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Night weaning

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I need to night wean my 14 mo old. I just found out I am pregnant. I get Hyperemesis gravidarum and will need to take medication that makes me very drowsy, and is not safe for breast feeding (L4 according to Dr Hales) the half-life is such that if I take the meds before bed, it should be safe to nurse during the day. I must start taking this medicine as soon as possible, Hyperemesis can be life threatening for me and the baby. I'm trying to night wean my daughter, and so far it's been 3 nights of screaming in my arms for hours. I've explained that my breasts are sleeping, I've offered snacks, snuggles, juice, water, and cows milk. She just keeps screaming. It's breaking my heart, but the sooner I get on this medicine, the safer I will be.
DH cannot help with a crying baby at night during the week because of work, and I am at a loss how to help her.
Any thoughts or advice? I wish I had the time to do this slowly over time, but as soon as I start throwing up, (which could happen any day) I MUST start taking the medication, and it makes me so drowsy, she will likely end up crying it out, because I won't wake up. greensad.gif if she can sleep through the night without crying, DH can co-sleep with her, but only if he's able to get the sleep required for work.
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I would have DH take over and maybe start on a weekend or sometime when he doesn't need to go to work. The worst may be over in 3 nights. My son definitely got more upset with me there saying no, than with DH.
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Is this your second pregnancy or do you have more children? I know that this is not the norm, but I had HG with my first pregnancy but not with my second. After having my daughter, I was terrified to get pregnant again, I waiting for 4 years to have another (which turned out to be a twin pregnancy). With my first pregnancy I had two hospital stays and took zofran, phenergran and reglan. I ended up on a zofran pump. With my second pregnancy I had mild nausea from 6 to 12 weeks and that was it. I'm not saying that you shouldn't prepare for the worst, but I'm hoping to give you a bit of hope. Good luck to you.

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Thank you for trying to give me hope. smile.gif I do hope for the best, but I must prepare for the worst. I have three children, and had Hyperemesis all three times. This last one nearly killed me, and my unborn child. The nausea and vomiting have already started even though I'm on several medications, but it's not too bad yet.

We seem to have muddled through. It still felt/feels like crying-it-out, but I guess if she knows we are there with her, it's okay. I'm on the medication now, and she only wakes up once or twice a night. DH seems to be able to get her back to sleep after awhile. Poor guy is so sleep deprived.
She seems fine during the day, so it hasn't seemed to traumatized her at all.
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I'm glad to hear that she is doing okay, and that you are too, relatively. I really feel for you, I can't imagine having hyperemesis and a baby at the same time. I'm not sure if you have tried it, but I have heard that milk thistle can help. I took it for months before attempting my second pregnancy and continued through the first trimester. I heard about it through another woman who had HG in one pregnancy but not in another. It might be worth a try. Good luck to you.

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I've never heard of milk thistle. I'll have to look into it. Thanks!
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I am pregnant with my second child and the night-nursing from my 18 month old was beginning to really effect my day-time parenting (exhaustion!), so I decided to night-wean him. I did Dr. Jay Gordon's method. Basically, you nurse till just asleep for three nights, then don't nurse but comfort, then you are supposed to not even comfort (I skipped the last step). You can google it for the complete info. The first time on the first night was the hardest. Then things got easier, and after just a week he was sleeping from 830 until 530 without making a peep. I absolutely expected it to be much harder since DS is very...well, demanding and he's relied very heavily on nursing at night. I don't know if things are going better for you or not, but it's worth a look. Congrats on the new baby and I hope you have a healthy pregnancy!

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