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Can you all do a favor for me please?

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Please vote in honor of my baby I miscarried because of my undiagnosed thyroid disease, so that other babies can live. And share this too please! Thanks. I am currently 8 weeks pregnant with my rainbow. I have spoken with this lady personally her page is Hypothyroid Mom. She is a great advocate for mothers and babies.




Thanks, Danielle

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Congrats on your rainbow baby!!! I'm so excited for you! Best of luck with your new pregnancy!


On the other hand, I don't support mandatory testing for any of the prenatal tests. Most practices routinely test symptomatic and high-risk clients, and I don't think there's adequate research to demonstrate to recommend treatment for subclinical hypothyroidism at this point in time. With my history of miscarriage, I've had my thyroid tested (and the results came back normal), but I don't think all pregnant mothers should take this test unless more evidence shows that treatment improves maternal/fetal outcomes. I think just knowing you have a greater likelihood of poor outcome without having any evidence-based treatment fails to benefit most women and creates a lot of anxiety.

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I disagree. I'd rather have known about my thyroid problem and been given the chance to make a decision about treatment. Dead babies cause a lot of anxiety too. I think that further studies will show the benefits of treatment for pregnant women with Hashi's and subclinical thyroid disease, just like this one: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2012/06/120623144935.htm. Not to mention all the women with full-blown thyroid disease who don't get treatment because they don't get tested either, and end up losing their babies. It's not like they screen you for hypo symptoms when you go to the OB. I had hypo symptoms with my daughter and didn't realize what was happening. Now I wonder if it might have affected her intelligence, she doesn't catch on as fast as her brothers did at her age (average of 7 pts lower IQ in women with untreated hypothyroidism is what I read). There is plenty of evidence that hypothyroidism causes miscarriages and stillbirths and pregnancy complications and I think it should be a part of normal prenatal screening. We screen for gestational diabetes why not this? 

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Serenyd, I'm soo happy for you! Congrats on your rainbow baby, I'm sending you healthy happy, sticky vibes :) I'm a believer that the more info an expecting mom has on her and her baby's health, the better! 

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Thanks. smile.gif Honestly I'd be happy for there to just be more awareness both for women of childbearing and age and for their doctors/midwives. I never knew that my family history of thyroid disease meant I should be tested during pregnancy. And I've been to 3 different OBs with my babies and NONE of them ever even asked about my family history of thyroid disease! I've talked to women who have suffered several miscarriages or had a stillbirth and were never tested for thyroid disease, and didn't find out they had the disease until long after. It's just such a tragedy. 

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It really is heartbreaking. I think there should at least be more awareness, and that testing should be offered to all women, just like cystic fibrosis and the other diseases that pregnant women have the option of being tested for. 

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I'm surprised by this. My Dr. always checks thyroid function on the very first blood test. Actually mine was found to be elevated (though not yet dangerous) so they asked me to retest. Thankfully it was okay. I don't think doing this test would add any extra stress (and there are some tests I DO think add stress), isn't testing the thyroid just part of a routine blood test? Or is there more to testing than that?


I am so SO happy you are expecting your rainbow baby, but so sad that you lost a baby for this reason grouphug.gif

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I have my next doctor appt on Thursday, I'll ask her if my thyroid was checked through the preliminary tests! I honestly have no idea if it was!

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Superbeans - it's just a blood test(s). Depending on which ones you get done. My OB only checks Free T4, but my endo says you have to check TSH and free T4 to get a clear picture. He also re-checked my thyroid antibodies (that my OB said were "not important.") and they were high. Just having the antibodies alone could have caused my miscarriage. It is easy for the body to go from attacking the thyroid to attacking a developing embryo. First trimester miscarriages are quite common in Hashi's patients. I'm working on changing my diet to hopefully lower the antibodies - this means given up gluten, caffeine, sugar, soy, and limiting "goitrogenic" foods like raw broccoli and cauliflower. And also making sure I get adequate amounts of selenium and iodine. Not easy to make big diet changes during my first trimester with morning sickness but it will all be worth it if I get a healthy baby. Sadly after this my baby-making days will be over, pregnancy and post-partum hormone fluctuations are a trigger for the disease and pregnancy and lactation are a big stress on my already sick thyroid. greensad.gif

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