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Leora eats at the table w/ us, shares all my snacks & still nurses non-stop. I EBF the other 3 for way longer & my cycles came back around 4 & 6 months but still no sign yet. I can't figure it out. She is INSATIABLE, though I might be the teether of choice. 4 teeth are through, & I see signs of 4 more thinning their gummy nests. Husband is distressed by a no-show of the cycle & is convinced I must be carrying again, but I know better.

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Nursing two here too, so no sign yet...I didn't get mine last time, but got pregnant 19 or 20 months in. I decided to cut DS way back and Aubrey sleeps pretty decently so we will see what happens now...
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Af has been back since 3 months even with co-sleeping and exclusively breastfeeding, has always nursed a lot at night. As some of you saw, we are now pregnant again. Its interesting to me that some can EBF and see no AF for a long time and others it's right back.
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@chrystalmarie congratulations lady!!

With each of my other EBF babies AF showed around 11-12m pp and around 10 months pp I had ovulation symptoms. This time I have no clue what is going on. I ended up with BV and yeast (yuck!!!) 2 weeks ago along with strep throat (1st time in my life) and on so much medicine, it was awful. I think it reduced my milk supply a bit too because grumpy pants was not having it but everything has returned to semi normal now. Just waiting to see the Dr and make sure everything is Ok in the lady parts. I too wonder why some are AF free for years and mine comes back with a vengeance by 12 months. I was hoping for longer this time but all the sickness caused lots of discomfort so we'll see.

In other news, Camden lunges for my cup or spoon now so he's eating solids a bit better. Today and 2 days before this he had bananas and peaches. Fussed for more and seemed to love them! He's also sprouting a "stomach tooth" if thats the right word? No other teeth but that side one has been a PITA! Weird that he's getting that one first too.
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Congratulations Crystalmarie!!! 

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Since I'm on Domperidone, I haven't had a period in over 6 months. I suspect that aunt flow will come back with a vengeance once I wean off from it...
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JNajla, I'm on domperidone too for the last 7 months. I had no idea that it stops the period from coming back?! Why do you think you'll get it back when you wean off? I've never heard about Dom being associated with not having a period. I'm weaning off of it now and have no signs of getting my period back.
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Because it elevates serum prolactin. Amenorrhea is a side effect of the med. Once Dom is discontinued snd prolactin goes back down, ovulation and periods will begin again.
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I had to write somewhere, so I figured this would work...been checking on and off for fertility signs, and of course the day after DTD I started to have some breast sensitivity while nursing, an increase in cervical fluid and a high cervix. So we are in a two week wait of sorts, wondering if we caught the first egg again....wouldnt that figure! We are going to have to be more careful from now on.
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Wowsers baby smurf.
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So, not to pry, but would this be a happy surprise? Be cause if it were me I'd be curled up in the fetal position praying that it wasn't so.
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Well, we are open to one more babe, but I was thinking along the lines of waiting another six months or so...Im thinking that its more likely that my body is just gearing up. At least thats what ive been telling myself. Im still tandem nursing and it would be preposterous if I got preggers this quick. But it is kind of terrifying. What will be will be, its not as if we planned the other two and things have worked out great smile.gif I will keep you guys updated.
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Babysmurf, sounds exciting to me!!

My SIL had one in May 2012 then one in May 2013 now she's having one in October 2014. With each her GD has gotten significantly worse too greensad.gif and she's not one to listen to the dos and donts of GD. smile.gif
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Yowza, that sounds intense!!!
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I went off Domperidone 3 weeks ago and just ovulated already, so my body is geared up for baby making again. Lol. I'll be 38 next month,not sure if I have the energy for more. Easton is such a rambunctious, energetic 9 month old, I can hardly keep up with him!
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Nice!  I have a birthday next month, too, JNajla!  I will be 36.  We are thinking Holly may be it for us.  In addition to our ages (husband will be 39 this year) Holly is just such an easy baby and so enjoyable we don't want to trump it.  lol  But in a more practical manner, my body is still healing from my stage 4 tear.  I am in physical therapy for my pelvic floor.  I am making gains but I am far from "normal."

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Well I have been getting more sign of A.F. coming rather than a baby growing....but DS told me today I have a baby in my belly...I would have fallen off my chair when he said that but I was already sitting on the floor. I am waiting until this weekend to test...although if I had a test at home I would take one now!!
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Ok, I can hardly wait to hear! I love the excitement around testing. Baby #3 would be quite the surprise, but I love your attitude..."What will be will be, its not as if we planned the other two and things have worked out great" ! Looking forward to hearing the results! 

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I hope you get the news you want soon, BabySmurf. That's pretty cool what your DS said. Those things really make you wonder how much they know.

spotty--That sounds rough. I hope you are healed and feeling more normal soon.

I think I am getting my cycle back and I am not liking it at all. I really enjoyed not having a period. That's not the bad part though. I can only pump half of what I used to so I have to use my frozen stash. And my boobs are killing me. This is kind of like what my old PMS was but having to breastfeed a baby with teeth and sore breasts is scary. I can tell he's hungry. He nurses and nurses and he doesn't swallow the big gulps like he used to. He seems ok, but it's a little sad for me. I just got some calcium-magnesium and I am hoping that helps.
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I don't know about you ladies but I sure do miss being pregnant!  I see pregnant women and I ache a bit inside.....so crazy since I'll be 40 in July and DH is 52.  We have all we can handle with Emily and I can't imagine being pregnant with her as a toddler.  AF returned in January and has been pretty regularly since then....pretty much the same as before.  My milk supply has dropped quite a bit and I'm only nursing 2x each day (morning and bedtime).  My boobs are almost back to pre-pregnancy size (thank goodness)...can't say the same for my waist though :)

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