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Weekly Chat Thread: 6/17-6/23

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How is everyone doing this week? The question for the week is: What kind of dreams have you had? Do they feel different than the ones you had before pregnancy?

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Maybe this is TMI but my dreams have been totally X-rated lately. It probably has to do with the fact that more often than not my husband falls asleep in bed with DS after story time instead of coming back to our bed like I do.  That's the problem with all of us going to bed at the same time. Besides the recent X-ratedness my dreams always tend to be very vivid even when I'm not pregnant.


Also revolting, I totally had to wikipedia "layette" last week. It just means newborn clothes and accessories as far as I could tell though for some it means specifically matching newborn sets.

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Seriously never heard the word "layette" until recently, and then people said it was like crib bedding sets, so now I'm all confused.


My dreams haven't changed. I did have a weird Mad Men dream this morning, even though I didn't watch last night's episode yet. I haven't had an x-rated dream in a long time now. Kinda wish I'd get one! I think I need to be sleeping on my stomach to inspire those kinds of dreams and stomach-sleeping is over at this point. :: sigh ::

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I've been having two extremely different kinds of dreams. One kind is x-rated, which kind of makes me feel sorry for DH, because I'm absolutely not in the mood when I'm awake. In the other kind, I'm bleeding, probably losing the baby. They're terrifying and always the kind that take a while to realize it was just a dream when I wake up. Luckily, I haven't been having them as much lately. Probably since I'm feeling more secure in my pregnancy.
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I have all kinds of dreams.
Layettes I think are like trousseaus
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Not so great news at the hospital this morning. Cervix has shortened to just shy of the critical shortness and they want to see me again in ten days. I need to hand the synthetic progesterone every day and take it easy and hope that next week is not my last week of summer before I go on bed rest.
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Yeah my dreams have definitely been more rated x lately! Actually last night for the first time in my life I dreamt I kissed a girl! Not that there's anything wrong with girls kissing girls, I've just never dreamt it before. And the sad part was, she wasn't into me!! We kissed and she told me things were moving too fast for her. I guess that particular one isn't really rated X, more like PG.


I've also had more dreams where I know I'm dreaming, which was pretty rare before. Now I would say its pretty common.

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Serafina I hope things slow down and a bit and you get the chance to enjoy a bit more summertime.

24+1wks and my dreams are SO vivid to the point I wake and I struggle to know if it was really just a dream or if it actually happened. And I've found lately I'm dreaming multiple times a night. Which is interesting as I'm getting a lot less sleep then I usually would but dreaming 5 times more.
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I have had all kinds of dreams....x rated, scary, sad, happy, etc. Last night I had a dream I had my perfect birth experience! It was everything I have hoped for! I think it was the best dream I have ever had!!!
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Thanks, Danielle.  My kids are going to their dad's today for a few weeks so things should settle WAY down and I am NOT COOKING FOR ANYONE while they are away.  My fiance is going on vacation from work for a month soon and, and... everyone needs to start cooking for ME!

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Originally Posted by Serafina33 View Post

and... everyone needs to start cooking for ME!


Agreed! You deserve a rest. 


No dreams on my end. I don't tend to remember them when I'm not pregnant, and that hasn't changed this time. I remember having very vivid sex dreams during my last pregnancy, but I also had the enhanced sex drive last time. That hasn't happened this time around, sadly. I get a lot less sleep now, so I'm not too surprised.


Going in for my anatomy ultrasound tomorrow afternoon. DH finally decided that he does want to learn what we're having, but we're going to wait and do a little gender reveal party with friends and family on the 29th and find out together. I guess that means I need to keep my eyes closed tomorrow. I am too much of an investigator/inquisitor to keep myself from drawing conclusions or looking a little too close if I watch the other parts of the ultrasound. Hopefully the tech doesn't slip and let out a he/she. She is a mom of 3 boys, and she knows that I currently have 2 boys, so she has been in the same situation. smile.gif

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Maine Mama- I hope your anatomy scan goes well! A gender reveal sounds fun :) Can't wait to know what you're having! 


LOL Serafina, I need someone to cook for me, too!! I'm out of energy by dinner most days, and I'm still feeling a little picky about what I'm in the mood to eat/still having random aversions. I wish I could just snap my fingers and have dinner on the table. Oh, and I'm crossing my fingers for you that you don't have to go on bedrest too soon!! 


Danielle, how are you doing mama? Keeping your chin up alright?


AFM, woo hoo, 24 weeks = viability! The third tri is just around the corner for some of us, how crazy! My dreams haven't been anything special recently, although apparently a few nights ago when my husband came in to go to bed an hour or so after me, I sat up and said to him "I'm sorry about all the mustard on your pillow".. hahaha, so I guess I was dreaming about hotdogs or something. How is everyone feeling? I think I overdid it at a wedding last weekend, stayed up too late and danced too much. I was pretty sore for 2 days after, and still don't feel like I've caught up on my sleep. 

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I hear you Dahlia it's so easy to over do it at the moment, dh are in bed before ten most nights at the moment and I still wake up tired. Thankfully my million toilet trips have slowed down to just one and its usually before midnight which is great.
Dh said he caught me snoring when he left for work yesterday morning hehe.
The weather is so ick here at the moment the weather service is predicting the worst storm this year over the next few days with torrential rain, 150km wind gusts and at least 60cm of snow. So it batten down the hatches around here. Feeling a bit off this morning, I made Mexican enchiladas for dinner last night and chucked them in the oven pulled them out too early and dh and I ended consuming some raw chicken *blerk* hoping it passes quickly!
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Serafina, I'll be thinking of you - hope everything goes well!  :)


Danielle - I didn't get to comment on the last thread, but I totally understand your wanting the perfect layette!  I've been thinking about maybe making mine - I could buy part of it and then knit or crochet the rest to match.  I might have to do that. 


I always have vivid, irritating dreams, and it has NOT let up in pregnancy.  I've only had one baby dream, but funnily enough, my best friend has been having TONS of dreams about my pregnancy and my baby!  She keeps texting me about them, it's pretty funny.  :)  I did have an interesting moment the other morning where the alarm went off for my husband to get ready for work.  I asked him if he was going to shower, he said yes, and then I replied, "OK, I'm going to keep an eye on the bed while you're gone."  I was mostly asleep, but I can remember saying it.  Heehee.


I can't believe I'll be 24 weeks along on Sunday.  I'm starting to get so anxious - 4 months is both a super long time and also not enough time.  Know what I mean?  Sleeping is getting wayyyy more uncomfortable.  I had to banish the cats from the bedroom, since all they do is sleep in the bed and make it worse.  Also, my stupid leaky left boob will not stop - every night.  And nothing from the right!  One's an overachiever, and one's an underachiever.  I can't win.


I have a question for you ladies - I have my next midwife appointment next week at 24 1/2 weeks.  At that point, will I likely go to 2 week appointment intervals?  Will I have another appointment at 26 weeks, or will they wait until 28?  I know the second trimester starts at about 27 weeks, so I'm not sure where I fall with that timing. 

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I know what you mean about 4 months seeming too close and too far away at the same time!! I'm 25 weeks, and I keep thinking about my last delivery at 36 weeks and thinking that is WAY too soon!!!! I think I'll go over this time though. I still don't have any boob leakage....that makes me happy!! However, I'm carrying very very low, and even my maternity and pajama pants cause me discomfort! Is anyone else having that going on?!?
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Are my boobs supposed to be leaking?? I really want breastfeeding to go well! I agree-- 4 months is so short but so long!! 


abk, not sure if I'm carrying low or not, but I do have issues with certain yoga pants that don't seem to have enough give in the waist lol. 


Does anyone else have sore hips? It's mainly at night, and sleeping with a pillow between my legs helps somewhat. Oh, and I think my pubic bone is a little sore?? 

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I don't think they are "suppose" to be leaking. Everyone's start at different times. With my first, I was almost 30 weeks I would say. I don't really remember leaking with my others. I probably will this time though smile.gif
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Not leaking as such Dahlia, but I think you will find that if you squeezed your (.)(.)'s you would find some amount of colostrum would escape!
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I gave the girls a squeeze but nothing came out lol. All in good time, I guess haha! Not that I'm looking forward to leaky boobs, just want to know everything is working as it should! 

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My boobs aren't spontaneously leaking but I squeezed them a week or two ago and they leaked then. Haven't tried again since, lol.


I dunno if I'm carrying low, but this belly feels SO IN THE WAY. Gosh, this is gonna be bad near the end. I already feel like I just want to be able to remove the belly so I can just get some relief and be able to bend and twist like a normal person.

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