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Chronic itch during third trimester and beyond.

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I was diagnosed with PUPPS during my third trimester. I figured that the unbearable itch and rashes would disappear after my son was delivered. It has been 6 years since I gave birth and I continue to have the itch and rashes. The area that my rashes always reappear are on my tummy, buttocks, upper thighs, and especially where I have stretch marks from pregnancy. Since last year for the first time the rash has now appear on both of my ankles and on my back where the bra straps are.


I have been battling this condition with just about anything that I can imagine. I've been to a Dermatologist. They told me I have Atopic Dermatitis and there is no cure for that. They gave me Clobetasol Propionate (steroid base cream) to use for the outbreak. At the beginning it seemed to really help and didn't take long after I use the cream to get rid of the rash. After a couple of years, it didn't seem to help much any more. I also use Eletone (non_steroid cream) to help offset the the steroid cream. I take antihistamine every night as well to help relieve the itch. At this point I am not sure if Atopic Dermatitis is what I am cursed with headscratch.gif.


I have been to an Allergist and had skin biopsy and skin test done. I am not allergic to anything as far as they can test me. I had blood work done and nothing was abnormal accept my Vitamin D was on the low side. Since then I've been trying to up my intake on Vitamin D, but the itch is still here and doesn't seem like it's going to get better any time soon shake.gif. Has anyone every had this or know someone that did? I really need some help please mecry.gif. 

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Sorry you are dealing with this - it sounds miserable! I have no experience with this so sorry I can't offer much for advice. I do have experience with allergies and can tell you that allergy testing is OFTEN inaccurate. Have you tried cutting out any foods? Gluten and dairy are generally your first suspects because they are the most common. Make sure to cut them out 100% for at least a few weeks. That's where I would start...good luck!
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Thank you so much dandilion44 for your respond. I have not tried cutting out any foods. It is so difficult to imagine having to cut certain foods out when all my life I have never been allergic to anything before these terrible rashes. I will absolutely keep that on the list of my next strategy in battling with this condition. I see that your name is dandilion. I was told to also try using the supplement dandelion roots to help cleanse the liver. Do you know much about this? Thanks for your time smile.gif.

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I would also suggest cutting out gluten and dairy for a few weeks and seeing what happens. If nothing changes, then at least you can rule them out! Six years is a long time to have a miserable rash like that. Be really vigilant for those couple weeks, and if it goes away, you can try adding things back in slowly to see what your body can tolerate (for example, some people can tolerate butter cooked into things, while others can't).
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