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marginal cord insertion

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Hello everyone!


I am planning a homebirth (third homebirth, fourth birth), and I'm due in August. The ultrasound I had shopwed a mariginal cord insertion. My midwife is not concerned, and I don't feel too concerned either, same with DH. The doctor suggested monitering the baby through ultrasounds to make sure he/she is growing properly.  I canceled the last appointment, and it felt like the right thing to do. Now, my question is, with a marginal cord insertion, if baby is in the breech position, will that add more risk to the baby and the cord breaking? I am 30 weeks now, I dont' know baby's positioning yet. I have not had a breech birth with any of mine, and know thats within the realm of normal, but with a marginal cord insertion, I just dont' know what the risks are. I just want to be prepared on what to expect. Thank you!


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Well, prefacing all of this by saying that I am just a fellow HB mama who doesn't even know what a partial cord insertian is... 


My personal perspective for HB is that I'm weary of "risk factors" piling up. So, while I may be ok with one or perhaps two that were really unrelated, I think I'd start to look to the benefits of hospital birth if I had a cord issue that possibly complicated by a breech birth (if I were considering breech in the first place).  


If I had a mild risk factor that I really worried about combining with a breech birth, I would be focusing on optimal fetal positioning. Have you heard of the website called "Spinning Babies".  I used their tips throughout my pregnancy because I believed my first was mal-positioned, resulting in a transfer.  


I really feel like they helped and they have the added benefit of being good, fun exercise!  


Sorry I couldn't be more help and I'm sorry if you're first response is from someone who may have a more conservative take in risk than you were hoping to hear.  I really do feel like it's a personal choice and what I am sharing is just my own personal tolerance. 


Here's hoping your baby is facing downwards and in an ideal position!  

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Ok, this may not be what you want to hear either, but I'd be getting the ultrasounds, especially if I were planning a home birth.  To find out position, to make more certain of the particulars of the cord, etc.  To make sure the growth is ok.   Babies don't have a lot of blood and they cannot afford to lose what little they do have.  If something tragic happens, it can happen very quickly.  Midwives are awesome, but I, personally, would want to talk to an OB about what they think of the cord, etc, what they think of the risk, and so forth.  Then you can make an informed decision about what to do.  Midwives specialize in normal birth.  You want to get your info from someone who knows about complications.  Abnormal cord insertions are one of those situations where conventional medicine is a truly great thing to have.  

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Thank you! I may considered to go later in pregnancy. As far as i have heard is that the obky treatment is delivering baby. I see more risk in that at 30 weeks. Plus baby is growing and active etc. Right now.

I have done and heard about spinning babies..next appointment i will ask my midwife what position baby is in and go from there. Thanks again!
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I don't know about breech, but one of the concerns with marginal cord insertion is that there may be velamentous vessels--that is, blood vessels that are on the membranes. If those vessels are by the cerical os you have vasa previa, and those vessels will rupture during a vaginal birth. Ultrasounds are really important in this situation to make sure you  don't have vasa previa.

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Sure, they are highly unlikely to want to deliver your baby at 30 weeks for any reason.  Well, I hope that all goes well for you!

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