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Need advice on dd with a lump in vagina

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Hello all, I will try to be as concise as possible to keep this short.

A few months ago, my 9 1/2 year old dd started complaining of a feeling of a lump in her vagina. Not a lump that she found with her hand but like a heavy lump feeling inside. She feels it most when she is peeing, farting, and trying to fall asleep at night. It is not painful, just super annoying.

We do not have insurance. I took her to a nurse midwife first to get her take on it and she tested her urine, blood and did a physical exam. However, because my daughter is so immature down there, she wasn't able to see inside at all. It would be VERY uncomfortable for my dd for her to do an internal. She recommended I take her to the group of women gynecologists in the city.

We saw an OB/GYN who did her best to figure it out but in the end recommended doing an internal exam that would require my dd to go under general anesthesia. I tried to figure any other way around that but realized we really just need to do it to find out what this is.

We scheduled it and got to the office at 7 AM, all 5 kids in tow, only to be told at 8 that the anesthesiologist they had hired for the procedure was not aware that the patient was so young and refused to do it in an office and not at a surgery center.

So we are faced with paying upwards of $5000 to use the surgery instead of the OB office which would have been $2000. Keep in mind, this is only to find out what it is, not any type of treatment for it.

I guess I would like to know if anyone else has any ideas as to what this could be as well as advice on seeing someone else. We live outside of Austin, TX and there is a large children's medical center here. I am wondering if I should go that route instead of the OB since they specialize in children anyway.

Thanks in advance for any advice you may have!
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Is there any chance you could qualify for CHIP (kids Medicaid)? It would likely pay for all of that. If not, contact Dell children's hospital for all the pricing for self pay. Most things are heavily discounted if you can pay in full within a month. MRIs, ultrasounds and X-rays are 60% off if paid on the spot at Austin Radiological Associates. Austin regional clinic offers 25% off when paid within 30 days of billing.
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For examples, ultrasound was around $60, and MRI is about $550 after discounts.
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Thank you!
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