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Tetanus help...do it or don't?

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So, my son got a shell stuck in his foot. We couldn't get it out, and neither could his doctor.  The area did get infected, and increasingly so, within the first 24 hours it was in there.  We did give ds a few doses of antibiotics (SO HARD...first time ANY of my kids have EVER had them), and I used a strong Epsom salt soak. I also kept it wrapped with prid salve.  The next morning, I thought I maybe could see just the tip of whatever it was, and the infection was gone.  We went to a podiatrist, who was able to get it out with lidocaine.  It was about 2-3 mm deep.  It was in his foot from Monday evening to Wednesday morning.  It was red and spreading for about 15 hours. 


Is this a tetanus risk? 


His doctor didn't say anything about it until I asked, and then said yes, he would need a tetanus shot.  I said, "I understand there are two he would need?"  and the doctor agreed.  Keep in mind this is a guy with 6 kids who selectively vaccinates them...he's not a typical vax pushy doc.  Anyway, he also said that the surgeon would take care of it.  But, the podiatrist didn't, and didn't even ask. 


So, I called the doctor back who said yes, he did need the tetanus vax.  I asked about the TiG, but didn't really get an answer.  I asked three times, and only got back, over and over, "Yes, he needs the tetanus vax."  I could get just tetanus at the health dept. 


But, no one is really answering my question, which is, "Is this REALLY a RIGHT NOW tetanus risk?"  Do I need to track down the TiG, or not? 



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I really don't know what to say to you, other than I would not be in the least concerned about tetanus. I do not beleive that your son is going to come down with tetanus, so no, there is no need to go searching for TIG. There are two threads on the first page of this forum on tetanus, so tetanus is obviously a major concern for non-vaxers, yet is so rare, that the statisical likeyhood of it occuring in a healthy young child is virtually nil.


Maybe this forum could use a sticky on tetanus, for quick easy reference for questions like yours. Of course at the end of the day, it is all about your personal confort level with the information you have. I am completely comfortable with not ever vaccinating for tetanus.


From an article I am continually posting, every time a question like yours get posted:




What is the real cause of tetanus? How may it be prevented, and how may a patient recover once tetanus has developed? The real cause of tetanus is not a germ, but dirt and filth.


Why you never need a tetanus vaccine, regardless of your age or location

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Since this thread is in the "I'm not vaccinating" area rather than the debate area, we are not allowed to encourage you to vaccinate. If you want a serious pro/con conversation, You have to move the thread.
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Thanks, Mirzam.  I actually read through those links, and I've found that article multiple times in in multiple places.  None of my children are vaxed, and ds is 6.  I am not interested in the tetanus vax, just was uncertain because of the rapid onset of the infection, as to whether or not what we had done counted as "good wound management".  I know it would be the TiG, but I couldn't get a straight answer from the doc, and was trying to decide if I needed to push for it.


And, marsupialmom...I came here because I thought that these were the folks who would be on the same fence as me, willing to accept the TiG, but probably not the vax.  I didn't want a huge debate about it.  Just advice from people who have walked the same road.  So hard to figure out the rules around here...


Anyway, thanks. I'll go with what dh said and just let it go. :)

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