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treat staph naturally?

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Does anyone know how to treat staph naturally?
Ds is currently taking vit c, colloidal silver, and garlic orally. As well as a home made salve I concocted which includes raw honey, probiotics, breast milk, and TTO. It looks a little better, but I'm worried.
Has anyone ever dealt with this? Suggestions?
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Are you sure it is staph?  Do you have a picture or can you describe location, size of wound, texture, color, etc?


Age & weight of child weight of your son?  Does he have any allergies or auto-immune conditions?


Staph could be something little and straight forward to treat, or it can be a very serious situation.  I can offer some herbal education, but it would be great if you have access to an herbalist or holistic practitioner who can see your son in person and give specific advice based on your child's specific constitution and needs . . . or refer you to a holistic MD if there is need to.


I really don't mean to be alarming, just have to be realistic so anything else I write does not give the impression that you don't have to be vigilant.  (seems like you are very vigilant)


If my child were dealing with any sort of infection like that I would have them be taking high doses of echinacea (form and dose specific to the child).  It is specific for infection with inflammation.  Of course, this is for a normal healthy child who does not have auto-immune issues.


That's a start at least.  Let us know more details.


: )

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I buckled and took him to the Dr. it is staph and he's on abx :-( I think when he's done with them I'm going to put him on a cleanse. He's my only child whose UTD on vaxes and whose ever had abx, and he seems so susceptible to everything (what a shocker).

Thank you PP for your suggestions, I do appreciate it.
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Originally Posted by 3LilChunklins View Post

I buckled and took him to the Dr. it is staph and he's on abx :-( I think when he's done with them I'm going to put him on a cleanse. He's my only child whose UTD on vaxes and whose ever had abx, and he seems so susceptible to everything (what a shocker).

Thank you PP for your suggestions, I do appreciate it.

You almost certainly need to address his microbiota, if he has been on antibiotics several times, then his mircobiome likely less than optimal. One dose of antibiotics can screw things up for years. Microbes assist the body not just to digest food but to strengthen the immune system and respond to injuries. This is why taking antibiotics can increase the risk of MRSA, so by taking antibiotics for this staph infection, you are really compounding the problem unfortunately.

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Hugs to you Momma.  I hope you can come to some feeling of empowerment:  "I made the right choice and know how to support my ds during and after abx."  Sometimes it is the best choice and I am so grateful we have them around.


In the mean time, if your ds is young enough and is still breastfeeding, that will be a good thing to continue so his gut ecology has some support.  I would NOT do any sort of "cleanse" after antibiotics.  I know "cleansing" is pushed by product manufacturers and health food store employees, but he is not dirty or unclean.  He will need to be nourished and built up again after having his gut bacteria wiped out, so the yeasts don't take over.  Our bodies will naturally "detoxify" or  "cleanse" as long as they are supported and well-nourished.


Soothing teas and foods, like slippery elm in tea or gruel form, well-cooked oatmeal, fish oil or flax oil, avocado.  Rice congee.  Bone broth.  Keep foods easy to digest and well-cooked for 2 or 3 weeks.

Probiotic foods: yogurt, kefir, water kefir, traditionally fermented pickles or veggies.  Jarrow is a widely-available and affordable brand of probiotics that are good quality.

Continue the topical salve you made.  Such a yummy combination - I love it.  Maybe substitute lavender eo for the tto, since you need soothing and repair, not antibacterial so much any more.

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You could use bentonite clay on the wound also.

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We've been dealing with a staph nightmare for 5 months now- it's so frustrating and scary (and painful.) I had multiple boils for awhile- was put on two rounds of abx- both of which worked for 2 weeks and then the boils came back. I now just get little painful pimples- if I'm not careful, they would turn into boils but I keep tea tree oil on them at the very first sign. Dh had one "abscess" that ended up needing to be drained and packed, and now DS (3) has one on his leg that's been drained/packed. It's such a painful process and broke my heart to watch DS go through it. His dr didn't recommend abx at this point because the infection was localized and not systemic- and I'm more than fine not giving DS unnecessary abx- but I want this nightmare to end! I use TTO on all little pimples, I wash all of our sheets and towels and clothes (seperately) in hot water and dry on hot every day. I make sure we eat lots of probiotic foods (kefir, kombucha, kimchi) although I may add a probiotic supplement. We wash hands frequently and I've started disinfecting things like a mad woman.

Any other ideas? Sorry to high jack this thread OP- I'll keep my fingers crossed that your little one clears up quickly and doesn't have a recurrent infection.
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I know of another family who had a similar situation that finally resolved when they also treated their cat.  If you have pets it might be that they are carriers and passing it back to you.

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OrmEmbar- do you know how that family treated their cat? We do have a cat- he spends 90% of his time outside but does come in to eat and nap once in awhile. But he doesn't seem to have any sores... I feel like our environment is probably so contaminated at this point- it's overwhelming and scary. I'm doing everything I can to clean and disinfect, but DS has a million tiny toys! Not the mention the rugs in our house- not sure how to clean them, and we spend a lot of time playing on the floor with DS.
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They treated the cat with antibiotics from the vet.  They were all on antibiotics.  


Have you had your whole family treated at the same time?  That way you are less likely to keep passing it back and forth.  Also have you strain of staph cultured and tested for abx resistance.


If it were me, I would be taking high doses of Echinacea angustifolia, with ginger to warm it and possibly some licorice root. (contraindicated if you have an auto-immune condition) You can take in tea, tincture, powder and put in capsules.  Talk with a local herbalist to get dose appropriate for each of your family members.  This dose will be different than what is on most commercial products.  PM me if you need help finding one.  You can order your own herbs by the pound thru Pacific Botanicals or Starwest Botanicals.


Re-establishing good balance in your gut ecology is important too.  Oh, and lots of vitD3.


Again, I'm not a Doctor, just passing along some things I would do for my family in that situation.


Good luck!

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