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So, I'm shopping for a new baby carrier. In the past, I have used a mei tai and a ring sling. I liked both, but preferred the mei tai, so last year I gave my ring sling to a friend who was expecting. Now DH tells me that he only liked the ring sling, so he wants me to buy another one for him to use! So, I went window shopping on Etsy, and wow, I found a bunch of stuff I want to buy! wink1.gif

Obviously I have to buy a ring sling for DH. But I also found a wrap-style carrier that is meant to be used in the water. "Pool or shower," it says. So I contacted the seller, and she says it's great for bathing the baby in the shower! Which is awesome, because I HATE baby bathtubs so much that DH always has to get on me about bathing the baby, and I always feel like I'm going to drop them in the shower. This sounds like a perfect solution, plus it will be great for the pool next summer! But looking at the wrap, it looks so cozy, like a perfect cross between the ring sling and the mei tai, so now I want a regular one for carrying the baby around! wink1.gif I guess I'll wait and see how much I like the shower one, and if it's as great as I think, buy a regular one. AND, I found a great suggestion to wear a wrap/poncho instead of a coat when babywearing, which I never thought of before (since my last baby was born in July). So now I want one of those! wink1.gif

i'm really excited about babywearing this time around. With past babies, I always loved when I did wear them, but I didn't do it as much as I wanted. I just never thought about it, or I'd be out and not have the sling with me. (And, honestly, I didn't find it very convenient around the house.) This time I'm planning to get a convertible car seat instead of the infant seat, because I HATED carrying those things around, and use the sling every time I leave the house.
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Yeah I didnt use a sling as much as i thought I would...maybe having a nine lb squirmy baby was not what i was envisioning haha. This time I really do want to do it - the key is doing it enough that it gets easy to get them in and out, I think. Amybody have babywearing success last and want to share advice smile.gif?
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I definitely think the key is getting into the habit, and getting used to it. Previously, I would only use my slings if I was going on a "big" trip, like the zoo. I was always so glad I had it when I did, and my babies all liked it. But I always forgot it for things like walking to the park, or going to the grocery store, and every day things like that. I think, once I decide which carrier I like the best, I'm going to stick my least favorite in the car so that I always have it just in case, KWIM? (And one of the advantages of the water wrap is that it's supposed to fold up small to put in the diaper bag.) I just know that once I get in the habit, I will be so glad not to be lugging around a heavy baby car seat, or having to carry the baby through the grocery store and try to push the cart with one hand, etc. Especially being able to nurse hands-free while walking around a store, which I did do a few times with my youngest.
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Nurse hands free in a store?! Thats some mama talent! I know, I totally hate the baby carseat lugging, and mostly just carried the baby around, unless she was sleeping. But she hated the stroller, the carseat, and every sling but the babybjorn, once she was big enough (which was pretty quick, she was massive lol). This time I'm really going to try to make it work, though- I'm going to need two hands! Plus, I'm kind hoping (unfounded, more experienced moms?) that more babywearing and skin to skin-ing during the day might equal a more independent sleeper at night. I also really want to try to use a co-sleeper this time, as last time she just always ended up in bed with me, but it never felt safe (covers, etc.)  :(

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Ah, my friend (the one I gave my ring sling) just offered to send it back because she's not using it anymore. I'm sad she's not using it, but it never hurts to have another around, right? And, I was kind of pleased that DH made a little disappointed noise when I told him -- he was looking forward to buying a new one. wink1.gif So we will anyway!

Nursing hands free wasn't too hard. I just adjusted the baby so he was right at the breast, and pulled my shirt open. He did the rest. smile.gif
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I have a ring sling, a brand new Boba and an Ergo.

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I had a ring sling which never worked for us, a cotton pouch which I love for newborns and squirmy up-down toddlers in stores, a maya wrap, which will be great for those cold winter months, and a beco which I got w/ DD2, and which is our go-to carrier. I've never been able to successfully nurse in a carrier. I'd rather just sit down, nurse, and get on with it. That's just me, though! I have small breasts, and it always feels like baby has to at my belly to be latched, and then I can't tighten the straps enough to let go of them, so I end up holding them in position while they nurse eyesroll.gif
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I have a homemade ring sling I barely used last time, a sleep wrap (like a moby), two basic mei teis, and an Ergo that has seen better days. I'm thinking about getting a Boba air if I can find a deal on it. We use carriers the most at places like disney or long shopping trips and we're in Florida, so being cool and compact would be really nice. I do love my Ergo though, it's just been washed improperly too many times.

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I loved my Maya wrap ring sling, and I just remembered who I loaned it to and she's bringing it back!!  


My little babies loved the Moby wrap when they were little, especially for sleeping, and it was super comfy but so cumbersome to put on!  I was looking at the Baby K'tan, which is similar but not so much fabric.  Maybe not so much support either?  I wonder if they get stretched out?  Anyone use one before?


And of course, an Ergo.

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With DD I bought a ring sling, a mei tai, and an ergo (with an infant insert). We ended up using the ergo exclusively for the first six months (no car and no stroller). My problem with the mei tai (which looked very cute) and the ring sling is that no matter how much I tightened them they would loosen up after a while. These were good quality carriers by the way. The mei tai was also a bother for me to tie and untie or to breastfeed discretely in.


I just LOVED the ergo and DD was born in the fall so the infant insert was perfect. It kept her really warm all through out the winter. It was also very easy to take her out by unlocking it behind my neck and she's out. Eventually I figured out how to breastfeed her in it and put the attached cover on.  I was running all around the city handsfree with her in it and I loved it. That all changed when she got close to six months and was getting very curious about the world, would pop her head out while breastfeeding leaving my boob hanging out huh.gif. Then the moment I'd stop walking she'd wiggle wanting to get out and explore. So after a lot of frustrating outings, we got a stroller and she was so happy in it. That was mostly the end of baby carrying! 


I'm planning to also use the Ergo this time around. It'll be winter and keeping baby in that thick insert and close to my chest is ideal.  The sling is good for short trip or perhaps around the house.

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Yes, I always kept a sling in the car- we don't use infant car seats (rear facing convertibles instead), and it was always a treat to take baby out and put into the sling.  Almost always stayed asleep during the transfer, at least for the first few months.  Some days we run around so much that if I had an infant car seat I'd hardly hold the baby without doing it this way!

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I wore DS almost constantly until he was mobile. I have two woven wraps (a 4 and a 6) and an ergo. I'm going to get a ring sling this time to give it a shot. We don't use the infant cars seats, only a RF convertible. I usually keep the woven wrapped loosely on me while I drive and then slip my son in and tighten all the passes in order (if he is on my front). My husband also loves the woven wraps. The ergo didn't get used until he was much bigger as it was easy to let him down and pick him back up when he was an indecisive toddler. Nursing hands free while grocery shopping is amazing, and he always fell right asleep. I can't wait to wear this little one smile.gif
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I have a question re the woven wraps: I am 5'6", around 145 lb. should I get a 4 or a 6, or both, if I want to do both front and back carries? I have only ever used a mei tai before.
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What do the numbers mean?
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I loved carrying my l'il man all the time! DH really enjoyed it, too.  We had two New Native slings that we loved, and a Baby Bjorn that we only used on rare occasions. I wanted to try a wrap since it seemed that he always wanted to be held up high closer to my shoulder, but I never was able to figure out how to do the wrap by myself.  I also like the idea of back-carrying, but DH asked me not to try it. He does not like the idea of not being able to get our hands on the baby immediately if necessary. 


I tried to nurse while carrying, but never got it down to where it felt natural.  I imagine it was just the type of sling I was using.   I can't wait to look up the different type of carriers y'all have mentioned.

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I have a question re the woven wraps: I am 5'6", around 145 lb. should I get a 4 or a 6, or both, if I want to do both front and back carries? I have only ever used a mei tai before.
It really depends on the brand and the carries you want to use it for. Usually the stores have pretty good sizing suggestions.
I have a gypsy mama stretch wrap that I love for newborns. It's like a moby, but more supportive and much less bulky. When my babes get bigger I use a kindercarry, which I couldn't live without. I still wear my 33 lbs toddler in that thing and my shoulders/ back never hurt.
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Babywearing is one reason why I have almost 6 kids. My heart melts and I get baby fever every time I'm out and about and see a baby in a ring-sling or mei tai. Awwww....

I have two ring-slings, both made from woven wrap material. One is a girasol, the other is a BBslen, I think. I also have a soft-structured carrier that I love! I never could get a mei tai to be comfortable, but my SSC is awesome.

I think I am getting a wrap for this baby. I don't need one, but I think they look so cozy, especially for a winter baby. I usually have huge, fast growing babies so we won't buy an infant carrier, either.I will just move my almost 4 year old into a larger booster and let the baby use his convertible car seat. I can't stand lugging those infant seats around either. My shins get sore from getting hit or my back is killing me from the weight. I always keep a sling in my car so I have one to carry baby. I'm thinking of getting one for my oldest two kids to use as well. I think they would enjoy the experience.

Can't wait to snuggle this babe in a sling!!
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I made a maya wrap style ring sling for my DD (06/07/04), she was in it all the time until she started walking.  I am looking forward to making another one for this baby!  With DS (08/06/00) between being nervous with my first newborn and both of us sweating to death, I mostly carried him rather than wearing him.  I've never done this winter thing before, I imagine it is going to be quite different.


I saw someone lugging one of those car seat carrier things around today and thought I really don't want to do that again!!  Glad to know you can still get convertibles.

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I can't wait for some baby wearing! We had a convertible car seat and didn't own a stroller so DD was always worn. I just always kept the sling in the car. And I really loved it for around the house when DD was mobile. She always wanted to be right by my side so sometimes the only way I could get anything done was to wear her on my back. I never could get the hang of nursing in the sling though.


Now I have a maya wrap ring sling, a pouch type sling, a Baby K'Tan, and an Ergo with the infant insert (good to know about how warm and cozy it keeps them...I've been wondering what to do with a winter baby.) I've been thinking about getting a wrap type carrier but the seem so cumbersome to put on. I'd probably only use it around the house.

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I have a question re the woven wraps: I am 5'6", around 145 lb. should I get a 4 or a 6, or both, if I want to do both front and back carries? I have only ever used a mei tai before.
The numbers just refer to how long the wrap is. For reference I am 5'4" and weigh 130. I can do both front and back carries with both a 4 and a 6. The 6 has a lot of extra, the 4 fits me better. However when I wear a toddler I prefer the 6 so I can do an extra pass or two. My husband can only do certain wraps with the 4 but can do pretty much any wrap with the 6 (he is 6'4" and weighs like 200lbs). I got the 6 first and it was a great first wrap size, but I love the 4. Both are indispensable. smile.gif So get whichever size you are comfortable with trying and if you dont like that size swap it for something else, usually resale is great.
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