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shedding mucus plug?

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When I got home from work today I noticed more vaginal discharge than usual. I started monitoring it and over the course of 30 minutes or so I found about 1/2 tablespoon or so of very slightly dark (I guess faintly blood tinged) mucus. Is this the beginning of the mucus plug? (I can't imagine what else it would be.) I feel fine, just tired, and noticing faint tightening in my stomach which is probably BH. I am 34 weeks 5 days or so. I can call my midwife anytime to ask about this but am holding off to see what else happens. The mucus shedding seems to have dried up for now. 

Anyone else experience anything like this, this early? Any cause for concern?  

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Lost mine today...my EDD is 20 July. So excited, even though it will likely be several more weeks!
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I would definitely call your midwife! It may still be a while before it leads to labor, but I know mine, my doctor, and the childbirth educator all made a big deal about reporting any signs of early labor ASAP so they can be ready.
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thanks, cynthiamoon! I had an uneventful weekend in terms of this, so I never called my midwife about it. But I'm going to see her later this week and will tell her then. thanks for the advice - I know you're 100% right that I should alert her to stuff like this when it happens! :) 

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