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your experiences ECing a newborn

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With my first 2, I started part-time ECing around 7 mos -- when they were strong sitters.  We were never diaper free, but we did get quite a few catches.  Overall a positive experience. 


I find the idea of ECing a baby who can't hold up their head a bit overwhelming.  At the same time, they're usually pretty obvious about going, so it seems like an easy time to catch rather than leave it in a diaper.  Because of catching so many poops with babies, I find it very weird to see parents of toddlers watch them go in their diaper, knowing exactly what's happening and waiting for them to be done.  But that's the same thing I've been doing with a newborn. 


I'd like to hear your experiences about ECing a tiny one.

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We started at birth with all of ours. I think the frequent pees are just a lot of chances to keep them comfortable but the misses are no big deal. Around 3 months they are huge communicators but their bladder size makes pottying less often. I think it's one of my favorite ages for EC.

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I started ECing my daughter at about 3 months of age. She took to it right away and i could tell she definitely preferred pooping in there. Pees were harder to catch but over time that became routine, too. I used this potty: http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B002Q0YA30/ref=pd_aw_sim_ba_10?pi=SS115

Its perfect for ECing babies because its smaller, compact, and easy to carry around with you. I'm sure it would work for tiny newborns, too. I would hold the newborn under their armpits and then use my fingers to cradle their head so it doesnt flop around.
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ECing a squirmy/floppy newborn can be intimidating if you think about it, but I didn't have any trouble when it actually came to the doing of it.  Newborn pees are so small and frequent that I just kept a stack of prefold diapers nearby in those first couple of weeks and would lay one in my lap to catch a pee or poop.  I would hold baby with her facing away from me.  Hands holding her thighs and forearms/upper arms supporting her body and head.  Sometimes I would just keep her in a cradle hold and tuck a diaper under her and between her thighs.  (that's probably what I would do for a boy, since their pee can take unpredictable directions at times even if you are trying to direct it)


When she got a little older (2 months?) we used the baby bjorn potty (like in the pp's link) or the bathroom sink.  Actually I miss the fact that my bathroom sink got cleaned several times a day because of those early EC days.  At night I would sit on the toilet and use my thighs to make the opening small enough for dd to use.  I was so sleep deprived that I feared dropping her if I tried to put her on the little potty or hold her over the sink.


Other times I just had her in a diaper and responded to her signals by holding her in a squatting position and using our sound queue.  This did mean there was a diaper to change, but I didn't have to do all the juggling (especially in public) and dd knew that I "heard" her communication and was responding.


Have fun!  It's such a profound adventure and a sweet way to get to know your little one.  Especially Dads/Partners who don't get to nurse.

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yeahthat.gif , what OrmEmbar said is pretty much how we did it.  We did have a boy though and after some experimentation figured out his usual trajectory and ways to hold him that would guide the pee into a pot/sink/open prefold.  I really liked holding under his thighs with him laying back on my forearms.  That always felt most secure when he was still really floppy! 


And I agree, it is hard to watch toddlers use a diaper.  I was ECing DS while nannying a 3yo who was still in diapers (that was a big part of why I chose to EC, actually). 

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We started right at birth too. My husband and I purchased the same potty PrimodialMind mentioned in their post above, the BabyBjorn Smart Potty. We alternate with the potty or sink...whichever is most convienant. We also have some nice organic cotton cloth diapers for backup and we're currently using the EC Simplified guide book. My sister recommended it to me. She used both their guidebook and audiobook and now her two boys are graduates of EC. My babe is 6 months now and she's getting the hang of things. I would recommend the book to any families out there that are looking for some simple and clear guidance. Here's their website:


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I started at birth by observing and cueing along with my son, and then began pottying him at 2 weeks old, going for just the poops and every other pee (or less)…they pee all the time! I found that it was wonderful. Many of my readers have success with a tiny, but I also have tons of folks who start at a later age. Some tribes don't start their version of EC til 6 months (crawling). Some start at birth. I'd say give it a whirl and if you like it, keep it up! It's hard NOT to when you know what's going on - I know what ya mean. :)
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I just wanted to thank you for starting this thread! I'm expecting my first in September and really interested in EC. Lots of people have tried to discourage me from starting at the beginning, but I had trouble understanding why I should wait. It seems like any amount of EC is a positive experience, so it's great to hear some tips from those who have done it (and lived to tell)! 

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