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Cash for Homes

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Has anyone here, or do you know of anyone who has made out well with one of those cash home buyers?  My house has been on the market for quite a while and I'm really getting fed up with waiting for a buyer.  I know that they offer much less than your asking price, but does anyone have experience with them?

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Many years ago I interviewed one as a buyer for my house.  Of course they do their own research and can figure out how much you owe on the property and they will offer close to if not exactly what you owe *unless you are underwater then they will offer less.


For example, you owe 150k, the house is worth 200k, they are going to offer 150k, make a few repairs and sell it for that 200k keeping the 50k profit.  They are 'flippers' and there is still a market for houses with a fresh coat of paint, new appliances and new floor.  Ya know?


Better to wait for YOUR buyer if you can.

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