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Plugged duct/mastitis during pregnancy?

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I'm currently 26 weeks pregnant with my 3rd kid.  Sunday evening both my breasts felt suddenly engorged and tingly.  Kind of like when you milk comes in postpartum.  On the left breast, outer lower side, I felt a tender knot a few hours later.  I assumed a plugged duct.  It felt like a plugged duct and I had that urge to nurse and release the pressure.  I haven't nursed anyone in about 2 years.  It was pretty painful and at the time I didn't do anything to help it out.  Monday morning I woke up in serious pain and called my OB.  She said to treat as plugged duct and to see her the next morning (for the appt I already had scheduled).  The pain subsided as the day went and I worked on the lump with warm compress and massage.  Monday night I started getting a red, warm to touch spot.  


Today when the OB saw me she didn't quite know what to make of my breast.  The lump was firm, big and ran the direction/length of duct.  The area was red.  Of course, that didn't put me at ease as I have over Googled at that point.  She gave my a rx for antibiotic and sent me for a breast US to look at the lump.  I won't get a full report until tomorrow but the sonographer stated the radiologist said that they were looking for something fluid filled and only saw the ducts.  That I should take my antibiotics.  When I got home I continued warm compresses and massages.  Now when I massage the lump colostrum pours out of my nipple.  Not just drips but like a slow leaking faucet.  If I attempt to express out of any other area or the other breast, I can barely get a pen tip size drop.  The lump will get smaller in size after massage but typically swells back up pretty quickly.  It is still tender to touch, especially after massage, but I don't have the intermittent stabbing pain I had before.


*sigh*  Sorry this is long.  I expected to walk into my OB's office and her to say it was mastitis or plugged duct and that she sees them all the time.  Instead she was honest and said she sees it but not in pregnant women without some sign of trauma.  I'm worried and scared and sitting waiting 3 or 4 days to see if the abx helps or it self resolves doesn't really lifting my spirits.  


I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of having plugged ducts or mastitis during pregnancy.  At this point, I've diagnosed myself with all severe/rare forms of breast cancer.  mecry.gif

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Oh I'm so sorry. This sounds so scary for you. I'm sorry that I don't have any BTDT advice but I will say that if I were you I would stop googling. I know it is so tempting and of course you want answers, but there is so much crazy information out there and not a lot of it is reliable or at least not specifically for your case.

It seems logical to me that it would be some kind of duct infection rather than anything cancerous. Especially during pregnancy. I think you should concentrate on those antibiotics helping a lot. Healing vibes to you>>>>>>>
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