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What are u doing for pain/swelling postpartum and afterpains?

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I tried Wishgarden tincture for afterpains last time, as well as that CALM drink, and they didnt even phase my afterpains at all!  I ended up taking Aleve on the 3rd night so I could sleep and it helped so much but I hated that i took a drug!  So I'm wondering about alternatives.  Those were the only 2 I knew of and they didnt help in the least :(   I found this recipe today http://foodbabe.com/2013/01/29/turmeric-cooler-an-anti-inflammatory-juice/ and was very impressed.  I would add ginger for it's anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties too!  But I have no idea if this would help.  It may help with pain due to the birth, but I really need something for my afterpains, they are BAD.

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I've read that magnesium or magnesium-calcium is great for after pains, but I'm still trying to work out whether it's safe to use if I've had a shot of Syntocinon/Syntometrine to stop bleeding from the birth (I've needed this with my first two natural water births). Magnesium is a muscle relaxant, and Syntometrine is the opposite, so....
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Im not to the after pains yet...hopefully only a few more days:) my mw has had me on country life cal/mag the whole pg and theyve been a God send for leg cramps(and i take 10 caps a day) plus she will have me take them afterwards. Also high dose vita c for quicker healing and homeo arnica for during labor and after for bruising and swelling. I slipped the other day and aggravated my spd and my pt wouldnt see me this late in the game so i took some arnica( btw ive never taken homeo before and didnt know what to expect) but within15 min the pain had significantly subsided. Good luck and God bless. Those are just my plans:)
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Cool thanks!  EA77, the CALM drink I was talking about is a calcium/magnesium drink lol and it did nothing for me last time :(  My midwife recommends drinking a cup a day (while pregnant) of red raspberry leaf+ alfalfa or nettles tea to prevent hemmorage after birth.  You might try doing that and maybe u wouldnt need the shot!  Cant hurt right :)

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Thanks! I'll ask my midwives and a naruropath. smile.gif If I can manage not to tear and not to bleed heavily this time, I'll be stoked!
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There is hope it just wont be bad this time. I have had 5 babies, and it was different after each of them. The third was by far the worst. So, prepare, but you might be pleasantly surprised. smile.gif
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I did a bit more reading online and just bought my lose leaf RRL, nettles, and alfalfa tea. It's on it's way to me right now! Thanks again for the hot tip. smile.gif
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Your welcome EA77, I should point out that the mixture that was recommended to me was RRL + Alfalda OR Nettle's, not both in the same cup.  But you could alternate days or weeks like I do.  Sometime's I throw in alfalfa, other days its nettles :D   Getting lots of animal based vitamin K would be good too in the form of grass fed/finished organically raised meats :)  And leafy greens for plant based.

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Do you know the reason for not taking them together, by chance? I was going based on this recommendation: http://gentlebirths.net/17/herbal-pregnancy-blend/
I wasn't able to find oatstraw, so that's why I just got the other 3.
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This is a link to a book but you can see the list of homeopathics for after birth pains. Hit the arrow at the top to see the next page.
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I dont think it would hurt to take alfalfa and nettles together,  I think it's probably just not necessary since they both serve the same purpose :)

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Some pregnancy teas have nettles and alfalfa mixed together with other herbs.
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I've done a little more looking around and have also seen the two in combination in several pregnancy teas, so it must be all good. Thanks, guys!
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Afterpains, yes, that sucked.  Ibuprofen worked well, but for some reason made me sick, so I had to take acetaminophen which didn't work as well.  Lasted about three days.


Swelling/other issues:  peri bottle was my best friend for awhile.  Used a lot of tucks pads as I recall.  Dermaplast is nice for about the first week or so.  Sitz baths were heavenly.  


Took a long time for the above to go away completely, didn't feel quite right for about a month or so.   

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