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Working nights

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I haven't formally worked outside the home since before I was pregnant, about 2.5 years ago. I have been itching to get out and start earning again, but it has been difficult with a lack of recent experience and recommendations. I just got hired as a CNA for the night shift and I'm worried how it will work out. My husband will be around full time for our toddler until he starts school in the fall. But when will I ever have time to see them if I am working 10pm-6am? Since I will need time to sleep. Sleeping during the day while they are up and making noise sounds impossible too. And 40 hours a week sounds like a lot, haha.
So, anyone else work nights? What is your daily schedule like, and how do you manage?
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I don't have any advice.. but I'm about to start this as well.  I'm a little bit excited, and a little bit terrified!  In some ways I feel like there will be an element of cool about it, which I think is just me trying to make the best of it... I'm not really sure how the whole sleep during the day thing is going to work. In addition, I'll be doing some day shifts and some night shifts, and in the next six months or so trying to get pregnant.. which means no caffeine.  

This should be interesting...

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For me, sleeping during the day doesn't work with my 2yr.  I forgoe sleep until about 6:00 pm (when I absolutely have to sleep). So I make sure before I lay to rest that I do everything that needs to be done and try and spend as much quality time with my prince before I have to got to sleep. Its a big adjustment and it took a while for my body to get used to it, its like I'm in over drive most of the time. but it works sometimes lol

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I wonder if you could make it known right from the start that your goal is to get onto day shift? That might be something to push toward. I know there are moms that do night shift, but I can't imagine it, but that's just me. I am a grump when I'm tired!!!

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Honestly, I would look for a night shift where you can do 10 or 12 hour shifts. I worked at a hospital and the moms that worked these shifts (I'm most familiar with the 12's) were fine doing nights because it was only 3 days a week. 


I did a similar shift, 11-7 and when I got home I would make my ds breakfast, see him off to school, then go back home and sleep for about six hours, then wake up, get him from school, hang out, have dinner, leave for work. It didn't work for me because I didn't get enough sleep. 


I would buy some earplugs and sleep when you get home. You may have a bit of energy, so you can spend some time with your little one, say, and hour or so, then sleep, then have a few hours in the evening. If you go to sleep at 8am, wake up at 3, that gives you about six hours of awake time with them, before you have to go to work, right? 

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Thanks for the ideas, so far I am surviving. But I am only working part time, 2-3 nights a week and random day shifts occasionally. I sleep in the mornings when I get home, it isn't quite enough sleep (and not good sleep) but it seems fine just doing a couple of nights in a row.
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I just saw this thread after starting one of my own about night shift. I hope you are hanging in there. I know it's very hard for the night shifters who have small kids and they can't sleep all day after a long shift.

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