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I think mine has mostly finished its shedding. It's long but pretty thin & has always looked like Cousin It borrowed the shower whenever I wash my hair.

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I was a pretty big shedder pre-baby too, and have been shedding like mad (LOL, is that even the right term for it if you're not a dog?) for the past month or two. I thought it had slowed down a bit, but yesterday at work I felt like every time I touched my head more was coming out! Usually it's only noticeable in the shower though.
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YES!!! I have always lost hair in the shower but now it's falling out in very large quantities. greensad.gif I don't remember this from previous babies. It actually scares me because so much is falling out.
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Mine too. Really, all over the place... I keep pulling my hair out of the babies fat rolls and DH makes me xhange the sheets when he keeps waking up with my hair in his mouth and other annoying places. Bye bye pretty pregnancy locks!
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Yup. I comb out my hair in the shower.  During pregnancy I'd lose 1-2 hairs.  Now I'm pulling out handfuls!

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Me too!. Shanna-cat... they are all up in the fat rolls. It's almost like they are drawn to the rolls.
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My hair has started coming out too. Just a bit, but its still shocking! Does everyone else still have a linea nigra? I can't remember wben tbat goes away.
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I do. It's pretty dark still too. I'm also wondering when/if that goes away.
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My hair falls out so much I end up with really thin/nearly bald spots. It's happened with both babies right up at the front of my head......not attractive.  It will eventually fill back in (I hope, it did the first time). Tenk - maybe it's an age thing? I was already 30 when my first was born.


I got the dark line still. If you want it off you can put oil on it (jojoba, olive, etc) and it will likely come off like dry skin. I haven't had the time to do this, so it's still there.

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Could be, I was 34 with Camden and only 31 with Lilah obviously younger with the others.
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My hair loss has slowed a bit.  My hair is definitely still full, no bald spots thankfully.  Just more annoying that it is ending up EVERYWHERE (even the refrigerator!), in my son's diapers, stuck to surfaces.  It's getting gross.  


On a positive note, I'm going to be starting a new job where I work 2 nights a week from home so I won't have to take my baby to daycare anymore!  I'll be a quasi stay-at-home mom!  I'll be tired those 2 days every 2 weeks where I'll have him the day after working, but I'll just have to go on mom adrenaline until dh gets home from work.  I'll nap when he naps and then nap when dh gets home from work.  The best part is that I only have to work 22 hours a week to make what I make 35 hours a week at my current job, plus we'll be saving almost $1100 a month in daycare costs!  Finally some good news!!

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My linea negra is fading quickly.  I can see mine still but I have to look really closely.


Congrats, JNajla!  Good family-work life news abound!!  We have good news, too.  My husband got a new piloting job!!  But its in Cleveland, OH.  So we up and moved last month.  Now we are living in Ohio while I work remotely (could keep my DC job), my husband is employed again, we have a mortgage that is about half of our DC mortgage (we need to get that house sold PRONTO), and we found awesome family-care daycare for Holly.  Life is turning around ...

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JNajlia, that is WONDERFUL news!! I actually found a list of work at home (legit) jobs where nurses can be part of an "on call health help line" and make pretty good income. Glad you found something! smile.gif

Spotty, what a crazy month, huh?! So glad he found something and your DC job allows telecommuting smile.gif I did my training for Xerox in Leesberg in 2008 then worked from home for a while after training. It was nice. And a family daycare you can trust is amazing.
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Alright ladies, how is everyones body and mind now that our little ones are not as new to this world? 


I'm just s tarting to feel like we are all flowing together. It was a big adjustment with my older son and my expectations of myself. I've accepted that I won't be doing the same activities until Larky stops napping as much and we can get out of the house more. We are finding new ways to have fun together. 


My body is starting to feel a bit more normal. Or at least I can do some things I haven't been able to do in a long time, like picking up my 4yo (though not for long). My pants still don't fit, but with the way I'm eating thats not likely to happen anytime soon.


Mostly my head feels clear and mostly hormone free for the first time in over a year. It's like a fog lifted and it is amazing. I woke up this morning with my boys all smiling at me and in that moment it felt like I was really waking up for the first time in quite a while.

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So awesome, littlegreenlady!  I am glad you are feeling better and better, at least mentally and hormonally!  I am mostly back to normal, but not there yet.  I am still losing hair like mad.  And my incontinence and minor bladder prolapse are still a problem.  I was all set up to start PT for my lady bits but then our life went into upheaval and we moved to OH from MD.  Now that we are settling in I need to find a doctor for a referral to lady parts PT again.  I need to be able to squeeze to be able to hold off my waste!!  I joke that Holly and I BOTH need diapers these days.

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Yay, Littlegreenlady! That's great - I love the wake up part, that sounds divine! I'm feeling pretty well too.  Most of my energy is still focused on my older DS rather than the baby (DD is an amazing baby though and an absolute joy, we are soooo lucky to have her and I am counting my blessings for her laid back personality...although I feel she won't be so "easy" once she is mobile and verbal :wink).  DS just turned 3 and I finally broke down and brought him to a GI specialist to get help trying to figure out his issues.  Luckily things seem to be starting to fall into place a little for him, but I am feeling totally burnt out by his needs...which makes me feel guilty because I'm not spending the quality time with him that we both want and need, and DD is left to her own devices a lot....which luckily she loves.  My hair is only falling out a little, but my linea nigra is still hanging around (I tried the oil trick someone mentioned earlier in the thread and it did get lighter, but did not go away completely).  Body wise I am back at PP weight...but not even close to fitting in the clothes I used to.  Which is okay, since I needed new clothes anyway.  The plus side of DS's food issues is that we are eating really well, so I feel great, but there is still something up, as I keep getting sick.  Not virus sick, but my body isn't right.  I'm trying not to hyper focus on it, otherwise I won't be able to eat anything! But I am starting to feel mentally burnt out from having to focus so much on food and DS, and always having to plan so far ahead to bring food with us everywhere every time, and how what I am eating is effecting him...and how things are affecting me.  Again, it's such a huge blessing that DD so far seems to have escaped all of these issues.  I am excited that the holiday season is upon us though - it's going to be a really fun year :) 

Spotty - I hope that you can get some PT for your lady bits soon - that doesn't sound like a fun problem!

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im jealous of the mama's who are getting all back to normal because i feel so NOT back to normal. I can't seem to lose any baby weight (and I'm trying to) which is really bumming me out and i feel like my memory is getting worse... significantly worse. honestly i lose my phone at least once a day and find myself repeating myself often to friends when we hang out. i'm still dealing with my prolapse which is taking its dear sweet time to heal (which means very mild excercise) and to top it all off I am struggling to find a part time job with no luck, so we're super broke. 


i feel like a major whiner here but i really feel like this postpartum is dragging on forever and when i write it all out it all sounds so petty but it doesn't FEEL petty to me. I think being able to excercise would help a lot- i have been seeing a 'lady parts' physical therapist and its really helped but if i dont stay ontop  of the excercises one little squat can bring it all back. 


all in all i'm pretty blessed to have such an easy going baby who sleeps well and is very mellow, at least i don't have to add 'crabby baby' to my list of woes!


Babysmurf - my DS1 was 4 when we finally broke down and took him to a specialist for his gut too. i can honestly say ages 3-4 with him where probably the hardest most challenging years of my life as we were putting so much energy into him and changing our eating habits. I also had DS2 who is two years younger. It was very hard so I know where youre coming from but it did get better and now we are at a much better place in general with eating and DS1's emotional state. 

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I am just curious who has gotten there cycle back yet? No sign of AF here yet, though for my last two it came back at 14 months and 12 months. Since I EBF and haven't night weaned yet I'm guessing it will still be a few more months for me.
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None here. I don't remember when it came back last time. I was on birth control before my period anyway. This time lack of desire has been my birth control.
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Nursing the two little vampires around the clock, so no cycle here. Still, we have proven to be very fertile in the past, so we aren't taking any chances. I still haven't gotten an iud placed though, so the mr and I are both a bit frustrated atm. His family are here visiting (and sleeping in our living room) for a couple months right now, so it's not like we'd have a chance anyhow.
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