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Cloth for 5yo?

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We have recently started fostering a 5yo boy who is not potty trained.  I never used disposables for my own son, but have been for the last week because nothing we have can contain a big boy pee, especially overnight.  Anyone have any suggestions?

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We have so many mamas with excellent cloth experience I'm sure someone has a solution for you.


Anyone have suggestions?

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Still mostly in disposables- he is now peeing on the toilet whenever we ask but is opposed to pooping there - and big boy poop is SO voluminous! And, er, gross. So we are still using the evil disposables but using fewer at least. Anyone have suggestions for helping a bigger boy relax and poo on the toilet?
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Have you tried a squatty potty? Makes elimination easier and you're in a natural squat position that children use until potty training and it's a nice place to put your feet so they don't dangle. They have a great video on their web site. I love my Squatty Potty!
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Our oldest didn't poo in the potty until he was well over 4. All we could do was wait. One day he just did it!

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The judge sent them back home on Tuesday, so it is out of our hands now.  The Mom did tell me she had been trying with him since age 15 mos, so maybe that was part of the problem, that he was so entrenched in his refusal.

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