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30 Day Shred - Page 3

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Week Day 3 done.  I won't be going all the way through this week as Friday I am going to go hiking and swimming instead- I may have time or I may not.  But I did find good modifications for my shoulder

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Hiking and swimming, sounds fun :)


Day 2 level 2 dooone!


Where y'at Twilight?

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I am in Twilight's due date club and just ordered this and am excited to get started! My goal is not to lose weight, but get toned up after spending the last third of my pregnancy on decreased activity due to contracting. In fact, I am guessing I may gain some weight in muscle mass.


I have read in reviews that it can be hard on the knees to do the squats at such a fast pace. How are your knees feeling? I think it is good to know this going in so I can focus on proper form and maybe go slower on the squat portions.

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For a second I thought you said y'all were pregnant! lol!


Day 3 level 2 done yesterday! I think I'm taking today off...

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Day 4 level 2 almost done... I gave up in the cardio of the last round... My arms couldn't even support me for the jumping jack planks... Too sore!!! :(

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I did Day 1 today with my family. After reading tons of reviews and comments online, I thought I wouldn't make it through, but I did it all (except I did the modified push-ups)! I was a bit nauseous afterward, probably from all the jumping. The best part was that my DH almost couldn't finish :)

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I am super nervous to start level 3 tomorrow.  I am already ready for this to be done and move onto a different workout thing like running with weights everyday or yoga.

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Finished day 2! Push-ups were tougher today and those side lunges feel really awkward. I was not nauseous though and used the 5 lb weights on some of the exercises.
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granolamommie I hear you!!! Contemplated stopping today, but I ended up getting motivated and doing it.


Day 5 level 2 DONE!


I realized I was trying too hard to do like Natalie while there is no reason to. I never lifted a weight in my life and now I should lift 4 lbs like a pro? Nahhh! I'm doing this level Anita style and I want to keep going.

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Back from vacation! Exhausted. faint.gif
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Welcome back!!!


Day 6 level 2 done!!!!!!!!


How is level 3 granolamommie??!?

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Finally getting back into a routine! Day 8 complete. For some reason I thought it would be easier than it was, but I got super winded and had to take frequent breaks. And now I have a small headache. greensad.gif
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I had started GAPS so I didn't have energy to work out on Monday- but I did some working out yesterday and then Started level 3 today- YIKES!!! That one is so tough! I am ready to be done with the challenge! LOLwool.gif

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I bet, I am just starting feeling "comfortable" with level 2 (read : not wanting to give up every minute lol) and level 3 is around the corner ahhhh!


Day 7 level 2 done!

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After a couple of days of break, day 8 level 2 done!

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Jaxy I can't believe you are a whole level ahead of me! L1D9 complete. One more day!
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L1D6 done today. Only missed one day this week!

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Twilight, my friend who started a week after me is already level 3!

BUT doesn't have kids (but is a nanny lol)

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day 9 level 2 done!

One more then level 3! My friend said level3 was easier than level 2? Love the sound of that lol.

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I'm doing an extra few days of 3 until going to a mixed week. Today I did level 3. I would say that the strength is easier on 3 but cardio no
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