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How often?

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This may be a little personal but for those who don't mind sharing, how often do you do the deed? Every day, every other day, only when ovulating?

This is my 2nd cycle of ttc. I don't know exactly when I ovulate, so I'm never sure when to dtd.
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I find that my fertile peak is directly connected to my sex drive. For instance, on birth control or non-fertile, I think of sex and crave sex more. Your body knows. Just pay attention to your cues. Do you notice more sexy people on a certain day, or does your mind drift toward the sexy side of thought? That would be a good indication that you are fertile. If you have the strong desire to find your man and pounce, that would clearly be a good time. wink1.gif both pregnancies of mine occurred on nights where I could not settle down for bed, then woke up DH to DTD. Obviously, I can only speak for my own body, but it makes sense biologically. Good luck!
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I agree with mama amie, My libido is much higher in the week I ovulate than normal. So I can tell that it's getting to be that time.


I chart because knowing what is going on with my body makes me slightly less crazy.


With Dh we dtd everyday, sometimes twice...or three times even. But that has more to do with our libido than our ttc.


With my ex-husband when we were ttc ds2 we dtd every other day during my fertile week, and once ever two or three days the whole time before i ovulated...just to be certain.


however the month ds2 was conceived, we only dtd 1 time, 9 days before I ovulated. Technically he shouldn't even exist, but try telling him that! lol

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Thanks for the responses! Looks like it's different for everyone. We are going to have fun (not so planned) up until around when I think I ovulate. Then, it's time to get down to business smile.gif every day during that time will hopefully work!
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Well, right now DS is out of school and DF's schedule is pretty erratic so its not always as often as we'd like. shy.gif  During the week before ovulation, generally every day and sometimes twice in a day.  Non-fertile times, every other day.  Sometimes every third day if DF has to work late a lot.  I try to will myself to wake up at 3am but it doesn't always work. orngtongue.gif

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I have an ovulation app and also take ovulation tests when I feel a little crampy. That let's me know that ovulation is going to occur in the next 24-48 hours. This is our second real month of trying and I'm ovluating for the next few days so we will probably go for twice a day for the next several days. 

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I use opk and i am on clomid so after i take thelast pill i do the deed everyday up to ovulation day.now i am 5 days late and im waiting til friday to test.
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