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Originally Posted by somegirl99 View Post

Went to the doctor today and it is a bad case of shingles!  So glad to have an explanation.


Eep, I've heard that can be very painful. I hope it heals quickly! hug2.gif Do you have to take any precautions for the baby?

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Sorry to hear about the shingles Paula, but I am glad it is no longer a mystery!

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Argh shingles! Does it spread like chicken pox? How horrible!

I had a rash from hell last pregnancy called PUPPP (started in stretch marks, thought it was chicken pox, doctor said it was scabies and prescribed a horrible pesticide I thankfully never took- OB confirmed my research that it was PUPPP) that I would not wish on the devil himself. It was itchy and painful to the point that I never slept and cried all the time the last 8-9 weeks of my pregnancy. I wish soothing, healing thoughts for you, Paula! I hope it clears up soon and does not spread or worsen.
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Thanks mamas!  Dr. said risk of transmitting virus to baby at this stage is low, it would be much worse if I had it during delivery.  Plus baby would be protected by my antibodies.  She put me on an antiviral, says we came in in time for it to be effective.  I am also on a painkiller, she said the only side effect of that to the baby is increased drowsiness but baby still seems pretty active.  She thought there might be a bacterial infection on top of the shingles so also prescribed an antibiotic, but then told me to hold off on that for now because the only one they can give me (because of my drug allergies and the pregnancy) causes diarrhea in pregnant women.


Apparently it is not nearly as contagious as chicken pox is, she said it's only really contagious for anyone in contact with the rash. 


My mom had shingles years ago and told me it was one of the most painful things she has ever gone through, and now I have to agree with her.  We do selective/delayed vax, and I was undecided on the varicella, but ended up getting it for DS (delayed) because his preschool required it, and now I am glad I did because I don't want him to have to go through it someday too.

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Originally Posted by somegirl99 View Post

Went to the doctor today and it is a bad case of shingles!  So glad to have an explanation.


OMG! how absolutely dreadful! I hope you are able to get plenty of rest and recover quickly.
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Yikes! So sorry you are going through this, but glad you got the antivirals quickly and that you're on something for the pain. Hoping it clears up quickly.

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Oh, no, Somegirl! I've heard how painful shingles can be. Hoping you can feel better soon.
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Good to hear you've got a sound treatment plan! Speedy recovery!!

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I had a doctor's appointment this morning and I'm still measuring 3-4 weeks ahead on fundal height. It's the third or fourth time that's happened, no biggie. But now my doctor wants to do an ultrasound next week "just to make sure everything's all right in there." He said it could be extra fluid or a big baby. But it worries me and makes me nervous. Has anyone else been through this? I sort of dont want the ultrasound at all because it could give them ammunition to induce early, etc. but my last 8-lb 5-oz baby was delivered naturally, with no problem. I passed my 1-hr GD screening with flying colors. I'm not really at risk here, if you ask me. Any advice/experience with this?
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Somegirl-Glad you got some answers, sorry its shingles!  My mom had it this winter and she was in so much pain.  She recovered pretty quickly (I think she was put on valtrex), and I hope the same for you too-


Coffeebean:  I measured four weeks ahead about a month ago (so I don't really have experience with it at 34 weeks), and was sent for U/S.  I was really annoyed, knowing that its just an estimate. Everything was fine but they wanted to check the fluids and size of baby.  Fluid was normal as was baby's size. Honestly, I think it was the bagel that i ate that morning which makes me extroadinarily bloated (although i don't know if that truly impacts fundal height).  I guess,  its probably important to remember that even U/S findings are only an estimate of size of baby.  if its simply the size of the baby on US, I would ask your provider what their response would be.  I think you make a very good case for reasons why not to do anything differently since your last baby was delivered without complications and you don't have GD.

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I was admitted to the hospital yesterday for contractions and pre-term labor. I have been on drugs and got steroid shots yesterday and will again tomorrow. Hoping to be discharged to home tomorrow on bedrest and drugs. Appreciate prayers. 30 weeks today.

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I had ultrasound w highrisk dr today and due to baby's superlative growth rate we will, hopefully, not see them again until we can show off the baby! Baby gained about 2 lbs in 4 weeks!

Edelweiss: that sounds dreadful. I'm so sorry.
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Somegirl- ouch! That sucks!

Cardigan-that's a great appt. I'm glad you can just enjoy the rest of your pregnancy without the added stress.

Edelweiss- I'm sorry to hear it that. I hope those little guys cooperate and stay in a while longer for you!
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Coffee- if you don't want it, and don't feel it's necessary decline it. But I would say that if you think they aren't going to leave it alone, it's better to do it sooner than later. If everything looks normal, then use that as ammo to decline anymore, even if you keep measuring ahead. No one is going to talk about induction with you right now, but later on, who knows.

Growing a big baby is not a risk factor for anything. Plenty of people without GD have larger than average sized babies without incident. I know of quite a few 9, 10, even a couple 11 lbs babies born vaginally without problem. BTW, 8.5 is not a big baby at all in reality, it's quite average, I think obstetric perceptions are skewed on birth weight.

Having excess fluid could slightly increase your risk for some problems. go to a good blog, like science and sensibility, and look up what they have to say about excess fluid and decide for yourself how you feel about the risks and if measuring ahead warrants the u/s.

Then go with what feels right to you.
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hug2.gifhugs Edelweiss, may your little ones stay cooking and well. Hopefully the next few days will only bring more work on your baby blanket.


After some very wiggly days Iggy is having a quiet one. I actually poked her to check and got some kicks and a cervix punch for my trouble. Still transverse, but at 32 weeks, trying not to let that bother me.


I had a pregnancy dream last night about gauze prefolds with big polka dots, but someone small took them and hid them. Thankfully my pregnancy dreams tend to wards mundane with a side of just odd. 


Perhaps it inspired me because I did buy a pile more fabric today. I needed fold over elastic and my favourite shop online had a 25% off sale today. Of course that did not mean I needed the die cut felt for garlands, or the fabric for my quilt, or the rainbow polka dots. I did need some to make outfits for our Disney trip this winter and got a great deal on 100% cotton for four outfits for each of the girls.


I had another dying fit and now some of the stained little baby clothes (and stained toddler ones) are a rich purple and the sickly neutral green ones and stained big kid ones are denim blue. Much better.

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Somegirl- sorry to hear about the shingles! I hope it clears up quickly and with little pain.


Edelweiss- I'm thinking of you and the twins. Hopefully you can get back home soon and keep growing the babies!


Coffee- I'm also measuring ahead (I think in my case it is extra inches on my waist) and had an ultrasound at 28 weeks to check the placenta and cord. Everything was fine, but because baby is "large" the high risk OB and midwife want me to get another at around 36 weeks to check size. I have no idea what the obsession with size is about. Women give birth to large babies all the time. 

DS was 10lbs 3oz at birth, accurately predicted by an ultrasound a week earlier... I was induced with him and it "failed" and ended in cesarean. I didn't realize at the time that induction had such a high fail rate, so I definitely think induction should be for legitimate reasons, not a "big" baby. (No GD here either)



Well, nothing too exciting here other than my first noticeable braxton hicks. I'm not feeling very productive at all and haven't done much of anything to get ready for the baby... haven't even made a to-do list. Sheepish.gif

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edelweiss, thinking of you! I hope those babies stay put for a few weeks yet!!


coffee, I measured 2 weeks ahead with DD throughout the pregnancy and had a homebirth with a 9lb 7oz baby - no complications :)




Afm: I had my 2 week appt with the endo, nurses, dietician, etc (*sigh*) and then my midwife. Endo said everything looked normal on my u/s except baby's belly is measuring in the 99 percentile which is a sign that the GD has affected him or her. The other measurements were all over 80% as well so a good sized baby even without that. I'm still measuring 3 weeks ahead and he's happy for that to remain the same....it's been consistent for a few measurements now. So, nothing new there.


My appointment with the midwife was good. I cried a lot and got some stuff out which was good. It looks like my birth plans will change though. It's still my choice but I've decided to look at birthing at women's hospital...still with our midwife and doula as primary care. The other thing that has come up between the OB (who I haven't seen yet) and the mw is that I will likely be offered to be induced between 37 and 39 weeks depending on how the baby does in terms of size and how I'm doing with the insulin, etc. I'm actually really healthy which is good, excellent blood pressure, etc :) I asked lots of questions and have a lot to think about but everyone is reminding me that I will hold this baby in my arms one day no matter how I get him or her here. I almost believe them but I'm not quite there yet.

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Edelweiss-  Hugs and love your way.  I hope the coming weeks are uneventful, and like Leigh said bring plenty of time for crafting!  How are you feeling now?

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Edelweiss, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope you're able to be home and resting comfortably and that the babies hold on for a good, long while!

I finally attended the birth of my final doula client Sunday-Monday. I am still recovering from an extremely long, intense, difficult birth. It's not many that make me grateful for how my crazy births go, but this one surely did! Good news is mama did get her vaginal, out-of-hospital birth! But she worked harder than I hope any of us have to work!! redface.gif

Tips for everyone coming off of this very difficult birth:
- see your chiro MORE as you approach your due date; don't skip making a new appt just because you're close!
- if you're having a lot of ligament and joint pain, and chiro doesn't fix it, get therapeutic massage and other body work, too; get it fixed!
- if you've ever had any sort of procedure done on your cervix, work ahead of time on massaging EPO into the cervix, and make sure your care providers all know
- be sure to do squats AND kegels, not just kegels - you don't want overly tight musculature in the pelvic floor; you want balance and streeeeetchiness, which you only get if you can also RELAX those muscles
- if your labor is slow-to-start, you likely have some sort of positioning problem and working with your chiro and a great massage therapist, even an acupuncturist, are your best bets for making it shorter and easier
- beware of pendulous bellies and making it worse by being in forward-leaning positions too much; see http://www.spinningbabies.com/techniques/activities-for-fetal-positioning/abdominal-lift-and-tuck for great info (this made a HUGE difference for this mama!)
- while cervical checks are generally useless, if your labor isn't progressing as expected, they can provide very valuable information

It was funny, too, because there were three of us pregos in the room most of the time. And I was quite often contracting right along with her! I'm so glad I don't have to do any more births at this far along, though. I mean, if someone can promise me a nice, easy, 6 hour birth, I'd be glad to attend. wink1.gif But it was extremely difficult to be dealing with massive pelvic pain, stiffness, ctxs, hunger, fatigue, etc., etc., etc., and still give my all to my client over 18 hours or so with no sleep. redface.gif But I'm glad I was there!

Now I've gotta figure out what on earth I'm doing for MY baby... Sigh. The lists are way, way too long still! eyesroll.gif
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Edelweiss.  Sending you healing and healthy thoughts.  I hope those babies stay put for you.  hug2.gif

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