby.  One baby is still portable and the halcyon days of early parenting are a PERFECT time to do something fun like that!

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I think I'm going to take my partner out to dinner for Father's Day (it's Monday here) and give my dad a call.  My partner and my brother who was here visiting took me out for Mother's Day dinner even though I was kinda sick and not really able to enjoy it, it was sweet of them.  So I'm going to do the same for DP.  I do feel like these holidays will take on much more significance once the baby is actually born.


If I lived near my parents, I would take the out to dinner for Mother's and Father's Day (for me it is more about celebrating and being grateful for the person than about gifts), but for now the best I can do is call them - the same thing I do on their birthdays.  I bring gifts when I visit to make up for all the gift-giving holidays I miss.

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Personally-- I would LOVE to take both my parents out for Mother's/Father's day, but they are both deceased so there goes that. I do however think that since DH is now a dad, father's day should be about him a little more then about his dad. I also am not into "gifts" for these things unless they are homemade! I did the same as you Mamamash, a frame with pics of DH and DD. I also did a decoupage photo mugs that's probably a bit unusable for *drinking* but is cute none-the-less. Not too big of a deal.


Here's my new issue today... DH is still horridly sick and I personally think it's a combo cold plus yeast die-off from the meds he's taking, I think we should also call the doc but he's a stubborn old fool.


His dad calls, per usual, LAST MINUTE to invite us to, per usual, THEIR HOUSE to swim and BBQ. I don't like visiting them at their house much because it's trashed most of the time (they are a house full of all boys who are not great about cleanliness, and the mom is a hoarder to the extreme, oh and 3 dogs and many many birds) so I'm a bit annoyed right now. MIL and SIL were weird at the baby shower I went to last week, and I'm hormonal and super sensitive, so all I need right now is some comment like "you are going to get gestational diabetes if you eat ANY sugar" or some such crap to send me over the edge. I was planning to do a sweet thing for DH that was relaxing so he can get better and I have a bad feeling he's going to force it and make us all go. UGH!

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I wanted to do something special for DH for breakfast - since he cooks me breakfast Mon-Fri every week. Luckily I woke up early, so I was able to go buy fresh croissants and oranges for juice, and come back home before he was awake biggrinbounce.gif


I also don't feel like mother of father's day is a gift worthy celebration; and I think it mostly depends on how the other person wants to take it. For my dad, I always tell him happy Halmark day (well, a Spanish equivalent), but my mom would be hurt if I did that with her or forgot - so just a phone call congratulating her. Much like lilmamita, since I live in a different country from my parents, not even birthdays are gift occasions - only Christmas is (and that is because we always go back to Spain then), and because we need to plan the gifts beforehand it's more about finding one thing per person that we think they'll be excited about.

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Wow, I totally missed the chats this past week... whole lot going on here and been a busy week for me as well...


aidenn - I LOVE your haircut, it suits your face perfectly:) I'm going to jump on the same train and ask about hair as I too have thought about cutting it! It's been long my whole life, most of the time down to the bottom of my back but the past few years, just past my bra strap (mid-back). What is the reasoning some of you mentioned you'd heard about for not cutting your hair while pregnant?

I really like some of the shoulder length styles and think they'd be really nice and easy to maintain. I'm pretty lazy about styling my hair, usually just let it dry naturally, sometimes scrunch it to give it some body/slight waves (it's really thick, not naturally curly or bone straight either). Once in a while I'll take the time to curl it or use a straightener to smooth it out. So, you experienced mamas, is it easier to have longer hair to tie back in a pony or short hair? Think about breastfeeding and baby pulling hair, etc... DH & I had always talked about me getting doing something wild like getting an Amelie/Audrey Tautou cut when I got pregnant but I'm too much of a chicken now, even though I just love her hair!


 Really like these styles and think I might be able to do them easy/lazy enough... thoughts? 




letniaLynne - did you find a dress yesterday? And, hope that the house showing went well:)


lilmamita - fingers crossed that the travel plans come together soon!  


KaliHeKate - I feel huge as well, so stretched, tight and ready to pop. It's hard to imagine that we can get any bigger isn't it! Glad your house sitting is over, we too have been house sitting - for my parents (gone for a month), will be back Wednesday, yippee! They have 3 cats (2 get along and they don't like the 3rd, so they live in separate quarters) and that has been a pain in the butt and driving over to their house every day to hang out with them separately, etc... Our cats and dogs are feeling a little neglected with everything we have going on right now and I am just burned out and ready for a break.


About your motorhome, that is awesome! We decided 6 years ago to get a rig and travel. We initially got a fifth wheel and traveled a lot, no home base other than staying with our parents for a month or 2 here and there. It was awesome, spent a lot of time in Mexico (and still do). We switched to a small motorhome to see if that would work better for travel (more specifically in Mexico) and it definitely has its perks, but are switching back to the 5th wheel (especially with baby coming). The 22 ft motorhome is just too small for cats, dogs, us + baby, we'll all be better off in the 5th wheel situation. We (temporarily) settled back down to start a family and currently have a home base but plan/hope to work out a balance of travel 6 months (during winter/spring) and stay here in the good weather (summer/fall). It will be interesting though as I'm not sure how I'll feel about traveling with a newborn, probably won't be able to work out the 6 and 6 as hoped at least in the first year... I could go on and on about RVing... feel free to PM me if you have any questions:D Good luck, the freedom to travel is amazing! Enjoy!!

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Ladies thanks so much for asking about how the dress shopping went smile.gif
I have to say it was slim pickings! Lol In the end I caved and went into a large bridal store. They were really nice and I think I have a few options. I prefer a cream colored dress but I might end up with white since we have no time to order anything. The seamstress came recommended and seems willing to make major alterations to make the dress fit nicely. I wanted to take a strapless empire waist dress and add thin little cap sleeves that sort if drape off the shoulder. Also I wanted to cut the dress to make it above the knee in the front and just a bit longer in the back. Also the boob area needed to be made shorter since I had to size up to accommodate my bump orngtongue.gif

I am going back in with my mom next Sunday to make final decisions and get fitted smile.gif
Ill post pics smile.gif

Also I've been really too busy and stressed to really keep up with the chats lately greensad.gif I go to court on Wednesday with my ex to finalize some changes in our divorce and custody paperwork. It has taken 10 weeks to get this far with him cause he is always to busy to put it at the top of his list. Very very frustrating. We are finally in agreement and will sign the documents tomorrow. The stressful part is that the court could decide that they don't agree with our agreement which means we have to go through months more waiting and stress to get this sorted out. I really hope that when they see 2 parents (with one lawyer to write it up properly) in total agreement they just say great ok have a nice day!!

Also the showing seemed to go well on the house this weekend and we have another tomorrow. Crossing fingers!!!

You know this is really just the tip of my iceberg, I have WAY too much going on at the moment and all I really want to do is knit and sleep orngtongue.gif Oh did I mention that both kids and my mom started with a spring cold / tummy virus today??? Oh joy!!! And I'm 30 weeks tomorrow!!!!! Freaking out!!!!
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Yikes and I thought it was crazy for me over here! Latnia you have so much going on you are making me feel lazy. But I think I am a bit lazy and I like it that way, darn it. DH comes home and starts CLEANING today while getting over his cold and I think it's awesome and sweet and thank my lucky stars he's my husband. But oui it makes me feel sooooo guilty and like a bad mama so then I get up and start doing stuff and get winded immediately and then give up. I'm so huge. I'm waddling now too!

Today I ate some of my homemade yogurt with some not so great homemade granola and had some ahem --toilet issues-- that I'd rather not discuss. My DH immediately blames it on the yogurt and I give him the benefit of the doubt and google it. Not only is homemade yogurt using a culture from a reputable company good for you, it'll HELP with GI issues like diarrhea... Not the opposite. Unless you are lactose intolerant of course. So I find it impossible that it was my delish homemade yogurt. Darn it. What do you ladies think?

The last few days I've been noticing a lot is nausea. Today I was back to the first trimester type-nausea and it kept me from eating well at all! I even had some wheat bread and I've been working REALLY hard to cut that crap right out. I also cut out most diary but quite frankly, have never had an issue with dairy. Thank GOODNESS because I'm craving it like a mad woman. My homemade, strained, full-fat organic THICK and rich yogurt is in the fridge calling to me! I'm worried I'll have the same issues tomorrow if I eat it. I hope I don't. If I do-- I very well might be intolerant or the bacteria in the yogurt got funky. Though I'm not sure how that could be.

Suzie-- I love Amelie! We have the name on our list because the movie was so beautiful and she was such a sweet thing. I love her hairstyle as well. But it seems like so much work! Shoulder length works well for me though it looks better long. Mine is thick but fine so to a mess to deal with at times. I wish I had thick wavy hair! The drew berrymore look is cute and sort of low maintenance too. I like Heidi Klum's mom hairstyles the best but I adore her personal style SO much too.

So yay my yeast/BV issues are pretty much gone!!! My midwife told me to start the Yeast Arrest suppository immediately so I did. 3 days later-- it feels like I have a whole new vagina! Sorry for the tmi but who knew the crazy difference from a few days ago. So so so happy. I also bought some ice packs for the area. I think I was a wee bit swollen. It really helped. My poor lady parts!

Now to get my DH cured... Ugh! I'm really worried to DTD after finally getting some relief but it's been a LONG time. Lol it reminds me of a certain skit (again) from Louie C. K. where he talks about homicide occurring from lack of sex. DH and I like to joke about that a lot these days... Haha.
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letniaLynne - Hope all goes well at court today and that you get an awesome offer on your house! Look forward to seeing your dress:)


tilly - I have the same guilt as you with the cleaning thing and get tired a lot easier these days or will have repercussions in the evening with a sore/achy lower uterus from doing too much:( I've tried to be better about helping out lately, but then DH tells me to take it easy, don't lift this and don't bend over to pick that up, etc... I am thankful he's so cautious and sweet with me but I try to tell him it's OK that I do these things (within reason of course, I'm not trying to lift heavy things but he's worried about me bending over to pick up anything in general). I feel so bad that he's doing so much and I'm doing so little, even though he rarely complains, I know it's getting to him. I have this idea that I'll kick it into gear after baby is here but I know there will be healing time (lots of time baby bonding of course) and that breastfeeding takes a lot out of you. I sure hope I can get back to doing more, the guilt is overwhelming sometimes. 


DH tells me I'm waddling now too! I do feel like I'm walking differently, especially when I get up to pee, it's like I'm cradling myself and walking gently or something, hard to explain... And, when I'm full after eating, forget about it, I'm in full blown waddle mode!!

Not sure what to say about the yogurt thing, not having made any myself... Is there anything else you can point to for causing the 'toilet issues'?


Oh, Amelie! One of my favorite movies and would be an adorable name:) Is it one your DH likes as well? I'm still going back and forth on the haircut thing... I really want a change but am afraid of the styling thing. As long as it's easy to maintain (like my current lazy, long hair - hardly ever styled and left simple, boring and straight), I'd love to go for it... Still not sure what the deal is with not cutting it while pregnant, guess I will have to consult google...


Glad to hear your yeast issues are under control, that must be such a relief! About the ice packs... I've been looking into getting some mama pads and have read about putting them in the freezer to use after birth for discomfort.... Anyone done this??

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Whoops it's the 20th. Lets blame "preggie brain" for this one. smile.gif

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