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dayiscomming how does your midwife check your iron? A blood draw and lab?

In my experience the midwife PP check up is more just to ask any questions you may have and say good bye.


I had my PP check last week. She just does a hemoglobin check with the finger poke. Better than nothing. I don't have insurance. I know that mine is 11.5 so just a little low. Otherwise, we just chatted and she checked on baby's weight. 

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Just wanted to catch up here and mention that I had some yogurt yesterday and no issues with little B! I am pretty excited but am still going to remain for the most part dairy free. It's nice to know I can have a little dairy if I want though without any negative side effects.
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I had dairy tonight for the first time in many weeks. Ill let you know how tomorrow goes
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I also had some dairy this afternoon (cookies and cream ice cream!) so we'll see how goes. Fingers crossed that Amelia is alright.and we're not all awake with a fussy refluxy baby tonight.
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It's 2:30p and he's been his normal chipper self!!! I'm so excited about that!! I don't plan on risking it on a regular basis though.
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Amelia slept like a dream last night, as usual, but has been fussy this morning. No rash, though, so that's a big improvement. And she doesnt seem refluxy, really, but definitely CRANKY. So I guess it's back to 100% dairy-free for me. Sigh.
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Aubrey is dose dependent, apparently. I got cocky a little while back an overdid things and she was sort of miserable....but it took a whole weekend of indulging for her to react. I have been really good lately though and even brought my own food to a wedding last night....but she's been super upset today. The only thing I can think of that I did was have a bunch of chocolate. That stinks!! So I guess I'll have to challenge that.
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Oh man, luckily Amelia doesn't react when I eat chocolate. I don't know if I love my kid enough to give up chocolate... (I'm kidding!) (Mostly)

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The food I eat for breastfeeding has been challenging here too. The first two months were so hard with baby getting an upset stomach so often! Dairy was a big one, as well as green beans, bananas, onions, garlic, chocolate, etc. Thankfully now that he is almost three months I've been able to add some of that back in, as long as it's not in too large of quantities. Going off dairy was difficult - I really missed my cheese! Then last week, my husband bought a bunch of bananas - I discovered bananas bothered him when I ate two in one day, and that night and the next day my baby so was upset. When they were a little riper, I ate half a banana which didn't seem to bother him. Today, I made banana cookies with all the brown bananas that I couldn't eat and ate several cookies. I'm hoping it's okay since the bananas were really ripe and also were baked (actually they were too delicious to stop eating, and I was hungry all day today). I hope he doesn't end up with an upset stomach tomorrow though! 

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Do you have issues with latexor ragweed? Bananas are cross reactive with both f those.
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I would have an impossible time trying to figure out which of the foods that I eat could affect baby. How do you know the exact timing of when you eat something and it ending up in your milk?
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It's usually 4-6 hours for crossover into supply but can be sooner and some things linger longer.
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Baby Smurf,


Yes, actually, I do have allergies to ragweed...so far not to latex, thankfully. That is interesting that bananas are cross reactive with both of those things. 


JNajla - when my baby had gas and an upset stomach practically ALL the time, I cut out almost everything that could possibly be an offender from my diet. After 3 - 4 days he was feeling much better and after a week I slowly began introducing new foods back in one at a time. The foods that are primary offenders for little babies are: dairy, spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, etc.), beans, acidic fruit (such as oranges, strawberries, lemons, etc.), garlic, onions, green peppers, cucumbers. When I added something back in and his tummy started hurting later that day than I continued avoiding that food item. My diet was very bland for about a month or so. Thankfully his digestive system is working better now so I can eat some of those things that were offenders before. 

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Accidentally ate a half sandwich with cheese on it and Amelia has been fussy and gassy and periodically crying out in pain for the past 3 hours. greensad.gif
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Originally Posted by kitteh View Post

Accidentally ate a half sandwich with cheese on it and Amelia has been fussy and gassy and periodically crying out in pain for the past 3 hours. greensad.gif

Aww :( I hope it clears out soon for her!


I have found that I can have one "cheat" meal before symptoms of discomfort appear (and thank the heavens it wasn't chocolate that was causing her to be cranky, but an excess of coffee!).  However I know that I have some chronic intolerances, so even though DD doesn't react badly with one cheat, I know that it's not worth it any more to do it.  With all of the antibiotics I took for lyme, DD, DS, and I all have a slight yeast issue.  The kids have yeasty diaper rashes (luckily mild), so now I am having to treat for that, so my diet is going back to strict for a long time yet.  Luckily I have been able to stay on top of things and the fact that I finally feel clear headed again is amazing! So worth the sacrifice.  

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I've been lucky- I can eat anything and it doesn't bother Easton. I'm trying to eat gluten free for weight loss, and mostly vegetarian. I can't give up cheese- I'm obsessed!
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Well, we seem to have another intolerance here. Not sure what it is though. The last 3 days maybe he's been super cranky and spitting up EVERYTHING that goes in. Soaking burp rags, bibs, clothes, and clearly in pain. I don't even know what's causing it greensad.gif
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Jnajla - that's awesome! I octen daydream about what it would be like to not have to worry about it! wink1.gif

Tenk - that stinks! Don't you nust wish there was an easy way to figure this stuff out....and then rely on a personal chef!? FWIW DSs issues are what started me on this journey and things are at their best eating strict paleo...which was more feasible to me than the GAPS intro diet. Hugs! I hope things get better soon!
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Ah, and guess what?! My 5 year old was diagnosed with type A & type B of the flu on Tuesday. He was the first confirmed case in the entire state of SC greensad.gif he's had a fever since LAST Thursday fluctuating between 102-104 every singe day since then. The highest was 104.7 on Tuesday wee morning hours. On Sun I took him to a CVS minute clinic and she said ear infection by Tues he was 1000x worse even with antibiotics and 104.7 fever so we went to our Pedi where they swabbed for flu. Both types positive. WTH?!?! How did he get this if no one else has it?? DH is super sick, my mom (living with us since May moving out next week!) started feeling super ill today and poor Bodie greensad.gif so I'm spraying Lysol, using Clorox wipes, and hand sanitizer CONSTANTLY!! I really need to stay well and keep Camden & Lilah well!!!
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Agghhh!! Influenza ALREADY?!? I'm so sorry- what a nightmare. It's probably from someone who's been traveling, spreading germs in public places... Take care, hope everyone stays healthy.
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