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They're Soooo Slowww...

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Seriously, I think they've inherited it from their dad. He is the same way, but it is driving me bonkers. Anyone with any tips on how to get them to move, just a little faster? Like a job that would take me two hours by myself, takes all 6 (dad and the 5 older kids) all day and they still don't finish.

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Like herding turtles. :)

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That's why so many of us probably do too much ourselves- taking time for training is draining!!

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Have you tried setting a timer and seeing who can be done "in time"? Or do you ever have competitions between your children to see who can beat the others?

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My 9 year old is the slowest kid on earth. Seriously, it takes him forever to do things... I think he is just in his own world in his mind. I've just accepted that it will take him 3Xs longer to put on his shoes, etc.... it is just how he is. :)

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We don't really do competitions, but I do give them goals to try to get them to go fast, like starting them off on a race and telling them what needs to be done and come back to me as fast as they can.

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I am still figuring this out and I need to figure it out quick before the 6th arrives. I am so tired of spending my life cleaning. Would much prefer to play and do fun stuff with the family than be the maid!

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I've started telling my turtle ds to get to the car about 10 minutes sooner than we need. That way he'll get there sooner. wink1.gif
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