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Ozone therapy applied to DD (7) at cleaning appt...share your experiences?

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So...DD has some big dental issues related to poor enamel and aggressive plaque buildup. DH took her today for her first dentist appt in almost 5 years (also: anxiety about dentists). We chose someone who was highly recommended by the yahoo alternative kids teeth group and who does ozone therapy. But I specifically talked about it with dH before and we agreed that he would just say no to everything (fluroide, xrays, etc) and just do cleaning + consult and we'd talk about the other recommendations from the Dr and come back for further treatments.

He just told me the dental hygienist applied ozone gas after the cleaning...DD had some coughing right after. I have researched ozone in the past, but not as aggressively as I would have if I had planned on having the give it to DD today. From what I've read there are some detox-y symptoms and I would have liked to have had her on some supplements and stuff beforehand.

I would love to hear about the experiences others have had with this therapy...should I be annoyed that they did it preemptively?
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I don't have any experinence with ozone therapy but I saw your post and wanted to bump it up for input. 


Anyone have any experience or advice to share? 

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I haven't tried it at a dentist's office but I recently bought some o3 oils which have the extra oxygen molecule. I am using it on my skin and teeth. I've only been using them a few days.

So far on my face once of my acne scars has lightened and I haven't noticed any breakouts yet but it usually takes 1-2 weeks before my pores clog (am using jojoba).

On my teeth I have a cavity on the side of a tooth between the teeth. I have an old filling there with some bonding over it and I noticed it's getting thin and there is brown on the side of the tooth. I've been applying coconut o3 with a tooth pick after brushing and the first night it turned from brown to black. I've read a long time ago (but not on something credible) that brown is active decay and black is dead decay. I'm waiting to see if the tooth remineralizes at all but hopefully I at least stopped it from getting worse. I'm using coconut oil o3 on my teeth.

No first hand experience but Mercola and Natural News recently did articles on ozone. There might be some first hand experiences in the comments sections.
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Thought I would post an update. The black hole that was in my tooth has closed up about 60% and the part of my tooth that had been translucent is now pretty solid looking. I switched to using olive oil O3 oil but am using it only at night now.


The only changes I've made have been:

- Added O3 oil

- Added D2/K2 suplement (I already did raw butter, milk, etc.)

- Started morning smoothie made from veggies

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