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Dad/Kid activities?

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I posted awhile back about activities for moms and daughters...and now I need some ideas from the other side.


My husband is amazing with both our daughters, but we could use some ideas for him as well. :)  They love playing video games together and going to the park, but we need more ideas than that. 


Help me out!

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  • Bike rides.
  • Swimming.
  • Reading (him reading to her, I mean).
  • Wrestling/roughhousing type play - some of my favourite childhood memories are from riding my dad around the living room like a horse and stuff like that.
  • Hiking.
  • Money's involved for most of them, but going to movies, plays, concerts, etc. I don't know what Portland's like for that kind of thing, but there are lots of child-oriented cultural activities around here.


My brain is clearly asleep, as I know there are lots of others, but those are the ones that pop into my head first.

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I have sons, so I'm thinking back to what I enjoyed doing with my dad when I was a kid. I loved "assisting" him when he did projects around the house, handing him the hammer, or using the screwdriver, etc. Talking walks in the neighborhood, which we did as a family. Things my dh does with my boys - play board games, go for bike rides, go to a baseball game, play catch or frisbee in the back yard.

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My DD loves helping DH in the garden, doing pretend play (he has more patience for that than I do), going to the driving range with him, going for bike rides, playing baseball at the park, hiking, fishing, and playing board games.
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I am a dad to an almost 4yr old DD.

Things we love to do together:

* go to park

* splash in puddles

* walks

* crafts

* she likes to help in garden, yard work, hand me tools, etc

* dress up and pretend play

* reading

* water play

* cooking and baking together


As she gets older I hope to also skate, swim, ride bikes.

And I hope to teach her how to do things around the house like average maintenence things. Or at least get her comfortable enough and confident enough around tools and building things that she will be able to do so when she is older.

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My husband likes to play board games with our children; X-Wing, Sorry, Settlers of Catan, Sorry. Not Monopoly, the kids like it but he does not.


They go for walks, hang out at the playground, play catch, practice hitting baseballs.


He and my 9yo dd have regular roller derby dates. They like to go watch the local bouts.

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My DD likes going to the movies, to a juice place, out to lunch, to the bookstore, shopping at the mall, going to festivals, and going to the library with her dad. He introduced her to video games also so that is something fun they do at his house.
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