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Amelia or Emilia? . . . .

Poll Results: Which name do you prefer?

Poll expired: Jul 1, 2013  
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Hey everyone! I feel like I have posted too much already on the names thread, and I just want a quick opinion on two (three?) of my girl names. Sorry for being so name obsessed and obnoxious!


  • My first question is do you prefer the name Amelia, or Emilia? Technically they are two totally different names, but pronounced pretty close to the same I think.


The only differences to me are that Amelia could be called Amy or Mia, and Emilia might be called Em or Emmy. Also I think Emilia looks/feels prettier, but has the downside of perhaps being misspelled a lot? I know that Amelia is fairly popular, but I'm not too worried about that, and personally don't know anyone using it.


  • And then, I love the name Athalia, but it is so uncommon that I can't learn much about it. And it almost feels too elegant to use, if that makes sense. The only good nickname I can think of is Thia (thee-uh). Opinions?
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My faves in order:

1. Athalia

2. Amelia

3. Emelia

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I like Amelia.

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I prefer Amelia, too.
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Amelia is very pretty!

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Personally, I like Athalia, but I tend to prefer more unusual names. Lia would be a pretty nickname for it.  And I prefer the spelling Emilia - it just looks prettier to me.

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I voted Amelia, mostly because I couldn't figure out how you would want Emelia pronounced, so I figured that might be a problem for other people as well.  

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I liked Emelia (or Emilia?) because Amelia always makes me think of the Amelia Bedelia books! And it looks like Emily, which I prefer to Amy. What are your language/ethnic roots? Would one be more appropriate than the other? 

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Amelia reminds me "My Only May Amelia" the book, which I loved as a girl.  And Amelia Earhart.  I didn't even think of Amelia Bedelia!

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My first thought was Amelia Pond on Doctor Who. Tell me I wasn't the only one thinking that. :-P
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lol, Michelle! Me too! BUT she was awesome and my kids are pretty much all named after sci fi characters, so I approve of that regardless. :)

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Thanks everyone. You have been helpful. :) I first thought of Amelia Bedelia, haha! I loved her when I was a kid. My husband likes Amelia Earheart, so he approves very much of this name, though he doesn't care how we spell it. 

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