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Ah, thanks for the explanation of the numbers. The ones I was looking at were 5 feet, so in between, I guess.
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Help me decide if I "need" to get a wrap. I already have an unpadded ring sling, an Ergo (with the infant insert), and a Baby K'Tan, but for some reason lately I keep thinking I a moby wrap and/or a mei tai. With DD I wore her all the time. We didn't have a stroller and used a convertible car seat so she was always in the sling (even her dad wore the sling when he went grocery shopping alone-he said he got hit on a lot, lol!) And I used is a lot around the house when I needed to get stuff done and she just wanted to get held so I plan to do a lot of baby wearing this time around too. All I used with DD was a ring sling and that worked perfectly fine for us but I can't help but wondering if there are "better" things out there. Maybe now I just have too many options available to me, lol!

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Trish, I can't say if you *need* something new. If the ring sling worked well for you, then there shouldn't be any problem sticking with it. But, I can say that I LOVE my mei tai, and ended up using it much more than my ring sling. (Of course, DH completely prefers the ring sling, and was adamant that I either retrieve or replace the one I gave to my BFF, LOL. So I'm doing both: getting my old one back AND buying a new one for the water!) I haven't gotten to try a wrap yet, but I've heard so many great things about them that it's definitely on my "to buy" list, and I'm super excited about it. smile.gif
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Trish, I'm curious what you though of the Baby K'Tan?  I wonder if it gets stretched out and doesn't feel supportive after a while?  Someone told me you have to wash and dry it a lot of shrink it back up.  What was your experience?  It's sure less fabric than the Moby (which I liked using when they were infants) and more portable!

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I've never used the Baby K'Tan-it's still in the box! I just got a really good deal on it a few years ago and I had baby fever at the time orngtongue.gif

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I want a water sling too! I always took DD in the shower with me; it was pretty much the only way I managed to take a shower or bathe her! It'd nice not holding a slippery baby. And since baby will be 6 months by the time summer rolls around it'll come in handy for the pool! 

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Trish, this is where I got mine: http://www.etsy.com/shop/BabyEtte?section_id=8051007

She has both ring slings and wraps for the water. I decided to go with a ring sling because that's what DH prefers, and he'll be using it, too. When I buy a gauze wrap, I'm going to buy that from her, too.
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ACK Babywearing is such a passion of mine!

I plan to get a *ahem* couple more wraps for this babe.  I have an excuse, I do, they're pretty?  :)  

I have a few becos that I love as well, and a mei tei, a scoota and a bunch of kangaroo pouches, but I'm so sad that they went out of business!  The bummer is that they are all XLs and I am a S now.  I hope I can alter them.

I have a beautiful silk ring sling that DS loved, I hope I get lots of use out of it again.

Interestingly my least favourite was a moby, they stretch too much, but great to learn to wrap in!


RE: baby wearing in a shower, a water sling is great, but I just wrapped my babes in a baby towel so they weren't so slippery.  Saves you a one use sling.... or one that could get moldy.  

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michelle - if you don't mind me asking, how do you go about with the mei tai. I figured out how to use it, but DD was a fussy baby and it was hard to keep taking her out and then putting her back in without undoing the whole thing. Then I'd have these two long ribbons hanging about me, not practical at all. I also kept having problems with it getting loose after a while. I wish I'd get it right because first I paid a lot of money for a good quality one and second it is so pretty innocent.gif

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Honestly, I never found it easy to keep getting baby in and out of *any* of my carriers. Even with my ring sling, it was easy to get baby out, but putting them back in required a lot of adjustment. There always seemed to be one spot that wouldn't tighten up properly. :/ To take a kid out of the mei tai, I'd undo the top (leave the bottom part tied around my waist), take the baby out, then wrap the top straps back around me. It's a pain, but IMHO it wasn't as much of a pain as trying to figure out exactly where to pull the fabric on the ring sling to get it right. I didn't have any problems with mine coming loose, though. I did always double knot the straps, so there wasn't really much of a way for it to loosen.
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I had the same problem with my ring sling and stretchy wrap as you're describing, Lily, and it didn't help that DD1 could have lived attached to my boob, but I never figured out breastfeeding in the carrier. Some part always seem too tight, too loose, too high or too low, so I would end up holding DD and nursing her in my carrier. Not comfortable. SO, for DD2 I bough a Beco carrier. No ties, it's just a backpack and super easy for in and out, and only 2 straps to tighten/loosen (which are exactly like backpack straps). I LOVE it!!! Well worth the money (and it wasn't cheap!) The best part is it's a easy switch from front to back carry.

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oh - I was hoping there is some clever trick I missed innocent.gif.  Lida - this is why I ended up relying exclusively on the Ergo (I think it is similar to the Beco). I'd just unhook the strap behind my neck and she's out. As to nursing, I don't know if one can nurse them early on because I only tried around 3 months out of necessity.


Nursing also became the reason why I switched to a stroller. At the ripe age of 6 months, DD started having opinions. She was wanted my boob hanging out all the time for her to drink when she liked and would take lots of breaks to check out the surroundings, leaving me hanging out. If I put it back in, she'd fuss and try to take it out. She'd also scream wanting to get out the instant I stopped walking or sat down.  We switched to a stroller and she loved it. I still carried her but not as exclusively as before. I do miss having that sweet baby head so close for me to snuggle and kiss.


I really feel it depends on the baby, if this little boy sits in his carrier contently for long periods, I might try the mei tai again.

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Lily: yup, my DD was the same...it was around 6 months that I STARTED using a nursing cover for that very reason. Not because I mind BFing in public, but I do mind the pop on pop off, random boob hanging around syndrome. I also found nursing tops were a great investment for this reason.
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Chiming in a little late here. With dd we had an ergo for dh and an angel pack for me (ergot don't agree with my body) the first three months we had a moby that was the clear winner.
This time around since I'll have a toddler, I'm wondering if a pouch is more convenient? I'm also curious about woven wraps, can I use them on newborns or just stretchy ones? I'd love advice. It will be cold but not freezing here, I have a baby wearing poncho. I'm 5'1'' and 120#. Size? Favorite brands? Do I need to switch to something else once they have better head control? I envision doing a lot of high back carries to get cooking done and front carries for general out and about.
I'm happy with the moby and angel pack but I feel like I want to add another option....

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Hey everyone.  I didn't use a sling with my son, but am definitely wanting to get one and try it out with this baby.  I guess I'm kind of trying to decide between a ring sling or a pouch type.  My reservations about a ring sling are it being complicated to use and possibly lossening or slipping.  I liked all the reviews I read about the kangaroo one and then found out they had went out of business.  The others I seem to have to choose from are the peanut shell, zolowear, or Sling EZee.  I want to be able to breastfeed in it.  And it would also be nice if my husband could wear the same sling as well.  I hear a lot of complaints about the baby being too scrunched up or in a "C" shape with the pouches.  Any thoughts ladies?  I need help please!

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A ring sling was the first sling that I used (aside from structured carriers). I found it incredibly simple to use and adjust. I think that's one of the benefits of a ring sling, really. I never had any problems with it loosening or slipping, and I was able to breastfeed pretty easily. I got a simple, unpadded one that someone on a message board made for me. Solid color so that my husband wouldn't mind using it, and it's still his favorite carrier. If your husband is much larger than you, make sure you get one that's long enough for him.

I have never used a pouch carrier, but my daughter has one for her dolls. I don't think I would like it, because there's no way to adjust it to get the baby just how you want.
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Hey Kanga...I would say there is no one right type of carrier...a lot depends on the person wearing it, and the age of the baby. I have a maman kangourou pouch http://www.mamankangourou.com/en/ which I only use up to about 10 lbs, then I find that having all of baby's weight on one shoulder too much. Then I move to a soft structured carrier (like a Beco or an Ergo), or a stretchy wrap carrier. My husband never wore our kids until I bought our Beco; it's the only carrier he likes. I had issues with our ring sling not being tightened properly, and it always dug in somewhere, so I sold it. My best advice is to try and get a bunch of different types of carriers secondhand, or rent some from a baby store, because not all of them will be right for you and your partner.
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Thanks girls.  I had a bjorn with my first child and hated it. It hurt all over.  The ring sling seems pretty versatile, and then my husband might possibly wear it too, at least around the house if he wanted.  (haven't actually talked to him about this, haha)  I'll look into what I can get second hand.  And I know you can get ring slings at the farmer's market here, so I might buy one there.  Thanks for the suggestions   orngtongue.gif

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I don't think I have posted in this thread yet!  I LOVE baby wearing.  Baby wearing is part of the reason I wanted to have one more baby, lol!  With DS1 & 2, I mostly just wore them outside of the house, I made my own carriers, even taught other young moms how to wear their babies on the cheap!  When DS1 turned one, we got an Ergo, and that quickly became my favourite.  DS2 was worn in a DIY wrap until he was big enough for the ergo.  When DS3 was born, I started wearing him as soon as I got home (maybe not the smartest idea, having had a cesarean wink1.gif) in a DIY wrap.  I also had a ring sling that I didn't really like.  It was an uppymama hybrid pouch and just awkward.  When DS3 was 4 months old, I went to a babywearing meeting and my world was changed!  WOVEN WRAPS!!!!  Ohhh, I loved woven wraps!  I met some awesome mamas who loaned me wraps while I figured out what size worked best for us.  My birthday presents that year were wraps and after that I periodically traded or sold my wraps to keep trying new wraps!  It was a crazy but super fun time.  DS3 was my koala baby.  I wore him all the time until he was 22 months old and started to prefer walking.  Oh!  I also discovered wrap  conversion rings slings and really liked the ease of popping a toddler in and out.  I still have our ergo, I will probably keep that work horse forever.  I don't care if it's not trendy or whatever now, that thing is tough!  The only other carrier I kept was a kokadi forrest birds ring sling.  It has owls on it joy.gif.  For now, I have traded it with my SIL for a storch leo ring sling.  The kokadi is just way too wide for a new baby, and my youngest niece loves being worn by her Auntie, hehe!


I don't want to be crazy obsessed baby carrier girl this time around.  I have a few carriers on my wish list,of course!  But I don't plan on trading and buying more and more.  I am too overwhelmed by all of the choice!



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