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Heart palpitations?

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Has anyone else had this? It feels like a really hard thumping in my chest that comes in spurts. It started day before yesterday and it has been off and on. Tonight, it's been happening a lot and it's kind of freaking me out. I had an OB appt yesterday and she said it's pretty normal, but it is getting uncomfortable. It literally feels like baby kicks in the center of my chest, a few inches below the collar bone. No shortness of breathe or pain associated with it.
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I had this for the first time last week, didn't last very long. Felt the exactly how you described it.

I remember someone else writing about having them too but can't remember which thread.

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Yes, I've had this too, on and off starting in the first trimester. It's a little alarming each time, but I think it's a normal consequence of having so much extra blood volume. My MW suggested I take an herbal supplement to help with it, and I do when I remember smile.gif
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I had palpitations a lot as well, but taking magnesium supplements seems to have got rid of them.

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i dont havent posted here since i found out i was pregnant, but always read along:-)

i have heart palpatations too. i even went to the doc one time cause it was pretty bad and he wasnt concerned about it.

i have them when i am not pregnant sometimes too but more now that i am.

he says its nothing to woory about unless you have shortness of breath or other symtoms with it.

for me its werid too becasue i have it randomly 3 days in a row for an hour at a time and then nothing for a couple weeks.

if you have a stethoscope at home its kind of intersting listen to it cause everytime it feels like your heart is going to climb out of your throat your heart skips a beat.mine is ususally always exactly every 8 beats...weird


i am hoping to be posting more here in the future:-)

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Well, it's reassuring that I'm not the only one. I need to take magnesium for my leg cramps at night, anyway. Pregnancy is so glamorous.
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Isn't it just!

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