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induction or cesarean?

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I have had natural drug free births.
This time I'm on lovenox so they want to induce me. I've heard induction can lead to csections. Should I just ask for a section (and tie my tubes)? I've never had either so on my 5th baby I'm in uncharted territory
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I had my first pit induction last year and it went fine. The nurses were really great about turning it up slowly throughout the night and only as much as was needed to keep contractions coming. I never had the back to back contractions that some women talk about and while it did get very intense and painful at one point, I was able to get through it without pain reducing drugs. I used the tub briefly and moved as much as I could in the limited space and also TENS, which was really great.

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It really depends on so much.  If the indications for induction are favorable, it could spare you surgical recovery.  If indications are sketchy, then it might be better to just recover from surgery then it is to recover from labor AND surgery. 


I worry that lovenox could be a complication for surgery.  What does your doctor say?

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If you have had natural births before, I wouldn't ask for a section. It's major surgery. Trying for a vaginal induction and ending with a section isn't the worst thing in the world, but isn't the ideal, certainly.


I've had a planned section with my twins, and a tried vbac (36 hour labor)  that ended in a section. the second was actually an easier recovery.

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You can have induction without meds too!
I had to be induced with my last birth, and we used a foley cath, when that had been there for 24 hours (sometimes it'll fall out), my OB checked me while removing it, and she could brake the bag of waters then. And when she broke it, it all just started on it's own with proper contractions right after.

I had 1.5 hours of active birth before he was out, it was a fabulous birth, all natural besides the "start help".

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I have to be off blood thinners like lovenox for 24 hours or they might switch me to heparin and that's 12 hours. I had my last two in 3 hours and 1 hour (start to finish as in less than 1cm to done I don't dilate early even with #3 #4) So there's no real window for me. This one is an anterior placenta, so I am expecting a higher probability of a malposition as that happened with my daughter (4rth degree tear - ouch) I can do natural but natural with the possiblity of vaccum, forcepts, episiotomy those type of interventions no thanks. I guess if we fail the nst we get a section?
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I guess if we fail the nst we get a section?

i think it would depend on what part you failed??? But that is why I got induced, she failed both bpp and nst. Her heartbeat was good but she was barely moving, not practicing her breathing, and my water was low. Anyway they wanted to get her out, but not an emergency. I was on the monitor the whole time to make sure she was handling labor well and birthed with the cnm who came on call the next morning. It was about 18 hours total from the time they sent me up until she was born, I was having contractions off and on most of the night but not consistent. They got steady at about 6 hours before birth and hard on about 3 hours before. I went from 4 to birth in about and hour, hour and a half maybe.


She also had a anterior placenta and was posterior and breech pretty late, but straightened herself out a few weeks before she was born.

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Someone who is at risk for a DVT has that much more reason to try to avoid a c/s! If your docs think the safer thing to do is try for inducing first, that's probably the case.
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Good point about the dvt and sections.
I'm so pregnant I'm not thinking.
I thought they did the nst to see if the baby was hearty enough for birth...why do they do them?
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I thought they did the nst to see if the baby was hearty enough for birth...why do they do them?


Different reasons. We had one earlier in the third trimester cause she was having some tachychardia but she passed and it seemed to resolve. They thought maybe I was a bit dehydrated. We did it again the day before she was born because I was not getting much movement from her. Also did the bpp that day. And we had done a bpp about two week before when I hadn't felt movement for awhile. I've had bpp for "late" babies too.

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