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Changing jobs late in pregnancy

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(cross posting from August DDC) So I work full time +  (i.e. have a full time salaried position and I do consulting work on the side).  I am not happy in my full time job for a variety of reasons (lack of flexibility, micromanaging boss, less than ideal benefits package/salary) and was hoping to return part -time anyways (they don't know it yet). If i returned part time, I would then increase my consulting work, which thankfully will be available because as it is right now i am turning away work weekly and there is no indication that this will change in then next six months. 


Because I am not happy in this job, i have been looking sporadically for alternatives. I had one interview early on in my pregnancy, but after learning more about the job (a lot of travel) and having a discussion with the hiring team who I knew already on a professional level I decided against it. 


So, today i came across a posting that looked great. Its part time, literally around the corner from my house and work that i would be really interested in.  I somewhat impulsively sent in my CV, not thinking i would get a response because i have applied to the organization in the past and not been chosen for interviews. Of course, this time, three hours later I get an email asking me to come in.


It will be clear that I am pregnant when I go in. I hope they will not be too disappointed.  I am really interested in hearing more about the job anyways.  


Has anyone ever been in a similar situation? Did you get the job? How did you work around your pregnancy?

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Bumping up for more input!

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I think this depends on a few things, like how much time you will be taking off after the baby is born. I live in Canada where we get 1 year off so for us it is not common to change jobs late in pregnancy. I think if you are planning to take less time off and can work with the new company on how this will work once baby arrives you will be fine. I worked up until I went into labour with my daughter - so working while pregnant was not an issue for me at all. This also depends on the type of work you do though, as not all work is great when you're pregnant.


Maybe you could work something out with the company that you will take X weeks/months after baby is born then be back at your regular part-time hours after that?


I know here it is illegal to discriminate against an employee or a recruit because they are pregnant, but it obviously happens. I hope that this works out well for you. Please let us know how it goes!

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Thanks, AllisonRH!  I am going for an interview Friday.  

I hope it goes well and they will consider my qualifications and interest in the position more highly then the pregnancy, but i would understand if i didn't get it because of the leave i want to take. I will hear more from them, but it is likely that the position responsibilities have some time constraints that would need to be met, and I am not sure if they would be willing to let me start after leave.  

If I started before leave, I think i would be able to do the job (based on its description) but then I would forfiet my health insurance at my current position, and I don't know if they would be willing to offer me benefits immediately.


There is a lot to consider IF they offered me the position.  I guess I will try not to get too ahead of myself and go in and focus on "wowing" them with my qualifications.


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