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My daughter is 7 yo.  She is in counseling recently b/c her 13yo step brother molested her.  He is no longer living with us and he is also in counseling.  During my last visit to the therapist, she said that it is abnormal and inappropriate for my child to still be sleeping with us at this age.  She said that my husband "isn't even her real father."  she also added that it is inappropriate on so many levels that my child sleeps with us.  She said that i'm bringing my child into a sexual environment and then she "gets molested!"  the therapist also said that she doesn't understand my logic and how considering that I am a professional, how I could think the way that I do.  I felt insulted and at fault for my daughter being abused!  Am I being too sensitive?  Obviously, there is no sexual activity occurring when the children are around!!!! 


 My husband is not her biological father but he adopted her years ago and is the only father she has ever known.  He has never hurt her or been inappropriate with her.  She loves him dearly.  I was also insulted that she said this considering it takes more than blood and sperm to be a father, she referred to him as "not her real father."


advice?  comments?? 

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I would be finding a new therapist. That is just plain stupid of her. Big ole' red flag. It is so important to have a therapist that is wise. She ain't.
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thank you!  I'm considering it.....My only worry is making my daughter start over with someone new.  Ugh!  dilemmas!!

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If it were me, I would do it anyway, even though it is such a hassle like you said. Therapists can be wonderful, but a bad one can do damage. If she is biased that opinion will come out in session, and it can be really confusing to your daughter, especially after what she has been through. It can also hurt her relationship with her step dad.

Some people should never become therapists! It's sometimes tough to find a good one but when you do they are awesome.
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Thank you, Dalia! I really appreciate the feedback and will be taking your advice!
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You are very welcome! Please keep us updated. :-)
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