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Fears for Mankind in the Future

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 My worry is mankind will become treated as a machine that needs constant upkeep and upgrading, because what we came with isn't good enough....Instead of being treated like a human being, with the capacity to think for oneself, and practice freedoms while living.  

Machines need programming...what is happening now in our society? Programming from preschool on up about medical issues..(Sid the Science Kid) ..

Machines need upkeep..all we see are ads for more and more boosters, pills, or quick fixes.  

Machines need to be upgraded...those old vaccines dont' work anymore-here try the new and improved combo which covers many things you don't want to come down with-trust me.   

Will our capacity as a whole society become such that we no longer treat others as humans?  Will most be so preprogrammed with technology, common sense will have become obsolete?  
I am strictly speaking from my American view, and the things i've witnessed in the last 30yrs.  .  
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Transhumanism.  I don't like it!

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"You will be upgraded"

"You are incompatible. You will be deleted."

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People already feel this way in regards to their cars and domiciles... Choice in more medical decisions such as plastic surgery, elective csections, hormonal injections, those things are already here too!!

BUT, the average person's pocket book can in no way keep up. At All. Turn off the TV *programming* and the need to upgrade seems to magically disappear!!

I've been watching some documentaries here lately about the origins of man (homo) and am astounded at the hundreds of thousands of years it took for a different spearhead to be created, not to mention the millions of years it took for the species to not look quite so much like a chimp.

Transhumanism. Yuh!! Also the Simulacra (Baudrillard)! Very pertinent thoughts for our times. It's important to remember that the pressure you feel is a natural response to the imagery presented.
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Vaccination Agenda: An Implicit Transhumanism/Dehumanism



In this culture of vaccination, the non-vaccinated child is "inferior," "dirty," perhaps even "sub-human" to those who look upon vaccination as the answer to what perfects the human immune system. Transhumanism participates in a dialectic which requires a simultaneous and systematic dehumanization of those who do not share the same way of thinking and behaving. The eugenic undertones of mass vaccination and the cult of synthetic immunity are now only thinly veiled, as we move closer to the point where a psuedo-scientific medical dictatorship lays claim to our very bodies, and the bodies of our children.
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