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Recurrent plugged duct

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I have posted before and I don't really expect anyone to have an answer for me since I really think I have tried everything, but It's getting really really frustrating and I guess I just need some support. (and suggestion if anyone has anything new!)


My DD is 14 months old. I have been getting a recurrent plugged duct since she was 7 months old. I had nothing before 7 months which I think is weird. It's always the same breast in the same spot. Sometimes I can't get them out and I have to go pay 140 bucks and get ultrasound on it. I have had to do this numerous times and am actually going today. I have the biggest most painful one yet. it literally is half my boob greensad.gif


I have tried everything. Lecethin, EPO, I don't wear underwire bras, I sleep on my back, I'm mindful of how I hold my DD. This problem is painful and I work full time so it really screws up pumping and my day. I am fully committed to letting her wean when SHE is ready, but this is seriously depressing and starting to wear on me big time. I feel desparate. I just don't understand why this is happening. I had a handful of plugged ducts with my DS, but once my oversupply issue evened out, they stopped. 


I'm at the end of my rope and don't know how much more I can take yk? I really don;t want to wean. sigh. any advice?

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I'm so sorry! I get a lot of plugged ducts too, but in different spots. I think mine gets worse from pumping (I work full-time) but I can't stop yet so... Not sure if you have ever used cell salts but calc fluor is supposed to help. I have been taking it religiously and while it has not gone away completely it does seem to help the duration of them if I do get it. Lots of sympathies :)
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Do you sleep on the side with the plugged ducts?


Is it possible to just stop pumping/nursing on that side? Your supply should be quite well established that it isn't likely to affect things too much on the still producing side.

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