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Welcome to the Moms of Many group!

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Hi All, 


Im so excited to have a group for Moms (and Dads!) of many children! I'm one of the co-leaders for the group, so if you have any problems in this group please let me know. 


Otherwise, I am Nikki. I have 9 children: a 10 year old son, girl/ boy twins who are 8, a daughter who is 6, a daughter who is 5, a daughter who is 3 and last year I had boy/ girl/ boy triplets who will be 1 next month. My husband is military and we are currently mid-move from VA to NC. 


Right now we are trying to decide on a possible #10, but are sadly leaning more towards no. :( 


I look forward to getting to know everyone and having a happy and friendly community!! Please introduce yourselves if you so feel like it!

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Hi Nikki, how are those babies doing? My youngest will one next month too. 


My intro... we have six children, the oldest is our only boy and will be 13 this week, then we have 5 girls who are 11, 8, 6, 4, and 11 months. We are open to more and may adopt in the future. We live in northern Colorado and homeschool the kids.

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wave.gif Hi everybody! I am co-leading the group with momtoafireteam. orngbiggrin.gif It will be so fun to meet other moms of bunches here!


We have 7, ages 21, 14, 7, 5, 3, 20 months, and 8 weeks. We live in north Idaho on a farm, and homeschool. I feel like I am just repeating what my signature says. :p


Today is another hot day over here and the kids have been in and out running and playing excitedly. I have been busy researching how to treat chronic mastitis in our cow with the wee babe on my lap. What are you guys up to today? :)

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Hello Ladies! How many is consider many? I have 5 at home with me and one that I placed in open adoption almost 15 years ago. I am expecting another one Feb. 2014 (fingers crossed because I had a little bleeding today at 4 weeks 5 days). Can I join?

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I've been trying to brainstorm wording for our group's description, and I knew the answer to "how many is many?" would have to be included in it somehow! lol


Technically speaking, as far as I understand it, having at least 4 children either by birth, step parenting, adoption, etc. is generally considered a "mom of many".


And I believe when you've hit your seventh, you are considered a mega family. upsidedown.gif 


Welcome Pattimomma! :) I do hope the bleeding turns out to be nothing worrisome...

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Ok. I'm joining.......we will be having our fourth (and last) baby in Dec:). I've been feeling pretty overwhelmed with the idea of four (it was twins but I lost one baby early) even though compared to you all I'm a slacker;) :giggle

My boys are nine, six and almost two! We were undecided about a fourth (DH really wanted another while I was on the fence) so not trying but not preventing. It took three yrs and three miscarriages to have our last baby so I figured it likely wouldn't happen. HA! Lol 
I had gone to see my OB bc of all this weird bleeding I was having (I thought it was early menopause) so she sent me for an ultrasound. The tech broke the news to me that I was pregnant a week before my fortieth birthday! Lol. 
Anyhow, I'm mostly a SAHM and trying to budget for another little person:) I can't wait to learn from other mamas of many!
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Yep, I think 4 is considered the bridge child between regular and super sized!! :) 


Congratulations on your surprise #4, Kaireece!! If it helps, by the time we had three, adding #4 was a breeze. They just fell into the chaotic routine we already had going on! I hope its an easy transition for you. :)

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How about if you're fostering?

We have 3 bio kids (a 4th in the plans). And are fostering 2 kids atm. that'll probably stay for a long time.

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Of course! Welcome!
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It's a bit interesting now with our foster kids being 2 year old twins, and we have a 2 year old (well, soon 2.5) bio kid as well. So many 2 year olds! Some days are a real challenge.

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So glad to see other moms of many! I have seven - four boys and three girls. I love my large family! I would be happy if another came along but I think we are done. love.gif

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I have four girls, two teens, a tween and a toddler. My MIL has 5 boys, there were 18 years between her oldest and youngest. I feel really tired and old sometimes to be having a toddler lol Not that I'm that old, but I had my oldest at 18 and I sure had more energy then.

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Yay!  I Moms of Many board!  I'm Lisa,  I am due with our 13th early in January.  We have been married for 19 years,  our oldest is 18 and youngest just turned 1.  We have 6 of one half dozen of the other!  (6 boys and 6 girls).  They have all been born at home except for our first.  We have always homeschooled,  my oldest will be heading off to college in the fall.  We also have a hobby farm where we raise much of our own food.  Look forward to getting to know you all!

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Welcome JoyfulChaosMom! We too are trying to raise as much of our own food as we can as well. Do you keep a blog? Sheepish.gif I'm always so excited to meet other farming large families. :)


purplerose, I have 21 years between my first and my last.  I had my first at 17. I don't recall having more energy then than I do now... but my memory is so poor these days that I don't recall much at all. LOL


I know that I am way more patient and content than I was then.

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Wow JoyfulChaosMom! Impressive!! So nice to have everyone here. :) 

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Hi all!

I'm Jenny.  I have five kids, expecting my sixth around Christmas.  I have one daughter, who is 12, and four boys who are 14, 9, 6 and almost 3.  For financial and practical purposes we'd decided we were not going to have any more kids after the 5th...I sold/gave away all of our baby things just about 8 months ago.  All of our kids were planned but this one wasn't and it's been a very different pregnancy so far, like I'm still in shock to even be pregnant!  I've had dreams that I miscarried and have been very worried about it despite not having any reason to worry.  It's like it's not sunk in that it's real yet.  I'm a big planner and control freak so to have something just dropped in my lap like this is bound to be a little hard for me.  I'm really excited though because I was sad to be "done."  So I'm not sure why I'm not happier!  I know when baby starts to move I will feel differently.  It probably doesn't help that other people are voicing concerns about our finances (we just barely get by, and sometimes we don't), my health (which is great actually), the size of our house, stress, etc.  


I work teaching preschool in my home three mornings a week so there's been a lot of stress around taking time off in the middle of the school year...but really it's all working out okay, except I won't be getting paid for 6 weeks!!  Looking forward to the fun stuff- getting big, feeling kicks, organizing clothes, and then finally holding a BABY!


Our kids go to a public outdoor education and arts charter school- it's awesome, and K-8 so they're mostly together.  My oldest goes to high school this year so that's new for all of us!!  We garden, eat mostly organic, cloth diaper, don't mess with our kids (vaccinations, circumcision), and have our babies at home (the last two unassisted, planning same this time around).  


I love my kids...they are all very big personalities so the noise of their passion and the chaos of sheer numbers can get to me!  I wish I never yelled, but I do sometimes.  I'm glad we keep having the little ones because it softens everybody to have a baby or toddler around.  But this will be our last, for sure.


Nice to meet all of you!

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Hello Gorgeous Mamas! ;)


I'm actually kinda sheepishly writing this, because even though I read a few of you say that 4 is the magic number for being on here, I feel a little 'unqualified' after reading all of your intros :)


I'm 36 yo and just found out 2 weeks ago we're expecting our 4th in Feb '14. It's still a bit of a shock, but I love the idea. I definitely felt I wasn't 'done' so I'm glad God gave us this opportunity again. Our kids are DS 7, DD almost 4, DD 19 mths.


It's funny because I do feel like 4 is the magic number for 'normal' vs 'large' - I'm definitely thinking it with this pregnancy. Almost ALL of my friends have 2-3 kids ... and they are D-O-N-E. I know when I make this public, people will be whispering about us. But like I said, I'm happy to be expecting this precious new addition. So let them say what they want.


And ... I'm off to go read the 'What comments have you had about your large family?' post now ... to brace myself for what's bound to happen to me LOL! http://www.mothering.com/community/t/1385241/what-comments-have-you-had-about-your-large-family

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HI! We just found out we're expecting a fifth! 


My family has never felt big with 4 kids, but in our part of the world (bay area, california) it is considered huge. Now adding a fifth... I am sure it will blow some minds. dizzy.gif


My name is Tabitha. My husband Karl and I have 4 kids (10,9,6,4). Our 9 yo is our only daughter so as you can imagine, she is really hoping this one will be a girl! I just found out and I'm due in early March. I'm 32. We homeschool. What else? Nice to meet you all!

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People seemed really surprised when we announced pregnancies 4 and 5, but this time around it's like people just expect us to be crazy and keep making babies.  


I have a sticker on my car (well, it's a 12 passenger van, but I still call it my car!) I love- it says, "I'm so crafty, I make people."  

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I am enjoying the toddler part more at this age than with my oldest kids. When they were little, I was so focused on *life*, everything going on, plus I was in college, and this time I know to slow down, enjoy it, we can eat sandwiches if we have to. I am trying to soak it all in as much as I can, bc this is my last. It really is something else dealing with teenage issues AND baby stuff! I sure am glad we did it, though!

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