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What is wrong with me?!

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Let me preface this by saying I've got horrible anxiety and a huge imagination.

Last Wednesday I wore a "real" underwire bra (which I never do) that was also entirely too tight and later that evening I noticed my left (bigger) breast was hurting/sore. Of course, I panic and think something is wrong with me. I was going to wait until after AF to see if the pain subsided on its own before going to get it checked out.

So fast forward to this week. On the 15th I had spotting that was brown/tan when I wiped only and AF was due 2 days ago. Now both my breast are extremely tender though my left is still more tender. I am so confused. Was my bra so tight it hurt my breast tissue or ribs that bad (I'm a small A)? Could I be pregnant?

Oh it might be helpful to know I've got a 26 day cycle, not positive when I ovulated but I my cycles are usually 26 days. Tested twice with dollar general test and got negatives.

Anyone have any input? Advice? I cannot get this off my mind. I am getting really anxious/nervous 24/7 over all of these racing thoughts about the possibilities and if anyone is familiar with anxiety disorder then you can understand the frustration of wondering whats going on.

Sorry this turned out so long and sorry for any typos (I'm on my phone).

Thanks for any input.
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Did you take a pregnancy test? That would be the first place to start. :-) You are probably fine health wise but take a test! Use a good one like First Response. <3
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Yes, I took 2 tests. both negative. One last night & one this morning but they were dollar store tests so I don't know if they are as reliable.

Also, I should mention I'm 24 and I have a five year old and that pregnancy showed up on a test in 2 seconds a week after my period and I didn't experience anything like this so I'm really nervous.
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I might just go get a "better" test later today when I'm in town. Thanks for the advice. At this point just having the acknowledgement makes it a little easier.
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Well, if the bra was super duper tight you may have bruises a rib. OR you could just be about to have a bad period. OR you could be preggo. I would get the good test and take it first thing in the morn tomorrow. Those dollar store tests are not very good from what I've heard. They're just not very sensitive.

Sore breasts are a pregnancy first symptom for many many women. Even if you didn't have any symptoms in your first pregnancy, each one is totally different. Also, you are older now and may be more aware of your body.

Good luck!!
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I just want to add that sometimes urine tests give a false negative. I was 10 days late in November and did 2 (decent quality) home pregnancy tests. The first one gave a SUPER light line - to this day I don't know if there really was anything there or if it was the lighting. The next morning I took another and that clearly was negative. I called my dr, went in for a bloodtest and indeed I was pregnant. The phlebotomist explained that the urine test is only sensitive within a given window and that the blood test is different, giving a clear and unambiguous result. I'm 34 weeks now so I definitely was pregnant at the time I did the urine tests even though they were negative.
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Thanks for the input! Unfortunately I started AF shortly after this post greensad.gif I wasn't actively trying but I kinda got my hopes up. Now I've gotta figure out what's causing this irregular breast pain. It's so not normal for me.
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Aw sorry to hear that. Maybe soon though wink1.gif
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