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I have had some signs of what I think is preterm labor. This is my fourth delivery, and I realize that the pains I'm feeling could be very strong Braxton hicks. I'm 24 weeks along right now, and have been having painful, tightening contractions for a couple weeks now. I have gone through spurts of up to 7 in an hour. It has worried me, even though I have been told by people with 4+ children that it is normal to get BH more often and for them to be more painful the more babies you have. Is this true?? I go some days only having one or two, but typically they can stop me in my tracks. I read that taking a magnesium and calcium supplement until 37 weeks every day can help to prevent preterm labor. I bought some very good quality supplements at the health food store, and plan to start them today. Has anyone ever heard of this being helpful? I plan to continue my UP unless I think actual labor has started. Everything else is going perfectly this pregnancy, and I will not give up my plan for UP/UC unless there are very obvious reasons to go be seen. My instincts tell me that I can control this and I will be fine. I am just curious if anyone else has experienced this, and what you recommend??
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I have heard of having more painful false contractions even earlier on with subsequent pregnancies. I personally had regular, painful contractions off and on about 3-4 weeks before I had my second baby. They would even come regularly, but they never got more intense or closer together, so I just knew it wasn't labor. I would definitely take cal/mag. 


Are you able to check your own cervix to see if what you've been experiencing has lead to anything? If you are feeling very concerned, I'd er on the side of caution and get checked out. 

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I'm not too concerned since they have stopped for the most part, and I think the cal/mag should help even further.
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