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Ligament Pain, i guess. Argh!

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To be fair, I totally overdid it yesterday. Went for an extra long walk in the morning, did a little running (chasing 3 year old), mowed the lawn, worked in the garden for a couple hours, cleaned part of the house, then made dinner.  It doesn't sound like very much but all through the day I kept getting this sharp ligament pain in my lower left abdomen. I would sit for a minute, it would go away and I would get back to whatever chore I was in the middle of.  By the end of the day it was happening like very half hour. Then when I was making dinner it hit me so hard that I ended up having to sit on the floor in front of the fridge for like 30 minutes before I could get up again.  I kind of scared my husband even though I kept saying "this is normal, don't worry" I think the fact that I had tears in my eyes made him doubt my confidence.


Anyway, I took it easy for the rest of the night. Today, I went out to the garden to do a bit of weeding and it started immediately.  I guess it is my body reminding me to slow down but it is so annoying.


Anyone else?

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I haven't had anything that bad, but yesterday when I pulled both kids plus a bunch of their junk in the wagon to the park, I definitely experienced some, but nothing strong enough to stop me from toting them to the park.

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I have had that for sure. Between ligament pain and my regular painful Braxton Hicks, sometimes I get scared.
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I've had some pretty sharp pains in that area too. Today it's been more, but my whole body is kind of hurting from packing ydd around at the zoo yesterday.
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Mostly I like being pregnant but sometimes I just feel like it is a barrage of ailments.  So after anther couple long days of being constantly on my feet I've entered a new phase of uncomfortable.  Pelvic pain! Last night I could barely walk.  It felt like someone had kicked me in my pubic bone repeatedly.  I was totally hobbling around the house like an old lady.   It is still sore this morning but definitely better. I'm still planning to take it kind of easy today if DS allows it.

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I'm embarrassed by how slothful I am compared to you Ciga. I try to do the exercises from my chiro every day, but that's pretty much it. I work an office job, so I sit all day. Even so I've had off and on, sometimes pretty intense back pain. I feel like such a waste of space these days.

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slammerkin,  I'm really not that good.  I have back issues too and though I have been good at not doing heavy lifting (i.e.  I won't pick up DS anymore unless it is an emergency) I have been terrible about actual exercises that might help my entire body discomfort situation.  I need to start doing yoga again but I'm just totally unmotivated to do it.  I always end up going and working outside instead which obviously isn't doing my pregnant achy body any favors.  I need to learn to sit down and be calm more its just hard with a super active three year old egging me on.

I know what you mean, too. The past week has left me feeling like such an invalid like I can't even get basic chores done for my family without having some kind of body drama and I'm only 23 weeks!

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Ugh, yeah, I killed my back just unloading the dishwasher last week - was in major pain for a day or two afterward. Seriously lame.

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I was just coming on here to ask about ligament pain. I have it today I think. I was exercising and it really kicked in. It scared me a little so I stopped. It is kind of a sharp pain in my lower right abdomen. Does that sound right?
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dalia That sounds like ligament pain to me. Mine usually tend to be on the left side but I've had it on the right too

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Thanks you, ciga!
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