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should i get this root canal?

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One of my teeth has been bothering me so i went to the dentist to have it looked at. The filling on it was loose and there was apparently lots of decay underneath. So much so that he said i should get a root canal right away, and that would "probably" prevent it from needing to come out entirely.

I know nothing about teeth, but recently heard a friend talk about reversing decay through diet. Thought I'd ask here first. Some others are saying "don't do it!" About the root canal, but what choice do i have? What's the collective wisdom about this procedure? My diet is good and i am all about doing alternative healing, so I'll make any changes i need to.
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I haven't tried anything myself but I recall Mercola.com having something about it. Maybe check there?

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Yes!  The pain that will come from not getting it done was worse than anything I had ever experienced in my life.  And a friend of ours got really sick by not taking care of hers.  She didn't have a lot of pain but the infection went to her heart and now she's dealing with a lot of issues.  Dental health is amazingly important. 

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I have heard that root canals are not good and can cause problems down the road. I'm sorry I don't have any links to provide, just what I remember reading. If I were you, I would work on regenerating my teeth and get that one pulled if it is causing you pain. In my opinion there are so many options for tooth replacement, why risk trying to save the tooth and causing further issues?
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You'll get more info on reversing decay if you visit the Traditional Foods board here or the Weston A. Price site.
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Get the root canal. The longer you wait, the more $ it'll be. You cannot heal that level of tooth decay with WAP. Not possible. Also, tooth infections are very, very dangerous left untreated.
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They have new ways to help regrow the root but there has to be enough healthy root left.  We had that done for my oldest.  It didn't cost too much more and was basically like getting a root canal because of the time it took.  But my 9 at the time kid was cool with it and actually enjoyed the experience.  It's def who you go to.  But if you do actually need a root canal I've never read or found anything that actually proved you can regrow your roots and reverse decay in enough time to keep back a really bad and painful infection.  I have known people who have tried and I'm not sure about their outcomes.  However one I do know had have a huge pocket of pus removed from his jawline.  Just be careful, it can get really painful and infected in a matter of days.  One minute you're fine the next you're pounding your head against a wall begging for pain relief.

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