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moms of 2+, showing very early?

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This is my third and I am shocked at how early i am showing. I had hormone bloat right from the beginning, 3.5 weeks. Over the past 2 weeks my belly is large at night but 'normal' in the morning. Now at 6 weeks I am waking with a belly and it it very noticeable as i am thin. By after dinner it is like 3-4 months. I know that you show earlier in subsequent pregnancies but i don't have poor muscle tone in my abdomen. There is no way to keep it hidden as i dropped off my oldest at kindergarden today and other parents are asking me & this is 8:30am. it is beyond the 'is she getting fat or is she pregnant' phase. 


I am hoping this is within normal range for a singleton, because I am a fraternal twin and i don't wish for twins!


My midwife visit is in 2 weeks. 


thanks for sharing!

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This is my 5th pregnancy, but (hopefully) my 2nd take-home baby. I'm definitely looking BIGGER than I normally do (I'm fairly slim), but not super noticeably. At least, DP keeps telling me it's not noticeable. In the evening, I'm about as big as I was around 12-14 weeks with my 1st (i'm only 7w). But during the day, I'm fairly 'normal' looking.  I'm hoping to keep this pregnancy under wraps until after 12 weeks... and hoping that I don't gain too much - I have a wedding dress to fit into in 4 weeks!

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I'm carrying my fourth! I look ridiculous in my own opinion.  It's crazy!  I'm wearing one of those belly sucker things and I HATE it!  I'm not ready for questions and barely 5 weeks!  Yesterday for all of the Father's day activities was the worse.


I am a fraternal twin and I admit, I'm wondering.  


Though I guess I should say... with my last one a man I BARELY knew, like only met 1 other time and we both knew I'd only ever see him one MORE time - work situation, called me out on it at 5 weeks.  I wanted to DECK him!  INSANE!

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Yanno, yesterday we were at a fast-food restaurant and this group of mentally disabled guys and their caregivers came in and I could swear one of them leaned over and made a comment about pregnancy to me--but I could just be hallucinating. He definitely said something to me but that might not have been it. I lost all the weight after having DD but it distributed itself a little differently so I still had a bit of pudge and I don't think I'm much pudgier now. Definitely more so than at 7 weeks with her though. (I have pictures.) 

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i've decided just to love it and keep no secrets! If my patients ask or friends question then so be it. This baby has to be growing well because my belly sure is! I am just curious if i am in the range of normal. sounds like i could be. I have no other signs of twins, i've been feeling well other than hunger and fatigue. If there is a possibility of twins i would like to postpone confirmation as long as possible. no early ultrasounds for me if i can help it. 

i just can't believe it, i giggle at myself in the mirror. tonight my 6 year old wouldn't stop touching my belly and tried to talk to the baby. 


with my first, i didn't show until 12 weeks and was married at 13 weeks. i just squeaked into my dress! I hope you get into yours jellopanda! congrats!

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I didn't think I was showing but . . . two coworkers asked me if I was pregnant three days before I got my BFP!duh.gif This is baby number 7, pregnancy number 11 but . . . really??? dizzy.gifNo, I just refuse to believe it. Maybe my body changed a little but showing? WTF! I am 5ft 1in and weigh 105. My weight has not changed yet. I must just be bloated. My uterus isn't even above the pubic bone at this point. How long can I hide this?!?help.gif


Jello, good luck fitting into that dress!


twins.gifJesepumpkin Your odds of a two for one deal are increased by your own twin status!


erigeron, That is hilarious about the guy in the fast food joint biglaugh.gif


MommaCrystal, I cannot believe he did that!

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I'm also a fraternal twin and I remember thinking with my 2nd that I MUST be having twins because I showed so early. I think our bodies just have a 'memory' and are quick to remember and get into position LOL. I still have 5 lbs of 'pooch' on my middle that I haven't lost from baby #3 (or was it #2??) so add that + bloating and I'm looking pretty obvious as well. Besides already telling immediate fam, we're hoping not to go public until 2nd trimester. 

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Update from me: just one baby in there! I had some spotting and cramping so i had an urgent ultrasound today. Just one happy gummy bear in there! right on target for 7 weeks. :)   my belly is still growing. 

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I had a friend guess this weekend that I was pregnant. 7 1/2 weeks along with baby #2...I don't even want to know how big I'm going to get! Good thing we plan to announce soon because my belly is getting hard to hide.

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I am almost 5 weeks and I am so bloated that my pants are tight.  This is my 4th.  I wonder if I'll be able to wait until the end of August to announce as I planned?  Not looking like it thus far.

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I'm going to see my mom tonight, and my mother-in-law... I'll be wearing my belly sucker I guess.  I just don't have the energy to tell the world yet! :P I'm up to six weeks now!

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I'm glad I'm not the only one! I have a 9 month old & I am 5.5 weeks along and by night I am showing. This little monster is going to be hard to hide. I didn't announce until I was 14 weeks with my first and thats because I started to show. I'm a little hesitant to announce so early because I am nursing still and there hasn't been a lot of time for my body to heal from the first. I just can't get over I'm showing. The pool party on the 4th shoild be fun!
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I'm almost 9 weeks with my third. I'm definitely showing, my uterus has grown so much in just the last couple of days. I too have a big family pool party in two weeks, don't think I'll be able to hide it anymore!
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This is my 5th pregnancy and I am noticeably pregnant... I'm only 5 weeks. It seems to grow faster every time (fwiw, I crossfit, I have an amazingly strong core, too). I am not really prepared to announce to everyone quite yet, but apparently this bub has other plans. My MIL will be here soon, I am hoping she doesn't notice. My mother agree's I have about a week I can get away with hiding it with  serious effort.

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I am 9 weeks today and I look like I did at 20 weeks with my daughter. One of my friends commented on it at church today. I don't think someone who didn't really know me or know I was pregnant probably would have commented, but I do think there's a little bit there. 

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I think I'm the only one on the plant that doesn't say anything to ladies I haven't expressly been told are pregnant even when they are more than clearly just days from delivery! LOL!  A lady at our homeschooler's thing was HUGE, as she should be as she delivered less than a week later... But SHE never said anything so I still acted like the belly didn't exist!  It was her 6th.  

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I never say anything to anyone when they look pregnant. Unless they share the news, it is none of my business. However, I have twice now gotten, after announcing my pregnancy (6weeks) "oh, yeah, I thought you were gaining some weight!" And " I knew it! I saw that belly growing!"

Next time someone says something like this I'm just going to look them in the eye and say

"Wow, that's really embarrassing for you. I'm only x weeks, so you basically just called me fat out of some weird desire to claim you knew I was pregnant before anyone else."
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I don't usually mention anything unless it's really obvious. I remember when I was a little kid there was a lady who worked at my school who was huge and I thought she was pregnant, but she never changed size so after a while it seemed she probably wasn't. I do think that if a relatively slender person is 7 or 8 months along it's pretty obvious. But even so, what do you gain by commenting on it rather than letting her bring it up herself?


I was on rotations for pharmacy school when I was pregnant with my daughter so each month I was at a different site, and my memories of my pregnancy are segmented by what site I was at in what month and what was going on. I remember at 5 1/2 months pregnant still needing to announce I was pregnant when meeting my new preceptor because it was sort of visually apparent and I was wearing maternity shirts but I still had plausible deniability, and then by the next month when I was 6 1/2 months along I let the belly do the talking because it was pretty obvious by that point. 

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I am so glad it isn't just me!!  I swear I look 5mo along if not more already!  And it's that odd stage where the only friendly pants are my yoga pants....you know, jeans don't fit but neither do my maternity pants....bleh

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