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Better late than never...Cody Jacob's birth story

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Super long Birth Story that I wrote about 6 weeks ago...hope you enjoy

All along this pregnancy I knew that the week of April 8th was going to be the birth week. Before I went on bed rest for preterm labor, I had wanted to take off work starting at the end of spring break since I was sure baby would come in the few days after I would have gotten back from the break. I figured it would be a good transition for the long term sub to start fresh and not have my water break in the classroom or something. My sister, a midwife in CA, bought her flight for the 9th. When she told me that in the middle of March I panicked because of all the preterm labor and I felt so awful that last week of March that I was sure the baby wouldn't wait until then. I was sure I would deliver by the 3rd. I hurt so bad in my hips and back. I went to the chiropractor on Monday the 1st and on Tuesday I woke up a new person. I felt good! My husband was shocked when I told him that too. My new resolve was to make it another week and have my sister here for this birth. Every morning I would wake up thankful that I hadn't gone into labor. My mom kept saying the 10th is a great day to have a baby.

Finally the morning of the 9th arrived. I was so happy. With my daughter, my sister arrived from out of state in time to get a cab to the hospital and arrive just before I pushed her out. I really was looking forward to a day or two of hanging out and relaxing with her before the birth. My husband, daughter, and I picked her up from the airport, got free ice cream on Ben and Jerry's free scoop day, walked around the river park, and had a relaxing dinner. We also baked a lemon blueberry dessert. I had been wanting to bake with her. Sounds funny but we don't get to do those kinds of things together much at all. As the two of us and my husband sat around we joked that we were all really tired and didn't want a baby that night. We wanted a good night's sleep and could have a baby on the 10th. I said I really didn't want to go to my midwife appointment on Thursday and was considering taking castor oil the next day so I wouldn't have to. It had worked well with my daughter.

So on Wednesday my daughter went to daycare for the morning, my husband hung around the house, and my sister and I went shopping and had fun. I also got some castor oil, which I took with a chocolate milkshake around 3:00ish. We were just kind of sitting around looking at each other bored so we decided to go out looking for fabric and photo props my husband wanted for taking pictures of the baby. We got home around 5:45 and I was so tired. I just needed a nap, so I went to bed while my sister cooked dinner. I put in the Hypnobirthing cd and feel asleep right away. Around 7:00 I started waking up but was still totally relaxed feeling. My daughter, Mia, came in a bit later and jolted me awake by complaining about something. As soon as she did, my belly felt like 50 pounds and I started feeling contractions. I had been having contractions for months, but these felt a bit different. I told her to go away and didn't get out of bed until they called me for dinner. We didn't start eating until about 7:30. I rolled my birth ball out to sit on and they looked at me kind of funny, but I didn't want to admit I was contracting differently yet. I ate dinner contracting every few minutes. Not too painful, but I had to stop eating while they happened. At almost 8:00, as we were finishing, I asked my husband, Bobby, if I should text my doula. I didn't know if this was labor or not, but I did want to give her a heads up. I knew she had been at another birth that morning for a mom due in May. So I did send a text and she told me to time my contractions and drink water. I knew they were super close already.

So I went into the bathroom since the castor oil was gently helping things along. I appreciate this before birth. Not a bad experience as most say. However, every time I had a contraction, I had to jump up and stand. I could not sit! Bobby put Mia to bed right away ( and she actually fell asleep knowing what was happening). we would wake her up and take her to the hospital with us. My sister jumped in the shower and Bobby came to help me. Pretty much the contractions were coming every 1 minute 45 seconds to 2 minutes, right from the get go. He only got about 6 timed with one lasting 2 1/2 minutes. I guess I was cussing and telling him it was way worse than I thought it would be. It just hit so fast and so intense. And all I could do was stand still. I leaned against him or our tall dresser. A low moan helped me a lot. I didn't think I would be comfortable with that, but it was all I could do to make the pain lessen. I remember telling him there was no way i could get through the paperwork at the hospital feeling like this. Still only around 8:30 at this point. I was holding onto him and I felt some liquid gush, not a ton. I told him I either peed or my water broke. No more came so I figured it was pee! I decided to get into the shower to let the water run on my back. I asked him to come in with me so I could lean on him. While I got in, he ran around getting everything into the car. My sister came into the bathroom and was surprised at how much things had progressed in the short time. At this point I was saying I didn't know how I could possibly get to the hospital since there was no way I could sit in a car and I was afraid of traumatizing my daughter. I asked my sister when we should go to the hospital. She said when you feel like you can't handle it at home anymore. I told her I could stay longer. I think this was about the time that I had a strong contraction and she said oh, that was a lot of bloody show, we are going to have a baby soon. I couldn't believe it, but I did know that it had felt like a pushing contraction. She wasn't planning on doing anything medical, but at this point asked if I wanted to be checked, and I was at a 7!! She said we have to start thinking about getting to the hospital - like now! I told them I was not getting out of the shower and waiting on them. They were going to have to get my daughter out into the car and be ready when I walked out. So Bobby went back out again and got Mia awake and into the car. By the time he came back at a bit after 9:00ish to get me, I was having involuntary pushing contractions. They looked at each other and said we need to make a decision, go now and risk having a baby in the car/getting into the hospital, or stay home and have he baby. Sweet relief to my ears! I did not want to leave the shower and get in the car! I was staying home! I had wanted a drug free birth, so that was not an issue for me, and I had secretly wanted a home-birth, so this was so great. My sister is not a home-birth midwife, but she had brought gloves, her Doppler, and a set of scissors and clamps she had from nursing school. We all felt safe with the decision to stay home. So Bobby rushed back to get Mia out of the car and bring her inside. She did not want to hear me at all, so she stayed in the living room watching a video with headphones. By the time Bobby got back to the bathroom, I had moved from standing to my knees, the first time I was able to move. I remember thinking this time was so nice since the contractions gave me a bit more of a break. They weren't coming every minute or so and I could breath a bit more in between.

Our shower (a 3x3 stall shower, by the way), is rough on the bottom and my knees were killing me. We got some hand towels for me to kneel on. Just about as soon as Bobby was back, the doorbell rang. My doula had arrived around 9:30ish. I was full on pushing by then. I wish I had a picture of me in the shower, Bobby leaning on the doorway into the shower to put pressure on my back, my sister against the sink leaning into the shower, and my doula below Bobby leaning in towards me. Our bathroom is really small! I asked a few times if I should get up and move to the bed since the baby as coming so soon. I tried but couldn't stand so I decided to stay. Jessica kept saying the baby was coming soon. I didn't really believe her since that is what they told me at my first birth and I had 3 hours of pushing. My doula's voice was really soothing. They put down towels just in case he came flying out.

I spent a lot of this next time trying to not push too much and feeling the burn. I said, oh my God, the baby really is coming. Right before he came out, I felt a weird sensation. I yelled, what are you doing to my sister. She said nothing, but the baby is turning his head back and forth. So strange. Next thing I knew, his head popped out, and very quickly his body came out. My sister caught him, and I sat back and she placed him on my chest. I quickly looked and found out it was a boy. I just sat there looking at him. He didn't cry at all, but was breathing fine. He had a lot of vernix and goo. It felt so good to be done. I immediately felt great. Not at all like I felt right after birth with my daughter's hospital birth with pain meds. He was born at 9:58, just two hours after I admitted I thought I might be in labor!

Bobby went to get Mia. When he told her it was a boy, she said, Oh man! She had really wanted a sister, but she quickly forgot that and fell in love. Bobby took Cody Jacob while I sat and waited for the placenta to be delivered. I remember being annoyed that it was taking so long, but I don't think it really was. The next hour and a half was spent getting checked out (one little tear, no stitching required! Yeah!), weighing Cody on a kitchen scale, and getting breast feeding going. My doula took the placenta to be encapsulated. We all commented how happy we were that I had stayed in the shower to deliver as we just washed the mess right on down. I curled up in my own bed and was so happy. I couldn't believe it turned out so perfectly. I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Later found out that my only sibling, my sister, delivered a sibling for my daughter on National Siblings Day!

Cody Jacob born April 10th, 9:58 pm after 2 intense hours of labor
8.2 ounces
19 3/4" long
Head 13 1/2"
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Aww! What a great birth story. 

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What a great story! Congratulations!

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What a great story! Congrats!

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Amazing!!! Congratulations!

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