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30 Day Shred - Page 2

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Day 5 done :)


My BFF who's in France right now saw my FB status and just started too! Gogogo!

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I did Day 5 today! Even after a day off yesterday I struggled. I really am a wimp.
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Girl, I've had my baby 9 months ago and even after 7 months of riding the bike more than 2h a week + running 3-4 times a week for 3 months I struggle with this work-out! If you didn't, it wouldn't SHRED you :)

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Thank you, I needed to hear that. hug.gif

I just realized that we are HALFWAY done with Level 1. Go us!!! broc1.gifcarrot.gifbanana.gif
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Yes, and we seem to be on the same pace!! Peace.gif

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Day 6 accomplished!

Was pretty hard today, I was very sore, probably from Saturday's yoga session! But it was worth it :)

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You are awesome! Holding my baby on the couch is winning so far for me today...
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I wasn't in the mood to Shred so I went for a run! First time leaving baby with DH. It was more walking than jogging, but still so refreshing.
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Day 6 complete!!! Man my legs hurt today, probably from jogging yesterday. Jump rope was killer!
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jump rope was killer for me too today lol!

Day 7 is done!


So are you going to do day 10 at level 1 or 2? Hum!

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Finally got Day 7 complete! I'm going to do Day 10 at Level 1 and Day 11 at Level 2.

I feel like it should be getting easier by now, but I'm still struggling on all but the abs. greensad.gif
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I didn't comprehend until I was packing tonight that going on vacation meant a break from the Shred...

Keep up the hard work J! I will be back in a few days.

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Enjoy a little break Twilight and have fun!


It is hard for me too, everyday! And after I often wanna throw up lol, but I eat some yogourt and take it easy for like 10 mins then I feel good lol! And I definitely feel more energized the rest of the day! THANK GOD it's 20 mins lol, I couldn't do more.


Day 8 done!


I'm curious re: level 2 but my friend "cheated" and looked at the level 2 and 3 and said we ain't seen nothing yet! Buuutttt I'm going to be positive and not be scared... LOL, trying not to think about it :P

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Day 9 done!


Only one more day of level 1!!

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Finally day 10 done! Level 2 tomorrow!

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So I have been doing this- doing it 6 days a week.  I am doing each level for 1 week then the last week each level 2 days.  Level 2 SUCKS!!!!!! Just finished Day 7 and I am not looking forward to next week!!! But I know I have already lost 1 lb.

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So much for a pound lol!

Keep the good work, sounds good to me!!

So according to your signature, you are pregnant?!

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No.  I lost the baby but I keep trying to change my siggy and it won't let me.  When I go to edit a bunch of code comes up then the pop up goes blank.  Oh, well.  Hoping that this is true soon though! 


I just did level 2 again today. I am going to have to modify this one. I have an old shoulder injury and all the plank work moving in a plank killed my shoulder.  I ended up icing for 20 min afterwards!  And it still hurts.  

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Oh I am so sorry to read about the baby!


Definitely crazy those planks! I like the change though, but it sure is rough!

I found that the abs part was easier (or am I getting fitter?)  but cardio and weights much harder!

Also I was sweatinnnnng like a pig the realized during the cool-off that I hadn't turned the AC on! Duh!


Day 1 level 2 done!

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Haha- we don't have ac so I was for sure drenched!! It was tough.

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