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We live on an acre wooded lot with a retention pond in the back, and the mosquitoes are absolutely horrible. Any natural methods you'd recommend?

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Plant herbs and plants that repel insect. There are several, I don't know offhand, but agastache and citronella are two of them. You can plant them near to your outdoor living area.


Do everything you can to attract as many different birds and dragonflies as you can.


At the beginning you can feed seed to really attract them, but then I recommend that you phase that out because it's like "fast food" for birds - they should be eating mostly bugs with some seeds as a supplement. You can put up bird houses and also plant berry bushes like winterberry holly. I've found that keeping air circulation good around the house helps, so I have no plants against the house and have cleared a wide margin around the patio. Fans on the patio or porch can help as well.


There are some times of day that avoiding mosquitoes is impossible, so you may have to stay indoors during those hours.


If you can manage it, installing a fountain or water circulation system in the pond should help tremendously. It will discourage mosquitoes and improve the water quality for amphibians and fish that eat bugs.


Another tip is to not use any scented body care products, use natural products that are strongly herbal.


Hope this helps.

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Buy mosquito dunks (they sell them on Amazon and at most farm supply stores.  Our Wal-Mart also has them).


They are safe for animals & birds that drink the pond water.  They disrupt the digestive system of mosquito larvae, and they die.


We have them in each of our water features and have no problems with skeeters!


Citronella candles help, too.

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Bat condos! Google for more info
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Creeping thyme and lemon grass.

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